Pleased to know the Russian and China good Bi-Polar Bears are going to save "Us" from the Uni-Polar bad Imperialist Bear.

Just ask the Canadian Patriot Ehrets, and the Mao Worshipping Jeff Browns, etc. waving the Bi-Polar flags, Up & Down.


So fight Uni-Polar Depression with Bi-Polar Manic-Depression, right?

Do not go into that Insane Asylum, and choose neither, perhaps?

“All the problems of the man who fears for his humanity come down to the same question: how to remain free?” Stefan Zweig

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Dec 9, 2023Liked by Edward Slavsquat

They see you when you're sleeping. They know when you're awake...

Happy holidays folks

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You keep covering most excellent news, Riley... sorry Roman :)))

On a side note, you made me think through the morphology of the famous Russian statement that you so generously shared in your last story. I realized that it actually means not "f*ck your mother" but "I f*ck / am f*cking your mother." The stress must have been on the second syllable historically but the modern dialect makes it sound weird so it's now on the first syllable, making it more of an abstract statement while the original statement is first person. You never know the impact of your blog, Riley. See how after many years of just accepting that statement as a part of the Russian language, I finally took the time to analyze it!!

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Dec 9, 2023·edited Dec 9, 2023

"Safety" is another word like "hate", whose meaning has been expanded into meaninglessness, since it now can be made to include essentially anything you want.

As a candidate "land of sanity" Russia continues to disappoint, although it seems to be doing a bit better than the English-speaking world. At least they don't seem to have gone "woke" yet.

One big theme of this blog seems to be that all of these people, East and West, are playing on the same globalist team, but I think that is not entirely true. I think the would-be Masters of the Universe still vie with one another for total control, while at the same time sharing a common belief in the usefulness of one particular set of methods for controlling their vast herds of proles. Like the back-alley crap game, where the players all play with one another, but turn in unison on whomever comes along to try breaking up the game.

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Vladimir Vladimirovic why bother with extra cameras, just provide Russians with safe & effective & entirely voluntary Neuralink implants and turn your beloved nation into Borg Collective.

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions - but there are no good intentions here.

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Between the CCP's female-deprived youths and dispossessed Palestians, America's gonna hafta blog harder and hope they use Google translate to read our angst.

Never in the history of a people has such a massive, slow-motion, abundantly blogged-about wave of humanity with patently evil intent been allowed to file across a border with no response.

Movies have done a brilliant job of assuring Americans that, when the stuff hits the fan, they will morph into Clint Eastwood in Heartbreak Ridge.

In truth, Americans are among the most passive and inert people on the planet. It's a weird dichotomy, Americans in movies vs Americans in walkabout life. But that doesn't make it any less true. Is it possible real Americans mistake themselves for Americans in movies, sort of a Replacement Theory in and of itself?

I have a theory. Americans aren't going to do anything at all.

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Funny how the freedom fighters in the collective West ( whoever they are) praise the Russian regime based firmly on traditional values ( whatever that may be). Reminds me of how French intellectuals fell for the red communist hoax.

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If anyone has any doubts about Putin being a Globalist stooge, they should read his recent glowing comments about Kissinger. Anyone who praises Kissinger is a sick fuck.

The Russian people are just as sheep like as the rest of the world. The slave mentality is the norm in Russia as it is everywhere else.

For example, I am not aware of any major protests in Russia (outside of Muslim areas) against the Gaza Holocaust.

Any who thinks their government cares about their safety and well being is delusional. As George Carlin said: They don't give a fuck about you. They don't care about you at all...at all...at all.

When Putin invited Netanyahu to the Victory Day parade a couple of years ago, I knew he was a traitor.

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The machine keeps going

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Thanks Riley. For some reason people love cameras and to have their picture taken.

When the gov uses "it is for the children" or "for the greater good" or "for others", “keeping us safe” ‘it’s for your safety”, or “it’s for the children”, “sacrifice for humanity”, ‘the right thing to do’ or ‘do the right thing’ When you hear that watch out!

“Safe” or “safety” is an emotional concept. It’s blackmail using emotion. (Emotional manipulation) of equality. Its tyranny approaching. - it’s about business in reality- profit

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This makes me jealous of Russians, because they really will know that "someone is watching you" and making sure that you are safe, and an effective and cooperative citizen, allotting social credit where credit is due. Feel most like leaving home and grabbing a rocket to Russia. 🤣

Thanks so much, Riley, this is bone-chilling but such necessary knowledge to have.

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"Of course, it would be better if there were 100 CCTV cameras for every 0.8 Russians but Rome wasn’t built in a day."

This is my cherished takeaway, from your ever perceptive and much appreciated input Riley.

I think I read somewhere recently, that China has over 200,000,000 surveillance cameras in operation.

Not sure how many that is per person in China.

Does it matter?

This whole thing is incredibly insane.

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This is not journalism, but this is art and creation!!!

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“Private” and safety cannot coexist!"

Correct, unit #THX1139, every fondle slab, I mean cellphone, will also be coercively welcomed to the Borg. There is no greater all-encompassing method for compliance than the magic word "safety", and it has such a nice minty-fresh nimbus too! Who could object to these kind overtures of The State?

Do not be ungrateful of your masters, or you may be exiled in tiny hamlet where ones main source of heating fuel is empty rolls of US ballot paper.

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Russia’s inflation is too low so they need expensive public projects that don’t turn a profit.

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It says something about the bovine nature of modern society that hardly anyone at the grocery store is amused when I preen for the camera as the exit door monitor shows my face with a green box around it while below a sign says You Are Are Being Recorded or some such.

I plan to bring a porta-karaoke to the store and show them how an old man makes a serious musical fool of himself.

For the myriad bots monitoring our every keystroke, yea, even in Edvard'z blog throne room: I am not a robot. But if you like my style, you can imitate it. I'm the one with the green feathers:


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