What's curious is I've seen this accusation of 'wild abandon' on artillery shell firings for both sides.

A former US general reported that Ukraine will run out of shells given they fire them like machine guns.

Now I'm hearing suggestions Russia has the same 'machine gun artillery' like mentality.

What exactly is the purpose in mass consuming so many artillery shells?

Is it the military version of fireworks where both sides put on a grand display of how many shells they can explode? Like some sort of 'made for TV' stunt?

I concur with the sentiments on rationing and production, a criticism I can levy at both sides. I guess this is just an expansion of the globalist ploy, yes? Both sides dancing to the same 'oh no we've run out of artillery shells' tune like they both dance to the 'oh no we need your digital ID for [insert excuse here]'?

Oddities abounds.

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Jan 7, 2023Liked by Edward Slavsquat

Marko and Anti-Empire have been so indispensable, throughout the SMO and going back to early covid, yet things have gotten very quiet over there recently.

Edward: any threats or coercion you choose to employ to get him to write more here are authorized.

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Wagner in CAR (Central African Republic):

Shortage of money? In spite of « agreements » linked to wood and mining concessions in CAR, PMC Wagner seems to have problems to find the necessary cash for mainting troops in the Sahel. CAR journalists report shortage of cleansing and hygiene products for mercenaries. And difficulties to provide water. Red spots appear on their skin. They suffer from infections, due to lack of hygiene. Also the climate, and vodka consumption, which doesn’t help, logistic difficulties, shortage of food, shortage of money, salaries in arreas, make life difficult for the russians in the tropics.


Because of shortage of money, Wagner resorts to fake USD banknotes, and merchants complain about pillage, violence, thefts, and barbarism.

Of course, one can imagine what a stinky, starving and soaked in vodka mercenary can do to survive.

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Thanks, Riley. Just another day on the Western Front. Marko is an invaluable resource, great job bringing his voice to us here in the know-nothing West.

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Russian oil is still flowing through the Ukraine regardless that it obviously is not only bringing an economic but a 'material' advantage to the Ukrainian government ... and more importantly a profit for certain Russians ! Is it possible that certain Russians are diverting artillery shells from Russian military forces and pumping them directly to the Ukrainian side for profit ? World Wars I & II have shown this is exactly how war works ... more boots on the ground, more profit ... more sides involved in the war, more profit ! Why should anyone believe Russian businesses behave any differently from the rest of the World ... because they're patriotic to Russia ? Russian efforts in the Ukraine were doomed before they even started !

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Jeffrey! Ivermectin is a 'medicine' that was manufactured by Merck for decades. They found it was TOO CHEAP to make money, so abandoned the Patent. Ivermectin is listed in the WHO "50 most important medicines every country should have". IVERMECTIN received the Nobel Prize for medicine and has been used successfully and SAFELY, PREDOMINANTLY ON HUMANS, by poorer countries that can't afford more expensive designer drugs that Big Pharma make fortunes from. Yes it's used on animals as well, in varying doses, but we're animals as you may realise. Ivermectin, from my limited knowledge serves no purpose in agriculture, so is NOT used as an insecticide! Unless you can justify your unusual suggestion??? MIck from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed and loving Freedom of Choice!

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Please help stop the WHO power grab - before these shots are forced upon all of us.,.


Alternative Media

I AM ASKING FOR HELP: Please assist me in contacting the "alternative" media sources listed below in order to encourage them to report on the secret WHO negotiations.

James Roguski

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Marko had the misfortune of penning a post about USSA cutting off Ukraine from shells and other armaments - implying a sort of 'shell Holodomor' for the 'hol-hols' -

immediately before the announcement of Viktor Bout's release. This has resulted in acute embarrassment for the once wise prognosticator - since the airwaves have been full ever since with news of 'un-cached' mountains of ex-soviet shell supplies suddenly flowing in from a plethora of sources... all of which fit perfectly into the barrels of battle equipment which the Ukies have or have received 'reconditioned' from factories in Czech land and elsewhere!

Bout - who long ago mastered the category of 'triple agent' which few outside of Shackley and a handful of others have ever achieved - had, as a condition of his 'release' to hand over the goods to the 'black hats' running the Guns for Ukraine program, and dutifully assisted in the procurement of what will prove in hindsight to have been the single most important factor in turning the Ruskie war posture first from offensive to defensive, and then bridging the gap till the next 'escalation' of allowable NATO assets reaches the war zone in the form of state of the art aviation and artillery to complete the 'blowed up real good' slapstick Rus cheerleaders are doomed to be tortured to death by.

Talk about a goal in own nyet! This one even beat his ' 55 Avovs for one Pootie Pal debacle!

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Good to hear the tyrant Putin is incompetent to organise a war against a far smaller and less aggressive country!

If Covid and the ineffective but dangerous (DEADLY) Covid VAX have become a 'Religion', there are an increasing number of Atheists and Agnostics around. Thousands of athletes would not have had their health destroyed by the Vax!

If IVERMECTIN had existed before Covid Vax (which it did), if IVERMECTIN was SAFE and proven EFFECTIVE against Viruses for decades, (which it is), and If IVERMECTIN had been recommended by the previously honest, (pre-Gates tenure) and meaningful World Health Organisation (which it still is), and If IVERMECTIN is recommended by the WHO as one of the TOP 50 Medicines every Country should use, (which it is), and IF IVERMECTIN had been awarded a Nobel Prize for medicine, (which it was), then BIG PHARMA'S new deadly injections could not have been LEGALLY granted an EUA (Emergency Use Authorisation) by the US Government = the FDA! Because the FDA, in collaboration with Big Pharma, pretended these facts of REALITY did not exist, the 'system' could not issue Pfizer, et al's, the Licence (EUA) and their Applications would have been invalid and unjustified!

If IVERMECTIN had existed before Covid Vax (which it did), there would be thousands alive that died from the DEADLY INJECTION (unbelievably referred to as a "Vaccine").

Probably the most blatant, deadly and egregious 'Stitch-Up' in medical history?

Conspiracy Theory = Covid Vax causes human Immune System Failure! Now proven accurate!

Because the DEADLY Covid vax destroys human Natural Immunity from many illnesses, Covid is prolonged and can become more deadly. This deliberate prolonging (perpetuation) of Covid means Big Pharma's profitable Gravy Train runs on indefinitely!

And it's great to see/hear confirmation that the exponentially increased occurrence of Autism is caused in correlation with increased VAX use is finally being 'aired' in public!

RE; questioning Vaccine Safety and Efficacy 'LAWS' condemning thoughts or suggestions that ANY INJECTION' (called a VACCINE) might be unsafe or in any way 'suspect' are unethical and, in reality unlawful, in that they deny FREE SPEECH, THOUGHTS and FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. Even to utter an opposing, but well-considered, OPINION is now 'ILLEGAL'!!No doubt this draconian attitude already applies to the DEADLY Covid Vax because raising the matter of PROVEN POST VAX HEART ISSUES, creates even more distrust in Experimental Injections which are part of the WEF's 'New World Order's' Depopulation Program. Big Pharma will not allow Governments or media to spread proven negative facts regarding their 'Golden Goose' fortune-making enterprises = The CULL of Humanity!!

Referring to the German Doctor that received a 2.5-year prison sentence for prescribing Mask Wearing Exemption Certificates; this 'unbelievable overreach of authority' must be backed by the WEF's New World Order in their quest for their world domination program - Don't get in the WEF's way or question their actions or you'll end up in jail, be marginalised and permanently ruined financially!

Why does Big Pharma continually deny ALL LIABILITY for any/all consequences that follow the use of their injected POISONS?

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed to live longer!

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