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some american once wrote Russia is Brazil with nukes and bad weather. this exactly proves his point. Brazil exports a little bit less than 20 tons of gold every year illegally. unregistered. the network of foreign NGOs that no Xi Jinping or Putin ever tried to tame makes sure that happens.

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Shh don't tell Matt or the other russiaphiles. They'll claim that you're working to undermine the 5.3d chess system that has got us endless war and fear and poverty.

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I think with so many corrupt Russian officials holding assets overseas, they were easy to threaten and coerce into any kind of policy that the reptilians desire. Those Russian corrupt officials who weren't already on board from the beginning that is.

And gold is always the giveaway - these illuminati freemason overlords love them some gold, it's their biggest desire and weakness. Like Armond Hammer when he bought out all the golden icons and other items from Russian church after Lenin got done genociding millions of Russian people.

I hear if you dangle a gold bar above the sea, Lord Rotschild might come out of his underground bunker to try and grab it.

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All does not seem to be so mysterious..

"The gold reserve of the Russian state is administered by the Bank of Russia, which is not a Russian bank. This, let me remind you, is a legal entity about which we know nothing. No authorized capital, no property, no founders.", you write..

It is no secret that Putin is a WEF Klaus Schwab Young Leaders Program, globalist mind controlled NWO cabal puppet, just as all other "leaders" of "countries, I.E. globalist cabal controlled corporations. Russia, China, the E.U. and the rest of the world, all are controlled from "the shadows", basically, by the Rothschild (& cronies) controlled globalist banking cabal.

Ostensibly, Putin kicked the Rothschilds out of Russia, when was it, 2016? But this is smoke & mirrors, to hide from the global populace the truth. The Russian bank is a Rothschild controlled bank, and if it is part of the globalist end game to sideline Russia as a major economic factor, and to steal the gold that was accumulated by Rothschild Russia, and funnel it to wherever the banking cabal wants it, be it Rothschild USA corporation, or Rothschild controlled China corporation, or wherever, then this is the obvious way to do it, is it not?

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Well it is a robbery in progress, kind of. If you own the mine, or the gold, you can't rob it from yourself. Then, if your government facilitates you bringing it abroad and keeping the proceeds abroad, you aren't doing anything against the law.

We've seen this numerous times already, when people in power are hiding their capital and assets, usually in shady off-shore financial constructions (shell companies, financial secrecy jurisdictions etc.) in order to avoid paying tax. Which is where your gold and it's proceeds are at the moment. Most of the big accounting firms help them with it nowadays.


Is it immoral? Yes. Is it illegal? No. That's what happens if you let the same people decide what's legal or not. As far as precious metals go, have your own little stack like I do. No counter-party risk, no devaluation / inflation. Forget about those other people, you will never get them on it.

God, grant me the serenity

to accept the things I cannot change;

courage to change the things I can;

and wisdom to know the difference.

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There's rumours that in the West gold is not actually gold.

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Gaddafi was murdered over the gold dinar. Now they've gotten to Russia.

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Actually gold is a smaller fraction of capital fleeing Russia. Officially, according to Russia's Central Bank, last year $72 billion was the legal net capital migration out of Russia, never to be seen again in that country. Approximately the same amount left Russia using other ways, not accounted for by the Central Bank. Back in 2019 Russian Duma sponsored research on the capital flight out of Russia. This research discovered that approximately $1.7 trillion left Russia since 1997. If we add 3 more years to get us up to the end of 2021, we can safely say that Russia sponsored Western economies to the tune of 2 trillion dollars in 24 years.

Well, we have to admit that it takes a very resilient, resource rich state to shed that much capital and to still manage to survive. Here in the West why should we be critical of it? Hey, Russia, give us more of your money, natural resources and brains, we'll gobble it all up! This is why I always laugh when I hear Western threats to boot Russia out of SWIFT system (banking funds transfer confirmation network) and to close Russia's correspondent accounts in USD in American banks for support of Russian banks operations in American dollars. Would not that be the greatest gift that West could give to Russia in the last 30 years, as it would, against Russia's Central Bank foundational policy of a free capital outflow, actually slow down robbery of this still great country by its "elites"?

But, we can't say that these processes go unnoticed by Russians. The fact even in Russia's main geopolitical propaganda nightly talk show, "Sunday night with Vladimir Solovyov" these words by one of the guests were uttered last Sunday: "By analogy with the statement by Russian Emperor, Alexander II, that Russia has only two allies - its Army and Navy, I can state that today Russia has only two enemies, England and the Russian Central Bank."

Russian finances, or to be more precise, the phenomenon of how this country still survives despite elaborate and long lasting actions by its leadership designed to weaken and destroy economy is a topic that deserves greater coverage. Perhaps I should revive my blog and cover it there.

And of course, Russia bashers on this forum keep peddling their favorites, like Kolyma. Apparently these people got more psychological trauma from it than Russians themselves. Curious, to say the least. Waiting for Solzhenitsyn to turn up in discussion again.

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Your blog has convinced me that Russia is hell on earth.

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Russian puppet leaders serve the same musters as the rest of the worlds puppets (leaders)The World Is A Stage


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A robbery in progress is exactly what it is. The banking cartel MO is to repatriate all assets to London or the U.S. before a military invasion. Foreign gold reserves are typically the first asset targeted. Then foreign cash is stolen via SWIFT.

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This does not sound good. All of Russia’s gold was stolen twice in the 20th Century. Now it’s starting again.

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No problem - just reopen Kolyma


Further viewing ...

… Thomas Sgovio – Kolyma – the Uncut Documentary


For good measure ...

Joseph Davies - “Mission to Moscow”


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Very interesting issue in light of the current geopolitical situation. Assumed, all your infos are right, I would suggest to dig in into (i) goldprice level, (ii) exchange rate, (iii) currencies of the gold sales and perhaps (iv) hidden side letters between russian gov. & russian gold mines companies. Pls. take also into account, that yesterday Russia and China signed a gas seal nominated in Euro. Best, tom

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I have read (perhaps hastily) a translation of the linked article from finanz dot ru, and while it does state that gold exports were authorized, i haven't seen any part that stated that money can be kept abroad.

I assume that would be a big, and difficult, information to hide.

Is there any source for that claim? I am not saying it has to be false, but backing it up would be nice.

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