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The 90's were a very busy decade for political hucksters and money-hungry financiers as well as multinational corporations, as during the 1990's while the Chicago Boys/Wall Street were dismantling Russia's assets the Clinton/Riady family along with the Israelis were sending significant military technology to China.

In Western culture and interestingly enough in Confucianism there's an emotional desire to contruct a world in terms of black-and-white dualism symbolizing a moral dichotomy separating good and evil. Sadly, in reality the color contrast is not so stark as there's many nuanced shades within the "moral spectrum."

In any event, I think the Global Empire's agenda was set decades ago and the current series of manufactured crises are helping to accelerate its fruition.

It might be very possible, the West deliberately through Russia into the arms of China in order to hasten the worldwide economic restructuring currently underway which Russia, China, and the US are all on board with and includes an invasive digitalization of the world's population via personal health records and bank accounts. In fact, If we look at the West it is becoming more unabashedly authoritarian.

Incidentally, Lary Fink CEO of BlackRock, has said on more than one occasion that he admires China's political system as liberal democracies tend to be too messy. I wouldn't be surprised if all the techno/fascists and bankster/gangsters hold the same view as Fink. So if you really want to know what the Fourth Industrial Revolution looks like take a peep at Beijing.

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A very timely and important discussion!

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You definitely deserve a subscription, Riley!

And Mrs. Bechet-Golovko writes IMMIGRANTS! (Instead of "migrants".) She has earned my everlasting admiration. Only a person really aware (and beware!) of the globalists' manipulative vocabulary and semantics is capable of realizing the deceitful and delusionary meanings their words portray.

Plus, if that weren't enough, I think she has nailed the four pillars of globalism: sustainability and climate change, digital cult, immigration and gender relativism.

This sentence, though, I am unable to decipher: "[...] which, once you leave the front, is incompatible with Moscow’s gentle hesitation and desire for normalization, regardless of the human cost." I would appreciate any clarification. To what refers the word "which": to inhibition, to strengthening patriotism or to population? What is "Moscow's gentle hesitation"? What does "normalization" mean here? What "human cost" does she refer to?

The problem with war and patriotism nowadays is, in my opinion, that life has become too easy for most of the world's population, except in some African and Middle East countries. We have not lived in war times for the last eight decades, which means most of the people today alive have never experienced a war, and at the same time have lived a relatively easy life. On the other hand, religious and patriotic beliefs, which have historically been the main forces pushing people to make war (besides, of course, hunger and physical suffering) are (probably because of science and the widespread global world idea) in clear decline. Give someone food, a roof, health care, some little money and a smartphone, and he'll be the most reluctant person to take a gun and die for his nation, or for anything except perhaps his family. Why should he? Me being the first one to run away from any armed conflict I might possibly be pushed to. So, I understand the difficulty of talking Russians into willingly going to war, even for the noblest and most patriotic cause.

I see many people talking about the "1917 scenario", but I am convinced such a thing is impossible. Present-day societies do not meet the necessary requirements. We live, thanks God, too comfortably for risking our lives. The ubiquitous talks about heroic Russia having never been defeated are, in my opinion, puerile and misguided. No empire was ever defeated, until it was, either in war or by time itself. Predicting what Russians will do now on the basis of what _those_ Russians of yore did long time ago is like predicting the next result of the dice based on the previous throws. That Russia of 1917, and even that of 1941, has little to do with the one of today, like those Romans of Christ's times or those Spaniards of XVth century have nothing in common with the Italians of Spaniards of today.

Lastly, I can personally confirm Karine's opinion about the Western "alt-media". I for one turned my eyes to Russia not only for my lifelong sympathy towards that country (which I still have), but "against" my own country --as she says--, for I feel I do not belong to it any more and I needed something to believe in. Thus, for many months I swallowed the narrative of those media, which is more anti-USA or anti-imperialism than it is pro-Russia. And, yet, it did not fully convince me, for I am very critical and there were some contradictions I could not sort out (like for instance Russia's full compliance with the scamdemic). And so of late I have turned to more red-pilled sources like your blog or Rolo's, where I am finding ideas and information a lot more consistent with reality. And I am glad and grateful, despite having needed to experience the bitterness of lost dreams.

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Yeah yeah yeah daddy of course I won't be mean in your comments section. BUT, since I was part of that griftependent alt media brainrot dummypants crew, I'm entitled to bag on myself. That person who told you you're NPR, or CNN, or whatever evil WEEEEEEEEEEEEEST entity you work for, I'm very familiar. After funnelling hard earned money into her coffers (long before she worked for Russia today and became religiously affiliated with our father who art in the Kremlin, Vlady "patron saint of the superhuman anti-west" daddy) to go get stories all over the global south, I decided to do some shite posting just like Iain cuz I was tired of the stenography of Russian state media. Her army of brainless simps with a plethora of "BUT THE WEEEEEEEEEEEEEST" cliches dogpiled on me on Twitter, and dm'd hate mail.

Bottom line my beautiful guy, these people are brainless. You shouldn't take other people's absolute and total stupidity as your failing, just leave it at (either) they're either stupid from birth or paid to be stupid (both in some cases). Keep doin you brosef. You're doing more than the entirety of griftependent media with your one blog.

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Great interview of a very bright mind, translated by a no less bright mind done by another fortunately often funny (and aspiring cornerstone) bright mind Riley Waggaman!

As an aside, I think I might have a plan to make any "artifice of intelligence" permanently "burn out". Let's ask any chat gpt (in French tha acronym sounds like "i farted") to translate Modeste's daily article in Mongolian, Chinese or Korean, or Tongan.... simultaneously of course;

Thank you.... Spaciba... Merci à vous trois.


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Thanks, Riley. This is your best piece I've read, IMHO. You wouldn't find this anywhere else:

"China is one of the central countries of globalization, and ideologically its vision of man and society are extremely dangerous for Russia, especially since both nations are followers of the digital cult."

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Haven't swung by as of late Mr Riley, apologies.

Interesting how the prediction Wagner's eagerness to retreat pre-faced a Ukrainian offensive, turned out to be the case.

Your neo-liberals may not have (yet) suffered from the Russian-AstraZeneca clotshot, but the London neo-liberals have already started to tumble, with Saddo Khan suffering a heart attack:


I chalk it up to all the Londoners "upgrading" all of his ULEZ cameras with the 'wireless' (and offline) 'functionality', trigger him to have a stress attack.

Neo-liberals of course won't disappear or end up mysteriously with their heads on a pike ('their heads on a pike or our bodies in a grave', as the saying goes), just short of them being dumb enough to fall into their own spike traps, and whilst some are exceedingly dumb, I think the majority need the public's help finding the nearest Kanada-style "MAID" service to receive Aktion-T4 approved Turdeau poison cocktail special.

Did you read the report how the Kanada Aktion T4 wants to murder all the poor people?

Apparently one third of Kanadians are okay with killing the poor, specifically, the homeless:


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I think that without a wider perspective on the global powers cartel going back in time we can't figure out what is going on here. Why Russia was not dismantled in the 90-ties for example? She was weak enough but Kissinger, Bush and Clinton were eager to help and to put a strong man in charge. What do you think about the following perspective? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=X8xF74mq9bM&t=9s&pp=ygUsdGhlIHNlY3JldCByZWFsaXR5IGJlaGluZCB0aGUgcnVzc2lhbiBlbXBpcmU%3D

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Thanks again, Riley. The elites are thriving, while the 99.9% eat s*%t. Hmm, sounds like over here in the US. :-)

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Thank you for this. It inches forward the understanding of the politically naive such as myself. I'll tell you what would be a greater 'incher forward' for such as I and it would be to spell out clearly to us what would be the desired reforms that are NOT 'neoliberal' or 'globalist'.

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Zelenzky talking about Russia before the 2014 Coup...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3nLWtrjyt0

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Thanks for the Q&A, Riley.

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what do the perpetrators behind 9/11 and the 2014 coup in Ukraine have in common? they all belong to the same tribe as Zelenzky...Nuland...Kagan...Blinken...Garland...Silverstein...and Ehud Barak...oy vey......https://www.amazon.com/Solving-9-11-Deception-Changed-World/dp/0985322586#customerReviews

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Finally someone gives a correct view on the globalist nature of "multi-polarity", Russia needs a new system of social governance, just like any other state. Excellent questions and answers in this interview.

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So we should believe in "as no country can really be self-sufficient." Sounds a bit globalist central-bankey to me. Russia couldnt be self suficient? Wow.

Interesting choice for the interview about globalists.

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