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I admire the strength and patience you have invested in meticulously substantiating your arguments and addressing the individual points. I know that none of this will be considered on "Anti-Spiegel". The blog operator and the readers there lack the necessary self-distance for this. They are writing in support for the "good side", and seem to think that anything but a black-and-white scheme would confuse people.

The consequences are that Röper growing a core readership that—like the readers of the Saker forum and many others—only ever confirms their perspective and at the same time "inoculates" themselves against any criticism.

But I have the impression that this is not enough for an increasing number of minds. In the current chaos of the global upheavals, many people have lost trust in their politicians and media. Some are now simply turning the tables and cheering on the opposite side. But a good portion of them have really grasped something and are questioning the new certainty as well, which is good. We need blogs like Edward Slavsquat to unsettle our cherished views and force us to think on.

Subjectively, it seems to me that more people online are taking note of this blog (maybe the reader statistics prove that), and even some comments at Röper's pointed out that "Waggaman still does have good arguments that should be addressed".

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Röper seems to be unaware of the saying ‘the enemy of my enemy is still a piece of shit’.

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Much of the big name alt-media is going the same way as the perjured corporate media. What they do builds a readership of partially disaffected authoritarian followers; people who want a "good" autocrat. There ain't no such beast in this world.

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Good article, it's ridiculous to push Russian 'vaccines' as any more safe than western ones. I am glad someone is exposing Sputnik in English.

Is there a translation of that document of the medical doctors dying from the vaccine? If not, I will do one, my Russian is passable enough. Important information to get out there about Sputnik.

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I’ve something to personal to share

My doggy, Pito, was raised by my wife and I in JB back in 2010.

She ‘escaped’ from her somewhat crazed owner and ran straight into our rented house.

When the lockdown between Malaysia and Singapore happened, my wife requested to ‘overstay’ in MY (for two years) and work from home to take care of Pito (she’s already 12 years old now) her boss gave her the green light.

While I have to stay in Singapore (our country of birth) because I don’t have the luxury of working from home since I’m a blue-collar worker.

The time for my wife to come back to SG has come, but before she do so, we decided to bring Pito over to Singapore.

As is the ‘veterinarian authorities’ requirements, all animals from Malaysia are to be vaccinated against Rabies as well as microchipped (now imagine that being done to humans aka Covid vaccination and cattle tagging aka TT apps and tokens and also nanotechnology in your bodies).

However, before administering the vaccine, a blood test has to be done on her: this is to ensure there are enough ‘antibodies’ to show that the dog is healthy.

She passed her blood test.

She received one shot in MY, and then another in SG.

Fast forward to two weeks ago, Pito was having fever and she would lie down and not her active self.

Brought her to the vet and a blood test was done on her and the Vet told us (by showing us the test results in paper) that everything else is fine — her organs, etc was healthy) that she might not live long due to her extremely low white blood cell count.

Therefore, she is prone to infections and her body’s ability to fight it is diminishing.

Fast Forward twice to today, she is back to herself again. We fed her high doses of vitamin C and fed her raw and cooked meat.

Now, if you have reached this far, what do you think caused her white blood cells to falter?

I think you will already know the answer to that.

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Let us not forget they also partnered with Bill Gates using AstraZeneca.

Which they announced, publicly.

As well, you know, AstraZeneca is rife with injuries.

Thomas is doing an 'appeal to ignorance' fallacy.

'What evidence, where?' he says, as a landslide of evidence crushes him 'if I close my eyes it can't see me'.

Also, who died and made him Russian government spokesperson anyway?

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Thank for your information, the Sputnik seems to be ineffective and hazardous to health as its Western counterparts.... Can you give any directions to an English language website for Russian demographics statistics....? The trends are abysmal in most parts of the industrial world for 2021 and downward trending so far in 2022... So much for pro family rethoric.... But hey you can soon order drone delivery of your insect burger & larva juice rations, and if you don't like it, join the war....

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Great reporting. I do come across the argument that non mRNA vaccines are safe, or some such crap. There's sometimes really stupid cheerleading for Russia or China (yeah that looks like a dystopian hellhole). I don't trust these bastards. Why would I? My question is do any of these jabs NOT use the spike protein?

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Always enjoy your posts Riley. Gotta say, the interaction you share with your readers is unsurpassed in the Substack community - at least among the many Stackers I follow.

The exchange here makes for enjoyable, and enlightening, reading.

As to the geniuses throughout governments - and their main stream media shills - who promote the "more is better" narrative, as to 'vaccination' [ HATE using that word for THIS product ].....

WHEN will their "educated" minds climb on board ?

SCIENCE is now speaking loudly and clearly - REAL science - the MORE jabs you take , the MORE LIKELY you are to fall ill from covid.

....... and of course, there's that bit about increased

likelihood of death, as well, if THAT is of any importance to anyone.

Have a great, and safe, week, one and all.

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*If Sputnik V works so well, then why a Russian MRNA injection? Inquiring minds want to know.*

This is my comment under Riley's MRNA article on September 29 and I give Riley permission to plagiarize and reword it to sound like his original question. I really do NOT care if I get credit or not.

What I do care about is peace in Ukraine. I support Elon Musk's peace plan with a YES vote.

I respectfully ask Riley again to go on public record and inform his viewers if he supports Elon Musk's peace plan. YES or NO. And PLEASE, a politician type answer would NOT be appreciated.

I give my seal of approval for Riley's article today with a heart shaped like because this article tells the truth and NOT a bridge too far.

Mr. Roper does NOT speak on behalf of me or anyone else who thinks like me . Like I said before, I believe Roper does more harm than good with false statements WITHOUT due diligent research.

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I lose my shit every time someone supposes there's this big difference between mRNA and viral vector "vaccines". Both contain pseudo-mRNA (experimental) for your cells' ribosomes to build (an uncontrollable amount of) spike protein off of, it's just delivered to the cell in a different way.

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Röper is selling putins thing to a Western audience in germany. He is a cheap car seller. There are people in germany who trust him a lot. There were people who refused covid measure and also any kind of vaccination but they wanted the Sputnik V jab because Röper told them it is safe and effective. I tried to discuss with them about this stuff. I told them it is a vector jab. Why should it better work than AZ or J&J? People said to me that this is not true. That was the point where I came to the conclusion that there are the Same maniac people as those who trust the german government.

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I think many of us, me included fell for the safety of the Sputnik virus in the early stages; before our so called "awakening".

Did they not develop it in combination with Astra Zeneca ?; or at least there was some link between the two.

Have a look at this - https://sputnikvaccine.com/partnerships/partnership-for-scientists/

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Russia & the Great Reset - Resistance or Complicity?" https://unlimitedhangout.com/2022/04/podcasts/russia-the-great-reset-resistance-or-complicity/

Maybe, during the early stages of the scamdemic Russian doctors like their Western counteparts realized it was too dangerous to oppose the insidious agenda: "Russian coronavirus doctors are mysteriously falling out of windows - Vox" https://www.vox.com/platform/amp/2020/5/6/21248553/coronavirus-russia-doctors-windows-death

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Amazing research. Thank you

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I propose the following hypothesis: Röper has been in injected with Sputnik V. Now he can no longer see negative information about Sputnik V. I have no proof of course, but so far my hypothesis fits the known facts. When more becomes known, I reserve the right to change my hypothesis.

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