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I still just can't get over how irresponsible - or evil? - all these world leaders are. I mean, if the vaxx doesn't cause widespread health problems, death, or sterility, then great; but it's the height of irresponsibility to conduct a population-wide experiment on the vast majority of your citizens all at one go. Playing Russian roulette with your entire country. These leaders are all just very stupid - or very evil.

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When I was growing up in the 90s everybody hated Chubais with a passion. And I mean EVERYBODY! It's kind of ingrained into my mind at BIOS-level that this guy is a horrible crook. Haven't followed him since early 2000 something but I imagine he isn't any better now.

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It's difficult to grasp the concept of a global ruling class, but to find out who comprises it look no further than Soros et al.

To understand the true essence of capitalism (now neoliberalism) research the Nazi concentration camp.

In the Nazi concentration camp only the fit and healthy were allowed to live so they could work and produce profits. The ruling class still murdered those it wanted rid of by working them to death first, thereby exploiting the value of the calories stored in their bodies.

The dynamics live on. Governments prefer that those with learning disabilities die prematurely, and that the elderly die before they reach pension age.

The Nazis never left and the concentration camp widened to subsume the whole world and our existence. As long as we work and consume, work and consume.

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Ed! Every so-called "vaccine" is a scam! All started with Louis Pasteur. And those particular Covid related jabs are worse than just a scam. These injections are democidal poison.

At any rate, please Ed, pay attention to and dig into the situation in Kazakhstan. I smell something rotten as I read the "tragic" RT news full of convoluted Orwellian languages"

1- ‘Nationalists are on the rise’: How protests in Kazakhstan turned violent & why Russia can’t stay silent

2-"Russia-led bloc approves peacekeeping deployment in Kazakhstan"

NWO orders Putin to crush any popular uprising?

I'm looking forward to your comprehensible report, if you can please!

I don't trust any MSM and Gov sponsored "network", especially from those of Russian and Chinese Govs.

At this moment You are the only one we can bank on concerning "Russian bloc"

Take care and all the best my young friend!

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Great place to read & argue more sanely than elsewhere.

Point: "virus was not isolated, so it is inexistent" stories, as well as "Luciferase in vaccine" stories, are just worthless Qanon-like psyop crap to discredit real conspiracy facts- under guise of "just all crazies".

WAS ISOLATED & WAS SEQUENCED - STOP BS. We agree: COV2 scam/Vaccine scam/Great reset conspiracy & scam. But let's not get lost in the trapped rabbit holes.

Documented in a remarkable way in this verifable & documented system:


За здоровье!

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