We're going to experience a population bottleneck event.

The few people who care enough to reproduce and are smart enough to not trust vaccines and the WEF might be able to repopulate these countries eventually.

Industrial and post-industrial mass-society has been an abysmal failure. We need to bring back homesteads. It's the only way.

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USSR doubled its population between 1922 (the year it was formed) and 1991 (last year of the country) from 140 million to 290 million. In the post Soviet period Ukraine lost roughly 40% of the population from 52 million down to roughly 35 million, while Russia only experienced a slight decline from 148 million in 1992 to 145 million in 2022. Yet, if you read any Western sources they call Soviet regime genocidal. White is black and black is white, Orwellian "truth" is everywhere, but I'm not surprised anymore.

On Russia's current demographic crisis, the real issue is well beyond injections, healthcare and things of this nature. Talking to my relatives in Russia and Ukraine, the healthcare services, including access to medicine, are way more accessible there than they are in US and Canada where medical mafia made the situation with healthcare access and personal choice practically impossible. The issue that Russia faces today is the climate of uncertainty about the future that stops young couples from having more children. The cost of raising a child according to "material standards" imposed by society is very high, compared to income levels. Also there is a policy by construction companies to build huge condominium complexes with tiny apartments that don't promote the idea of procreation. On the positive side I hear today more and voices within Russia that recognize current problems and propose solutions. Current situation of a break-up with the West is seen as an opportunity to fix Russian economic and social crisis that will result in better demographics.

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Excess mortality up, birthrates down - a global phenomenon. Hmmm. What is different?

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your tone in this piece is so different, much darker than usual. understandably. thinking that more injections are going to reverse population decline is like prescribing suicide to decrease the murder rate.

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The iron irrefutable proof that Sputnik works just like the rest of the killer shots. On a separate note, I wonder if Chubais who is now suffering from Guillain-Barre, was jabbed with the domestic product, or if he got one of the Western ones?

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I suspect all countries are experiencing a dramatic drop in population. It's just a matter of who is honest enough to admit it. The causes (I believe) include -

Decades of vaccine poisoning causing childhood illnesses like autism, auto immune disorders and female infertility (this is deliberate, some vaccines secretly include chemicals to render women infertile),

The unravelling of the family unit leading to broken homes, child abuse and traumatised adults who can't raise a family of their own,

Oestrogen leaching into the waterways from the urine of women on the pill and plastics polluting the food chain, causing a drop in mens testosterone levels and low sperm counts,

Corporate farming producing foods that are saturated in weedkillers and have low nutritional value.

Basically modern people are being poisoned.

I'm coming to believe that the only countries that will survive World War III are those that can reverse this trend.

And to do this countries will have to -

Stand up to global criminal corporates like big pharma and the sick ideology of anti family, anti tradition and anti Christian values.

It's simple. Continue poisoning your population and die out, or throw the globalists out of your country and survive.

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Ed, are there stats from Belarus to compare to?

No mandatory vax there. Would be interesting to see the difference.

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Who wants to have children in a world run by perverts and psychopaths ?

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sigh, i will pop over and help repopulate if i must!

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Geographical issues - are the Muslim republics not inflating the average statistics? Isn't the situation in Slavic Russia even worse?

Putin clearly has no serious plan to fix this. If he was willing to be less neoliberal, would be easy to incentivize childbearing in the context of his neo-Orthodox schtick. Is he really that beholden to neolib', or is there some geographical factor here too. Like maybe the decline is located in the ex-Soviet rustbelt that's got no future, and Putin only cares about the metropole. Rustbelt is dying a natural death from the elite pov.

Anyway whatever. The country is basically becoming North Korea with Mandatory Disillusionment instead of Juche. The vax is just a part of that.

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Is this the reason why Putin is trying to entice disillusioned Americans living in the United States Socialist America to move to Russia? Is possible to be a refugee there? If so, what is the catch? It sounds to good to be true. I'd like to know more. However, based on your write-up Russia is deeply in bed with the WEF and Satanist globalist cabal; and furthermore, racism is also the issue same as in the United States i.e., Central Asians and/or Chechens take menial jobs and are the lower ranking of the society. I seems to me it is just a PR or propaganda stunt. I am confused. Can you or anyone enlighten me on this one?

Please see:





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how is 44 per thousand one and half times less than 63 per thousand?

Look like about 30% less to me.

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Why ask a Canadian, for solutions for Russia...? Were all of the Banderite Ukrainian Professors of Russian studies, busy at the front?

A nearly 40% increase in mortality? Good thing those shots are so "safe and effective", think about how much worse it could have been, without them.

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In a freedom tirade video

There's a clip of putin saying "history is not a teacher, it does not teach, it punishes for badly learned lessons"

while Russia and his party is still pushing clot shots and con-vid...

Also, if Russia wanted peace talks, they just need to shut off the gas to Europe, but they play dumb like that's not an ace card.

I guess they're gonna get punished... Lol

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You can buy land in Siberia cheaply (sometimes free) and it will get you citizenship in 3 years? The price is far lower than in the West although of course it has still doubled in price for those of us in the West in the last 12 months. i.e. here's one story on it;


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