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Physical silver and gold, and non-governmental crypto's (if you have the stomach for them) are the answer to this all. Governments will not be able to keep their paws off the supply of their CBDC's. Furthermore, posession of goods, and development of informal, local and small networks are important as a countermeasure for this neo-marxist globalist madness. I got myself a nice crossbow for christmas.

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Oh man, pretty much expected this was coming, but this post is great in that it breaks it all down nicely down to the timelines (starting in a few days!!!)

If you guys got extra guns and ammo and some electric generators, please make sure to hit me up! I'll also take lamb skins and any spare fuel you might have. Some S-500s with spare missiles for the village bunker would also do.

Meantime, please check out my new HOT SINGLE:

Bitch I'm Klaus Schwab (SWAG): https://youtu.be/hslpSEtMcgg

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That is how they do things: trialing things in different places to see how we react.

Do you think it will stay in Russia if the Russians don't oppose it?

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I came across this video of Starikov


where he suggests that the whole bitcoin, blockchain thing has been purposefully developed and controlled ab initio by the private central banking elites. This makes a lot of sense. In the short term, private coins can be a good investment for those with a few dollars to spare (gamble with), but at the same time, such a private virtual banking scheme can be outlawed and fully crashed whenever the bosses choose to dump their own large holdings. They can also just make all private transactions illegal, while offering their own ´´safer and sanitised´´ CDBC to a world better trained to appreciate blockchain technology..

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Umm, yeah, that is just not going to work. I am very interested to learn how my wily east slav brothers and sisters will deal with this challenge.

Maybe it is time to get out? Our Moscow isn’t nearly quite as exciting and interesting as your Moscow but it’s livable with boatloads of outdoor recreation. And you could probably get a job there; #4 looks particularly well suited to you:






I would like to have a physical mailing address for you – a post office box would be sufficient, preferably NOT your physical address. I do know that international parcels are being delivered as Samoilov Konstantin recently received a shipment from here to there.


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I highly recommend the book, "The Everything Bubble" (link at bottom) By Graham Summers, MBA. It is a well written and easy to read overview of the US Financial System and what it has done and is doing to the world economy. The Federal Reserve Bank of the US evidently functions the same as the Bank of Russia, but with more influence worldwide. There is talk of transaction tracking here as well. Related to the article, Summers in his book explains how if things get too bad economically the US government will probably ban the use of large bills and tax the use of smaller ones, but there is also talk of digital currency. A lot of crazy dystopian stuff.

I have a graduate education and dozens of hours of postgraduate education in many subjects. I have been exposed to a lot in my life. What I have learned is that we rely on unstable people engaged in meaningless and useless professions to order the world we live in. Why? If we truly were products of evolution then there would be no lawyers, bankers, economists, philosophers, politicians and other useless professions that only serve to complicate our lives. How we live should not rely on the witchcraft of the financial system. We, “the want to be left alone to live life” being forcibly led by the power mad and maniacal is no way to live. I send $1000 a month to my Russian bank account, I guess that’s over.


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Don't use them.

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The fly in their ointment is that they can't control real Cryptocurrencies. That's the whole point. They can write laws laws but how are they going to enforce laws that everyone will be breaking? The Crypto toothpaste is out of the tube. Watch as these corrupt numpties try and shove it back in. They're clueless idiots. Our made up money is better than their made up money. We've already won. All they can do is flail about now in the form of their psychopathic idealist fantasies.

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Very true Eduard. All of these governments are bad. They've assassinated the last presidents who were for the people

I think there is another, terrible predator species among humanity who really runs this planet for thousands of years. They treat us like cattle and play war-games like the competing mobsters they are, but all moving towards common goals. Humanity deserves its' freedom.

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Move to Florida.

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RBK? A media organization?

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"Why the need for such close supervision? Is the Bank of Russia concerned too many people are wasting their money on World of Tanks skins?

"No, Russia’s omnipotent central bank is protecting citizens from “illegal online casinos, organizers of financial pyramids, forex dealers and cryptocurrency exchangers.”"

Oh for sure. They are protecting their citizens. And they exercising 'inclusion' with their CBDC; You know, the way they are protecting people with the 'vaccines' that are killing people by the many, many thousands. They have quite a way with words. What's Agustín Guillermo Carstens have to say about it? (He's the head of the central bank of central banks and an eager player in the great, dark, game of 'riches for the strongest' in which we are all in the Great Reset together. Not.)

"Bank for International Settlements head Agustin Carstens about CBDC and control" / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpNnTuK5JJU


"Inclusion Or Exclusion? They Will Block 'Bad' People" / https://www.bitchute.com/video/KKrwroJU5vwv/

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Satoshi Nakamoto. -- the name roughly translates to “Central Intelligence”

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