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Someone who I consider to be smarter than me recommended the saker. I tried for about a week or two to see what they saw in him, but I failed, ending my attempt with a rather long post about why Russia seems sus. To the saker's credit, my post was published, finished off with a little dispute and the accusation that I was nothing but a troll. I stopped reading the guy who I consider to be smarter than me, too.

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I was blissfully unaware of his body of work. Perhaps I am not going to explore further at this point in time. :)))

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Hey Riley, hope all is well.

I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on The Duran. IMO they are a limited hangout; have they ever been correct about anything?

Looking into Mercouris' background is pretty interesting.



It sounds a bit like the UK Establishment has been protecting him, which is never a good sign.

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(***giggling***) A bit of well-earned schadenfreude is not wasted on you, sir.

I am not nearly so hard on Gospodin Saker Vineyardignomavich. I see him as about par for the course and better than average, really.

But "the dean"? Surely Dmitri Orlov deserves that title, he of the reliably prophetic, childishly surly, and 99% correct fact-to-conclusion ratio. He of course, misses big time when it comes to Russia/covid but, last I knew, was decent enough to hide from the truth of this by keeping mum while tossing ineffective ad hominems at people like me who dared bring the topic up. This "decency" is better than 99% of today's journalists, mainstream or alt, professional or dilettante, paid or paying, so I dismiss that trifle against him, not needing it since I know by experience he is an orc-ian sumbitch who needs a good thumping. Nonetheless, he has an astonishing track record for being right if also an insecure vain shrill ugly stepsister. (Hmmm... methinks maybe I don't like him. ;))

The Saker was just a low-grade Russian Scott Ritter. Useful enough but such is a tool. Nonetheless, he is good enough to have earned this:


It's like my Granddaddy said, "Anyone who hates Hillary Clinton can't be all bad." My granddad was also a clairvoyant prophet, not unlike (pert near) 99% of substack authors and their commenting readers. We, and we alone, we elite proud few kommandos das keboardski, know THE Real Truth(2.0? 3.0? I'm so behind the times.)

I exclude thee from the 99%, Mr. Ed. (insert "straight from the horse's mouth" quip). You are among the 1%ers. High praise indeed, relatively speaking. I add that you are genuinely funny, kindly decent to your readers, and remember to smell the roses (youtube music vids that you share). But that 1% might not bear too much scrutiny. For example, there are those among us whose tinfoil trilby is trimmed with a coal-mine canary feather that is keenly sensitive to even the slightest breeze of bullshit (especially the unconscious kind that plagues all of us).

My feather twitches when I hear smug self-confident assertions that not only do the oligarchic banksters have their fingers in every piehole (which I believe is true) but that they have something like a real plan by which to enact their grandiose coke-dreams. There is an eerie overlap between greedily blind stupidity and megalomaniacal evil genius. Both seem equally adept at destroying everything necessary and good while replacing it with shiny jive dumpster filler. It's like a Dumb&Dumber Janus. Imagine a peace negotiation between this guy:


and this guy:


with their negotiated offspring being something like this:


JUst what we need: more dumpster fodder.

Modern reality makes bad old Channel Z seem like a sanctuary of peace:


I'll ask those of us so willing to consider that just because a war is driven by the usual bankster scams doesn't mean that it isn't nonetheless harmful to a nation large enough to blow the snorkle-juice out of anyone that backs it into a corner. Yes, money-driven cokehead pedosexuals are more than stupid enough to pursue their interests into a dilemma that they can't get out of if only because they're too deranged to comprehend the insane folly of their actions. They can back Bad Old St. Putin and Company into a dire corner and not know a loaded shotgun when they see it pointed in their face cocked and ready.

Banksters have no boundaries (see: pedosexual etc.). Thus they don't recognise genuine sovereign boundaries of a major regional empire that has existed in varying forms continuously for 1,000 years. Too busy looking at little numbers on little screens while having their weenies massaged by little fingers.

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I first discovered the VineyardSaker blog more than ten years ago. The content and character of the blog at that time was different, less emotional, more "technical", and explained military procedures that were new to me and seemed authentic.

The content changed over time, the blog became more of what Marjanović aptly called "group therapy" for critics of the Western part of the empire. This was also evident in the guest articles, which became increasingly strange and questionable. On topics with which I have no direct expertise, I can have doubts, but must reserve final judgment; when it comes to a field in which I have expertise, however, I can see the gigantic scale of the shenanigans posted on the Saker-blog. Add to that the moderation policy, which was oriented on positions, not arguments, and disallowed sound views that ran counter to blog master's opinion - an experience many have had.

A final piece of the puzzle worth reading about the character of the "Saker" and his obsession with the "5th column" is provided by this article I discovered just a few days ago: https://antiempire.substack.com/p/faker-of-the-vinyard-is-5th-column

Good riddance!

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The Faker ran out of pro-Putin bullshit to sell to his audience. Trying to asspull reasons for the Putin regime's close choreography of plandemic, war, etc. with the USEUNATO terrorist conglomerate can deplete your stocks of nonsense quite fast, he must have been getting help from Russian insiders to last that long.

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This shit smear post is beneath you.

You are right about The Sakers view on Covid. He was misled like many others. In itself that is a very interesting point of analysis.

But, please there is hardly anyone in the russo oriented alternative media that deserves more respect than him. In have followed and read almost every post and analisys he wrote since 2007. Way before his blog became famous in 2014.

Calling The Saker a clown, makes you twice the fool. You are better than this.

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I have already mentioned the very excellent work of Karine Bechet-Golovko which deserve attention because of her love of Russia and her very critical and honest analysis. Once again, a very good article about the Wagner PMC:


The blog includes a google translation device

Since I will have more time in the coming week I might write something about the very dire French situation and the staggering reality of rampant pedophilia in high places. It is very true. It is not an element of propaganda from Poutine.

Remember that micron was groomed by it's wife (most likely a tranny) when he was 14...

Good read

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Oh my! Don't make me laugh out loud Riley!

As I commented somewhere in the past that this retarded statist nationalist thinks he were a "strategist genius" just because he did work alongside with the Alphabet soup for sometime in Switzerland. I remember he even posted some retarded doctor interviewing as proof of "real Covid pandemic" and banned anyone who dared to talk about Plandemic and the Clotshot! And the Jews ass kisser Rich Sanchez too. This clown cut off any guest of his show, who dared to question the official narrative! If my memory doesn't betray me, Dr Shiva Ayyadurai was his first victim in this regard right at the beginning of the Plandemic. I thought he's gone...but he's back with more non-sense and garbage!

Well, we cannot stop these kind of self-aggrandizing genius being born into this world. Let facts get rid of them!

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Gosh, i don't know what to say, life will never be the same without him. The Saker has forsaken his flock. Sob! 😂

May the door hit him on the way out. What a JERK! Thanks, Riley, for holding him and his ilk accountable for the crap they spew.

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Riley. I guess I don't get the point of people having what I call blog/Substack wars; which I see more in Covid blogs but I see as well as in geo-political blogs from time to time.

Many people have different views and I link like, as well as opposing views. I have linked both you and the Saker in the past @https://nothingnewunderthesun2016.com/ if I thought the article brought pertinent information to the table. An article such as this does not bring anything to the table. In fact, I feel that it even diminishes past works perhaps.

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The best part of the Saker was the translations of high Russian politicians’ speeches and interviews. These are very difficult to obtain within the 5EYES nations. The country is so pro nUke rain, that many Church of ENGLAND steeples fly Ukrainian flags. .

As for the war itself, I want it over asap. I pray for all the soldiers and their families. A dead son, is mourned by his mother irregardless of which side he’s fought on.

I’ll leave you with the lyrics for this song. It was sung by both sides during the US Civil War:

Wiki has an 1898 recording of it! V touching version.

When Johnny comes marching home again

Hurrah! Hurrah!

We'll give him a hearty welcome then

Hurrah! Hurrah!

The men will cheer and the boys will shout

The ladies they will all turn out

And we'll all feel gay

When Johnny comes marching home.

The old church bell will peal with joy

Hurrah! Hurrah!

To welcome home our darling boy,

Hurrah! Hurrah!

The village lads and lassies say

With roses they will strew the way,

And we'll all feel gay

When Johnny comes marching home.

Get ready for the Jubilee,

Hurrah! Hurrah!

We'll give the hero three times three,

Hurrah! Hurrah!

The laurel wreath is ready now

To place upon his loyal brow

And we'll all feel gay

When Johnny comes marching home.

Let love and friendship on that day,

Hurrah, hurrah!

Their choicest pleasures then display,

Hurrah, hurrah!

And let each one perform some part,

To fill with joy the warrior's heart,

And we'll all feel gay

When Johnny comes marching home.

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CMIIW but AFAIK the guy lives in Florida. Belly of the beast I guess.

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I wonder why he's quitting while the gravy train is still there for BRICS multi polar fan boys?

I wonder what the 5d faker thinks about this truth bomb?


I tried to get into him way back but he reminded me of those guys who reviews tech and always has a positive response, as if they're really fan boys or just paid to promote things.

These days I chopped out a lot of sources that just keep repeating bullshit. Yes, I lose the good investigative stuff, but there are plenty more people that also report that without pushing idealistic bullshit.

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Instead of tearing down your fellow men and women, Edward, you should have found common cause with them. Only then would you have been authorized to view the names and faces of your true enemy. So far, you have failed to do so and time runs short.

Your helplessnessand bitterness will only lead you to a world with more qabal.

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I'm sorry, not the subject too much but has this news anything to do with reality??


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