Hello friends -- I wrote this as a kind of summation of what this blog has reported on over the last 2 months. I also tried to keep the sarcasm to a minimum, in hopes of reaching as many people as possible. Please share! :)

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What a collapse under Klaus Schwab's bamboozlement, Putin got trapped like a pigeon. Russia has no hope of standing up to what will follow as this false flag pandemic progresses, now that it has agreed to submit to the rules of the game of those stronger than it. The inoffensive and senile narcissist who hands out awards to his compatriots who have distinguished themselves by acts of heroism as if he were one of their own, delivers Russia into the hands of the enemy. What a flop. I never imagined I would go this far in criticizing this traitorous imbecile.

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Dec 9, 2021Liked by Edward Slavsquat

First, congrats on your comment yesterday on the Substack Substack, hope you got some new subscribers from it. :)

"Where is Russia going and why has it embraced such dubious, civilization-transforming COVID measures, in near-lockstep with its so-called Western rivals? "

Well, you know why if you understand my hypothesis. ;)

Speaking of which, the stories that caught my eye in this regard in the last 24 hours:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pw0ypSr1SGY and


"A GOP senator who sits on the Senate Armed Services Committee said in a Fox News interview while commenting on Tuesday's Biden-Putin virtual talks which focused on soaring Ukraine tensions he won't rule out a major American ground war with Russia."

This ties in with my assertion that the US needs to be a pariah to give a justification for a CCP invasion. There is no justification for such rhetoric, especially as Russia now appears to be fully integrated into the NWO social credit system. It's pure theatre in my view.


"A stunning new report claims that China has been "secretly developing Trojan Horse-style missiles hidden in shipping containers" at a time when shipping and logistics is a key global focus."



"For some ships this meant dropping anchor 151 miles away. Other ships waited it out even further afield. Some took a leisurely route, steaming slowly across the Pacific, or waited in the waters off Mexico or Taiwan, according to American Shipper, a trade outlet.

The ship congestion in San Pedro Bay looked to have eased, but in fact was hitting some of its highest numbers. By Dec. 5, there were 96 ships waiting to enter the ports of LA and Long Beach, 56 of them outside the 40-mile zone. An additional 31 ships were docked and in the process of being unloaded, bringing the tally up to 127.

The supply chain crisis may not yet be fixed, but yesterday (Nov. 5), the Marine Exchange of Southern California decided to update its counting methodology to include ships outside the 40-mile zone. And just as quickly as it arrived, the “improvement” in port congestion vanished."

I'm not saying there is necessarily anything to this, but I would say that it's very interesting.

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Dec 9, 2021Liked by Edward Slavsquat

About the state speaking boorishly to the people - have you seen this https://www.fontanka.ru/2021/12/07/70300511/ ?

Just when you think it's impossible to sink any lower...

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Astro Zeneca is basically a Chinese vaccine btw. Hate to do this, I'm not as brazen as others but here's a link to my blog on that one;


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*flu d'etat

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Excellent article.

So the exact same thing that is planned for the West is planned for Russia. China too.

The exact same thing that is happening in the UK and the US is happening in Russia. And China.

Surprise, surprise.

So what does this tell us ? That all of these countries are owned by the same banks and corporations. Putin is owned by the same Masons, Zionists and Chabad Lubavitch fanatics as Biden is. Same with Xi.

What I would love to know is what the pro-Russia, pro-Putin, so-called alternative media outlets like Global Research have to say about this? They have bought into the illusion - pushing the pro-Russia, pro-China, anti-West agenda for so long now.

There is no USA v Russia or Britain v China or any of that bla bla bla. Just like in WW2, they are all funded by the same people.

The real enemy is we, the people.

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The Russian is kinda interesting, if you read it in pidgin English. "Bez QR coda, nye v chod it"

It's a little like my dad's fave insult 'two bit shit'. Both a little ahead of their time. Are we AI?

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Edward, connect with him as soon as you watch this video.



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Pawn Sacrifice. Enjoy the contagion from China (again, oh the irony).

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Katusha, with guest appearance of Vlad somewhere in the middle.


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"How did a nationwide “non-working week” become a vaccine caste system in less than two years?"

It's good of you to ask - and its great to see your case put together in 'summation' form for export to the world outside of this 'deniers' bubble.

At the same time... it's probable that the [potential]'answer' to the question will cause regret for asking it. Unlike in Lewis Carrols' imagination - the 'really real rabbit hole' is a noxious sewer stairway to the hellish realms

guaranteed to dissuade most everyone from looking for zee 'truth' - and to run 'quick as a bunny' towards the closest acceptable substitute for it! No matter which fake "doctors" name you care to drop... Protsenko, Fauci, Ginsburg, Mengele, Cameron, Moreau, or Dr. No...

all roads lead back to "Doc" Maimonides... the originator of the "doc-trine" of "death to the 'unclean sparks' who prevent the world from attaining 'tikkun olam' = you/we/even 'he' with the broom over there, sweeping the foyer of the FSB/CIA/M16 building nearest to where you sit...

are the filth which needs to be cleaned up... fore the New Urusalem and it's TEMPLE OF ORDURE new world order can be brought to completion. Maimonides - the Sephardic wanderer who became 'physician' to the Sultan in Cairo... a role played out so many times, and as recently as our lad "Stalins" last days... whose his principal work, The Guide of the Perplexed, appeared

in the year of his death, translated from the original Arabic into Hebrew, is claimed by the great scholar of "Kabbalah" - Gershom Scholem - to have been an enemy of kabbalism, and that it was in fact a reaction to his own 'radical rationalist' school.

While this is a nice effort of obscuration on the distinguished scholars part, 'wise guys' - such as Michael Hoffman, have pulled up the lid on the thing... and slide valiantly right down into the cesspool at the center of the earth -

"Relying upon the Code of Maimonides and the Halacha, the Gush Emunim leader Rabbi Israel Ariel stated: 'A Jew who killed a non-Jew is exempt from human judgment and has not violated the religious prohibition of murder."

Well - as you can see, in the minds of the 'religious caste' who make the rules both inside their religious persuasion and in the secular world now as well - everywhere - killing you softly with 'vaccines' is not really doing anything 'wrong' - I know that is an unpleasant thing to say... 'truth' in general is unpleasant to the extreme degree - but hey! If you are feeling bad about being serially lied to, in this corona caper adventure... consider that

Baba Kamma 113a. says: Jews may use lies ("subterfuges") to circumvent a Gentile.

And if you still want to be a surly reprobate after being confronted with that "truth" - I got somethin should finally shut you right up!

Yebamoth 98a. sayeth: All gentile children are animals. So stop yur honkin - honky! I'm sorry Eddie - I realize that none of this is welcome... or even helpful to your cause of widening your network. The truth seldom is. You might want to think about taking up some pastime more seemly to the modern 'zeitgeist' - 'transgenderism' or something like that. Your Quijotic quest to wriggle out from under what 'zee good doctors' have in store for us all is noted with approbation... but also the appropriate measure of hard nosed cynicism essential to the psyche of the really real 'soul survivor.'

I will desist now; after leaving you with this last morsel to consider, when potentially bemoaning the epidemic of 'still births' to come = Abodah Zarah 36b. intones: Gentile girls are in a state of niddah(filth) from birth. Apologies, Sir Eddie... but you did ask!

""How did a nationwide “non-working week” become a vaccine caste system in less than two years?" By tying together the loose strands of a millennium or two of culture war against the wester people. Dat's how!

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