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Very informative, detailed, highly appreciated. Thanks, Riley!

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👍🏻 Insightful and appreciated. Thank you!

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Once upon a time, my country, which is now on the brink of civil war, used to make good business with Russia (and then a cat arrived) and then in 2014-15 the US of A said that should stop because Russian invasion of Criméa. The agriculture in my country suffered a lot from this diktat and many farmers committed suicide because they lost a market. My country had sold Russia military boat and now it was obliged by US diktat not to fulfill it's contract and ridiculed itself, like it did when one of the 5 eyes (Australia) decided not to buy the submarines it had ordered from my country.

At that point I wished my country had other things to sell abroad, but that is not the point.

Notwithstanding all it's flawed (who has none?) Général De Gaule was right in thinking that Europe should include Russia and not the US of A and that it was the way to prosperity for us all.

At that point in time, my country, under occupation by our arch enemy, the British monarchy and it's public "Rothschildian" private companies and the US of A under the City of London occupation is ruined and on the brink of civil war and our links with Russia and business opportunities with that country are dead.

Many in my country think that we should have done not only business with Russia but keeping entertaining cultural relations for the benefit of my fellow countrymen of all origins and the Russians.

What a pity, sorrow, anger... All there is left is misery and the moral duty to litteraly fight against the evil Anglo-Zionist space lizard incarnated in the micron/EU régime.

death to all black and white oppressors!

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Today's musical selection: also known as "The Crown of Roses" in some English-language sources, is a composition by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. Originally written in 1883 as a song for solo voice and piano, it was subsequently arranged by Tchaikovsky for solo voice and orchestra (1884), and then for unaccompanied choir (1889).

This version for choir is available on the mid-price Brilliant label: https://www.brilliantclassics.com/articles/t/tchaikovsky-secular-choruses/ - and the version for voice and piano is here: https://www.naxos.com/CatalogueDetail/?id=8.554358

Any versions on Russian label CDs are, of coursed, banned. But for purists this is close as you're going to get: a version sung by a Latvian choir on a Finnish label: https://www.prestomusic.com/classical/works/135805--tchaikovsky-legend-op-54-no-5/browse

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Great insights as per usual Edward, and the nuanced views of 'neither here nor there' are greatly appreciated in sharp contrast to the constant wardrum banging adopted by the west and the 'pretend nothing is happening' adopted by the east.

Odd priorities, I must admit. TVs are almost entirely domestically produced? Insert "consoom" meme here. You'd think they'd have drawn up an import priorities list where they seek to make self-sufficient the most important things available. Apparently ensuring continual access to propaganda, mainstream news and adverts has the highest priority on the list. Let them eat TV!

Not much difference between America and Russia in some respects. More alike than different. Only difference is I think the US would have wasted $100 billion in the process before making some *subpar* version of a TV available, of which 50% would have been manufactured by a perpetual prison slave labour population. The other 50% would have been the illegal wage labour that they imported from across the border. Maybe Russian government can learn a few tricks? ; )

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🇫🇷 Des proches de #Macron expliquent qu’« il n’y a plus de narratif, plus de sens, plus rien » à l’Elysée. Les ministres « ne s’entretiennent avec le chef de l’État qu’en de rares occasions » et les conseillers « ne comprennent pas toujours ce qu’ils font là ». (Mediapart)

People close to #Macron explain that "there is no more narrative, no more sense, nothing" at the Elysée. Ministers "only meet with the head of state on rare occasions" and advisers "do not always understand what they are doing there". (Mediapart)

I have just had a conversation with a friend who happens to be a gendarme and who told me that every streets in Lyon is on fire. In fact this is what is going on in the whole country, of course not in the remote village where I live.

I have listened an hour ago an alt radio where an ex-intelligence officer was saying that at that point, if the population keeps going out the so called security forces will be overwhelmed and considering the utter violent abused already committed (unbelievable) by police forces who have been recruited with very low standards it could be very ugly (we are on that path).


I let those who are concerned translate that article from an MSM media, "WITNESSES. Alleged sexual assaults on female students by police officers in Nantes: "I felt his fingers inserting themselves into the crack of my genitalia"

Has anything like that (and hundred of other testimonies and video) ever happened in Russia?

This is what the union of the judiciary has to say:



The judicial authority is not at the service of the repression of the social movement

Attacks on trade union action and social movement

20 March 2023

The images of the police repression of the demonstrations denouncing the use of article 49-3 within the framework of the examination of a reform which has aroused a very strong mobilization for several weeks are shocking. We have seen these scenes unworthy of a democracy: police officers exercising illegitimate violence against demonstrators and street medics, collective arrests of demonstrators ordered to sit on the ground by the dozen, hands on their heads, journalists doing their job threatened or brutalized.

But behind these terrifying images, there are the decisions that underlie them and the institutional mechanisms at work: directives given by the Minister of the Interior to all the prefects of France, and internal security forces summoned to repress the demonstrations that are being organized in many cities to express social anger against the denial of democracy. The government continues to despise the social movement and the violence only increases.

Hundreds of arrests and police custody measures have been decided since last Thursday. The vast majority of these measures have not been followed up by the courts (in Paris, after Thursday's demonstration at the Place de la Concorde, out of 292 demonstrators in police custody, only 9 were prosecuted).

We must not be satisfied with this façade of a judicial authority assuming its role by not following up unfounded police measures. These figures show that the internal security forces are abusing police custody, a concrete expression of a political will to muzzle protest by breaking up current demonstrations and dissuading - through fear - future demonstrations.

What can the judicial authority do in the face of this state violence? How can we embody the institution that is constitutionally the guardian of individual freedom, and therefore responsible for controlling measures that deprive people of their liberty and putting an end to those that are unfounded?

Playing our role to the full must lead us to refuse the detour of criminal procedure to the benefit of the maintenance of order, to refuse to give a judicial veneer to police operations which are no longer at the service of the protection of the population but of its repression. Our place is not in the command rooms because by associating ourselves with the police authorities upstream of the judicial response, we contribute to the penalization of the social movement and we deprive ourselves of our capacity of control downstream. Our place is not at the side of the prefects to prepare the repression of the demonstrators but to protect the citizens in the exercise of their citizenship. Our control of all procedures initiated during demonstrations must be demanding and meticulous.

Let us learn from our past experiences, indignation is not enough: it is obvious today that during the Yellow Vests movement, the judicial institution was put at the service of a violent repression of the social movement. The role of the judicial authority is to guarantee the rights and freedoms of people. We must therefore protect them in the exercise of rights essential to democracy: freedom of expression and demonstration."

France is illegally helping Ukraine since the parliament has not been consulted.

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Has the general population been affected much by the sanctions? Is inflation as high as in the west?

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You. Are. Amazing. 🙏🏻

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Concerning "import substitution". There, are a lot of rumors spread by more and more people about foreigners working alongside the french police, some even speculate that many of them would be ... Ukrainians. At that point, it hasn't been proven but the people spreading them are not usually considered as clowns. My sources in the "field" tell me that if that was proven, the police and gendarmerie would never ever accept this. Meanwhile, this following video will get viral and added to many many others, it will add fuel on an already insurectionnal situation nationwide: "Police on motorcycle deliberately run over a protester"


How long will the police be able to stand in front of night and days demos?

Riley, where is Stan?

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Import substitution would do good to a number of EU countries as well, so I'm kind of a jealous that the russians are actually doing it. Great topic.

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The pro-Russia folks here in the West are all crowing about how well Russia's economy while the Satanists in charge here are DELIBERATELY imploding the economy and our way of life.

For example: https://www.globalresearch.ca/russia-economy-booming-despite-because-sanctions/5812628

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Import substitution: it's what's for dinner this decade.


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Many of us thought the Russians would surrender the moment McDonalds and Pizza Hut threatened to leave.

Those were about the only two sanctions that involved depriving the Russians of something instead of depriving ourselves of something.

But no, not even stopping their netflix brought them to heel.

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