You were the one of the first, if not the very first, who blew the whistle about the Russian injection. Since then, I've been reading your articles with interest.

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Jan 6, 2023Liked by Edward Slavsquat

I unsubscribed from SOTT a few months ago exactly because of what you highlighted here.

Came across you from your interview with Tessa Feb./Mar. 2022. Really appreciate actually digging into domestic Russian news that almost no one else is covering

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Why should we still spend some time reading RT?

I hope everybody understood now that the system needs false antagonisms to prosper, to grow and to "move forward". False antagonisms in the press between the MSM and the "alt" medias which are 100% corrupted of course (I speak about French medias, 100% bullshit, but i'm pretty sure this is also the case in all other countries)

False antagonisms in political parties.

False antagonisms, somehow, between war mongers from the Sino-russian block or NATO block, helping to the destruction of Europe and restructuration of the geopolitical world, for the greatest interests of the 1% globalist elite.

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Jan 6, 2023Liked by Edward Slavsquat

Thanks for another great report, Riley.

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Riley, once again, BINGO!! There are simply lots of "activists" and bloggers in the "West" eager to drink the vodka-flavored Kool Aid, they are desperate for a "good guy" among the powerful, since they have zero faith in the 99.9% they claim to identify with. Thanks for staying in there and fighting, against all odds.

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This Putin mandate sounds like 'the three cups, one ball, puzzle'! Pretending the Biometrics must not be collected from any/all that chose to abstain. That establishes the basis for 'fair collection of personal data'. The next move will be less well advertised but will prove exactly the opposite of what the 'Russian people' were 'SOLD'. Putin will just remove the 'public choice condition' as though it's of little impact or importance. The population's Sovereignty will disappear at the stroke of Putin's pen!

Conspiracy Theory = Covid Vax causes human Immune System Failure! Now proven accurate!

Because the DEADLY Covid vax destroys human Natural Immunity from many illnesses, Covid is prolonged and can become more deadly. This deliberate prolonging (perpetuation) of Covid means Big Pharma's profitable Gravy Train runs on indefinitely!

And it's great to see/hear the exponentially increased occurrence of Autism caused in correlation with increased VAX use is finally being 'aired' in public!

RE; questioning Vaccine Safety and Efficacy: 'LAWS' condemning thoughts or suggestions that ANY INJECTION' (called a VACCINE) might be unsafe or in any way 'suspect' are unethical and, in reality unlawful, in that they deny FREE SPEECH, THOUGHTS and FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. Even to utter an opposing, but well-considered, OPINION is now 'ILLEGAL'!! No doubt this draconian attitude already applies to the DEADLY Covid Vax because raising the matter of PROVEN POST VAX HEART ISSUES, creates even more distrust in Experimental Injections which are part of the WEF's 'New World Order's' Depopulation Program. Big Pharma will not allow Governments or media to spread proven negative facts regarding their 'Golden Goose' fortune-making enterprises = The CULL of Humanity!!

Referring to the German Doctor that received a 2.5-year prison sentence for prescribing Mask Wearing Exemption Certificates; this 'unbelievable overreach of authority' must be backed by the WEF's New World Order in their quest for their world domination program - Don't get in the WEF's way or question their actions or you'll end up in jail, be marginalised and permanently ruined financially!

Why does Big Pharma continually deny ALL LIABILITY for any/all consequences that follow the use of their injected POISONS, be corrected by Governments and Law Enforcement Organisations?

Why do Governments not question the THOUSANDS of Adverse REACTIONS and DEATHS that follow the "SAFE & EFFECTIVE" Covid injections?

Why do I suspect the injections are serving another purpose that has been created by those that mean us harm by depopulating and restructuring our planet and the FREE lives of the non-Elite? (= The New World Order ) = The World Economic Forum?

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed to live longer!

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China would naturally be where this vastly increased planetary surveillance and control would began large scale, now adopted by Russia, mimicked by the US lefty crowd as the progressive way of the future, scripted for all by the World Economic Forum, which was established by the IMF, blood partners of the World Bank and International Bank of Settlements.

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Russia Today blends perfectly with the on-going bipolar propaganda in the whole medias around the world, the one that leads you to see the world in black and white, and RT objectives are not only to spread the "Holy Russia" 's propaganda, and not only to spit on the US, but to create a massive reject of the West in general. That is also the objective of the big majority of the alt media in the West, create artificial adherence to the russian block OR the Nato one, and forget about national interests. You have to choose your camp in a new bipolar world, and move your butt for team A or B at the edge of the sports field, like a cheerleader.

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Riley, where are you now, and is it difficult avoiding the jab and all the other badness where you are?

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The reason why the indy media acts like idiots when it comes to clear crooked policies is because this time, it's the "good guy" doing it. They're no different than the people who blindly trust our government and big pharma.... Except these people think they're red pilled 🤡

Here's a good explanation of the psychology that blocks their ability to see the obvious corruption...

(From https://leftlockdownsceptics.com/alleged-cia-involvement-in-jfk-assassination-goes-mainstream-so-now-what/ )

"And then there is the psychological effect of the Big Lie which is axiomatic in gaslighting. The paradox here is that the bigger the lie, the harder it is for the mind to bridge the gulf between perceived reality and the lie that authority figures are painting as truth. I believe that the prospect of being deceived evinces a primitive emotional response on a par with staring death in the face. We are hard-wired to fear deception because we have evolved to interpret it as an existential threat. That’s why deception can elicit the same emotional response as the miscalculation of a serious physical threat. Lies told to us don’t always bear the same cost as a misjudged red light, but the primitive part of the brain can’t make this distinction and we rely on cerebral mediation for a more appropriate but delayed response. And in the long run, the lie is often just as dangerous as the physical threat. Many government whoppers – ‘safe and effective’ – do cost lives.

To avoid the death-like experience of being deceived, a mental defence is erected to deny that the lie is happening. This defence mechanism was understood only too well by the first director of the FBI. "

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Music brings it home ;-)

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I really enjoy your articles my friend, I know they are mostly exposing some of the ugliest behavior humanity has to offer, but your skillful wit and humor makes the experience of reading them enjoyable despite the ominous nature of the content.

Have you done any interviews or podcasts recently?

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Very excellent and relevant article Riley. I was expecting you wrote an article about that very subject since I am a SOTT user and even used to work as a translator for the French version. (At the present moment there is a cat on my lap expecting that I do something about an empty cat owl but that is another subject even if it is hiding the screen of the computer).

I do entirely agree with every lines you wrote and I think that SOTT doesn't know your hard work (even if that is doubtful since they usually do work hard). If they know it... Then why don't they report about the flaws in RT's articles about Russian domestic policy?... Psychological biais? Since they have been building a very positive unmitigated portrait of Vladimir Vladimirovitch for years now... It would be great to ask them redactors, Joe and co, wouldn't it? It would be great to have you on their radio show or otherwise, them on your podcast.

It is most probable they have no Russian locutors on their staff and just can't dig as far as you do.

Still, SOTT is definitely a very good news aggregator and have done a very very good job during the last 20 years notwithstanding some flaws.

Wish you are fine Riley, take good care of you.

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its an ongoing battle between the jew.s.a...Europe...China...and mother Russia to become the worlds most totalitarian government...OR are they actually working together in concert? we report....you decide

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>> Yes, the law expressly prohibits forcing people to male “bio-casts”,


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Hi Riley. I saw a video of some Soviet Union dissenter (whose name escapes me) who spoke about a certain Soviet-era propaganda magazine.

The name of the magazine?

"Russia Today"

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