As I've been saying for over a year, Putin is just another globalist / WEF obedient puppet - no different from any of the supposedly 'leaders' (i.e., WEF glove puppets) that run almost all other countries across the world for their WEF / Rothschild et al masters.

Why do people find this difficult or impossible to believe, when it so blindingly obvious?! Putin did, and said, exactly the same thing about the Covid 'crisis' and the Covid 'vaccines' as every globalist puppet leader across the world, at exactly the same stages of those two long-planned WEF operations as every other supposed national 'leader'.

If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck.... then it IS a duck.

It is so bizarre that people base their beliefs about politicians on what they say. Thus, most Brexiteers, for example, refuse to believe that Boris Johnson was never remotely a Brexiteer - but of course, he had to pretend to be one. Even when people pointed out that Boris was wearing the WEF logo on his lapel for months on end, and was prattling on again and again about the globalist / WEF 'Great Reset' - which includes the establishment of a single World Government, the exact opposite of what Brexiteers want, and even after he did an even worse totally fake 'Brexit' deal than the one that the EU plonked into May's hand and told her to ram it through, Brexiteers still believe that Boris was a Brexiteer!

Why do they believe that Boris is a Brexiteer? Because he said he was!! Yes - people are that stupid.

And it's the same with Putin: he poses as a traditionalist and nationalist - and because he says he is... most Russians actually believe him!

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They are ALL (!) together in it, Russia included, because they are all controlled by the same ultra evil power.

It's all about Net Zero, Agenda 21 / 2030 / 2050, Great Reset, CBDC, SCS, CO2 account, basic income, medical tyranny, total control => the ultimate global slave system: https://ogy.de/tpx3

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Thanks, Riley. It will be fun watching the Putin rationalizers, the desperadoes in need of a hero among the global elite who will save them, and the bots, twist themselves into pretzels trying to explain this stuff. More pretzels than in a New York deli.

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Let's go back in history a bit. The US faked the Apollo moon landings, the Russians faked the Gagarin bit, and probably a lot more than that, the Chinese copied parts of the US moon psyop and accidentally showed astronuts releasing air bubbles in the under water tank where the "space flight" took place. Funny enough the Western media didn't even call out the Chinese on their fakery. Then this bunch of international top level liars created the "International Space Station", I don't pretend to know how much of that is actually fake (I suspect all of it), but obviously a lot of it is fake, why else would they need to publish these green screen CGI (computer generated imagery) videos, where people suspended from wires on board a plane which performs parabolic flight that creates 20 seconds of zero gravity, are playing with droplets of water and other play things and engage in entertaining nonsensical activities and empty chatter. The US, Russia, Japan, Europe and Canada and all of the MSM are all on board with this scam. Supposedly Russia is still participating, in spite of the NATO / Russian war in Ukraine.

Now we go still a little bit further back in history, and we come to the point where probably most of you have internalized the popular now ca. 80 years old mother of all psyops so much, that you will call me an idiot and where most of you will refuse to even look at the evidence / indications which is available in abundance.

The so called nuclear bomb, allegedly first produced in Los Alamos by a team of Jewish geniuses, and soon after deployed against two Japanese cities.

The truth is that there have never been any man made nuclear explosions on planet earth.

The whole story was a war time psyop, meant to give the Japanese God Emperor and his military the opportunity of an "honorable surrender" in face of a never before seen powerful incredible "weapon of mass destruction". Soon after the Russians became aware of the scam, and in stead of exposing it for what it was, Stalin decided to join the Americans, and a little later other countries followed. All of them showing "tests" of their "wonder weapons" to the public, in the form of thousands of tonnes of TNT being blown up on remote islands, and showing crudely made primitively faked videos on the black and white television sets. Videos, which with modern technology and experience are easily exposed as the primitive fakes they were.

Yes but what about, and what about, and how could,... and radiation sickness,.. and what about "battlefield nukes" and what about the Israeli "whistle blower" Vanunnu and so on.

All of these questions have been answered, including the impossibility of the "scientific" fake narrative of "critical mass" and all the other nonsense.

The bottom line of all the above is, that the so called leaders of all the countries involved, and all those forced to "believe" in these lies, which is pretty much the rest of the world, have conspired and have spread fear for at least 80 years in their own populations. Of course now it is a big question after all the time gone by, and changing governments and military leaders, how many politicians and how many military people actually know the truth. Probably most of them believe the narrative, and only very few people in these respective countries are informed. (I think Putin and Netanyahu know, as well as certain people in the US and British Deep State) After all the best liars, are those who believe the lies.

Even if you do not believe what I am saying, try to imagine the consequences if what I told you actually would be true. This would explain many things, and it will explain even more things in the near future! All of humanity has been taken for a ride by their elites who on the surface level are waging war against each other, but who in reality are cooperating against their own populations in order to secure their own power.

Documentation: The latest documentation has a limited scope; it only is concerned with the so called nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and not with the question if nukes exist at all. It was first published in 2020, titled "Hiroshima Revisited - The evidence that napalm and mustard gas helped fake the atomic bombings." By Michael Palmer MD. Freely available at https://ia801705.us.archive.org/2/items/Hiroshima_revisited/hbook-0.9.11.pdf Also at Dr. Michael Palmer's own website: https://mpalmer.heresy.is/webnotes/HR/

Dr. Michael Palmer used to teach at the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, but I don't know if he still does after he has been active in criticism of governmental covid policies. (His exposure of the nuclear hoax doesn't seem to have gotten much attention so far) Dr. Palmer's conclusions are based on extensive research of medical and hospital records from Japan, as well as other related and documented information.

On the political background for the Japanese surrender and related information from historical documents: "Death Object Exploding - The Nuclear Weapons Hoax" Paperback – April 27, 2017 by Akio Nakatani (Available on Amazon)

And the full monty; every aspect of the nuclear hoax, Los Alamos, Japan, photos, videos, drawings and scientific analysis of the physics allegedly involved, US propaganda material, and every other aspect covered by Anders Björkman, a Swedish civil engineer, and owner of the naval rescue organization Heiwaco. Mr. Björkman, holds several patents concerned with safety at sea. Björkman has worked as an advisor to governments and international organizations. He also analyzed and provided detailed reports of the sinking of the Estonia ferry, and analyzed several other false flags and hoaxes such as 9/11 and the moon landings.

Starting page of the nuke exposure: http://heiwaco.com/bomb.htm There are several more pages.

His website appears a bit old fashioned since it was created many years ago, and his language is full of scorn and ironical comments, and the pages looks a bit messy, but don't be deceived by that, he is extremely serious and well informed.

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Klaus Schwab has a bust of Lenin in his office after all, and as such the KGB party simply regrouped like a sustainably metastasizing cancer.

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The globalist are infighting among themselves as to who gets to run the new world order.... You have the Russian globalists saying the world order i our, the Western globalists saying no the world order must be our, the Chinese globalist saying of the world order belong to us. Hopefully the elites kill each other in the process...

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It's all about the private Central Bank Cartel, that insists they own the entire World:

Neil Oliver: 'By taking back control of the money we can begin regaining control of our world'


"Neil Oliver: 'Now is the time to take back control of money – Its creation, its value and its flow. By so doing, we can begin the task of regaining control of our world."

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Good reporting as always.

Presenting the perspective of the media narrative from 'the other side', outside of zee Iron Curtain, ESG-style organisations like 'Sea-Change.org' are painted, inversely, as being the work of nefarious mustache twirling Russians in capes. Quoting https://www.influencewatch.org/non-profit/sea-change-foundation/:

"In December 2015, the center-right Environmental Policy Alliance released a follow-up report to the 2014 Senate committee report that alleged Klein Ltd. connections to Russia and Russian president Vladimir Putin, proposing that Klein Ltd. and Sea Change Foundation acted as a conduit for funneling Russian government money to U.S. environmental groups in order to undermine American natural gas and oil production to Russia’s benefit"

Fox news parroted similarly (see: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/house-republicans-demand-answers-environmental-groups-collusion-russia).

So it is interesting to see inside Russia the ESG are painted as being American infiltrators with the goal of undermining the sovereign interests of Russia.

Methinks the two sides are being played against each other (ala the Robber's Cave article I sent a copy of https://thedailybeagle.substack.com/p/what-robbers-cave-can-teach-you-about) in order for globalist interests to pretend 'it isn't us that are doing it, those outsiders over there, they made me do this'.

Perhaps the American and Russian peoples need to team up and perform a double-whammy against the globalist interests?

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Matt Ehret is like the kids in my class that grew up without issues in their cozy families who rise up and think they know what's best for everyone else.

So ignorant that they think any criticism of their "genius" must be crazy.

He honestly thought I was nuts to point out that Russia and China still push the convid shit.

And the day I knew he was the fcking crazy one: he defended china's lockdowns cause apparently this "virus" was engineered to go after han Chinese lineage.

Matt, you are a moron. Didn't you see it was a scam before that bullshit story?

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Riley, contrary to what I am hoping for (that Rusland is the last vestige of sanity, normal values, the nuclear family, a sane economy, etc) what bothers me tremendously is that Rusland is now also being seeded with increasingly more pre-release 5G networks (take a look at the Ookla 5G map - https://www.speedtest.net/ookla-5g-map).

In addition, Russia's global collaboration in terms of the destructive space industry continues undeterredly; the false concept of the 'global warming' continues with fervent Russian support; and digitalization and AI flourish under Russia's own globalist endeavors, with or without WEF recognition.

As anyone should know, 'global warming' is not caused by the Sun warming up, or other such hogwash; it is caused by the use of EMF (see HAARP installations) for the benefit of the space industry and the launches of a vast network of satellites that will monitor each and every human being that is left to live and that will come about by the grace of the new 'God' - technocracy and AI.

Climate change is just another lie, just like the moonlanding was, just like the covid plandemic was. There is much more going on by Globalists than the sheeple can even begin to comprehend. Ashes to ashes, rust to rust - my guess is around 2040 when the continued decay will start to stink up the planet for real.


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I'm in an echo chamber! But I don't care! I love you guys! We're all we have now!

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In my opinion, Russia's romance with United Nations sustainable development agenda is a matter of simple lip service to the United Nations in order to KEEP their seat at the United Nations security council. Without this UN valuable security council seat, China would abstain and a no-fly NATO zone would be established in Ukraine with a UN security council no fly zone resolution. Russia's veto is the ONLY vote that STOPS this.

Russia, like the rest of the world, can have all the sustainable goals it wants because goals are just goals. These goals will NOT be achieved any time soon especially now.

Meanwhile Poland mines and uses more coal than it did last year. And African countries are getting wise to the unfairness of sustainable development. For example, Uganda is building an oil pipeline right now. How is it fair for Norway to build a pipeline to Poland and then the European Union tells Uganda to stop building their pipeline?

So what if Russia pays lip service to sustainable development goals. No big deal.

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JFYI: The Tsargrad article was offline half an hour ago (404) but now it's working again. As always, good work. Thanks.

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Intrepid, tireless, dispatcher, thank you for your detective posts. Quite a few hold such hope in the claims by Putin that he is a true conservative. Your puzzle pieces show us the contradictions in such claims, and the coordination and eerily similar proclamations of wokeness nonsense passionately pursued in Russia as in the west.

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