"They were careless people, Tom and Daisy- they smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into their money or their vast carelessness or whatever it was that kept them together, and let other people clean up the mess they had made."

F Scott Fitzgerald

Interesting how Tom and Daisy are similar to the US/ DOD and the Russian MOD.

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Riley is only giving half the story behind the symbol absence. The SMO has already basically been won, the Ukrainian Army has been de-nazified and de-militarized 11 times over and all that's left is take the industrial zone of Avdeeka which was the whole point of the SMO to begin with. The original thrust on Kiev which de-nazified and de-militarized the VSU 8 times was a fake out to pin down and de-militarize the VSU in Avdeeka by tricking them into lobbing all their artillery ammo and missiles into the center of Donetsk.

This all happened simultaneously with very successful re-groupings in the Kharkov region which baited the Ukrainians into bombing and shelling Bryansk, Belgorod, and the successful re-grouping in Kherson baited them further into regularly blowing up stuff in Crimea. This further depleted Ukrainian stock piles thus further demilitarizing the VSU which had already been destroyed anyway and proving Russias moral superiority. The Wests sanctions were offset by Russia peak oil sales in partnership with it's trusted Partners in Ukraine. The income from the oil sales went to buy awards and new bill board murals for Adam Kadyrov who is a very popular folk hero in Russia, these will replace the Z stuff. So that's the real story about the Z stuff being taken down.

So there you have it, Ukraine has already been de-nazified and de-militarized and all that's left is cleaning up Avdeeka which was whole the point of SMO. Putin is a well known chess player who uses judo tactics and by making the Nazis rich via gas transit fees and goading the West into giving them billions and billions of dollars the Nazis will take the money and buy villas in the swiss Alps, NY city, Tuscany etc and no longer live in Ukraine. Mission accomplished. Than they will fire all their shells, missiles etc at Russia and Donbass and de-militarize themselves. Mission accomplished and thus the Z can go and make room for murals of Adam Kadyrov who is tied for the most popular man in Russia with Ginsburg and Shoigu.

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In the last 4 months (insert figure of your choice) Russia has taken territory the size of my granny's garden (if you exclude the cabbages). Don't come back Prigozhin. I'm sure it would not be forgiven.

Kinzhal should surely have taken care of the cabbages.

Why the pause ?

Because it was Act IV, Scene 3, time for the Gaza show.

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What else is this war doing except killing Slavs on both sides. If Putin's motivations for starting a war against Ukraine were honest from the get-go, then Kiev would have been taken within the first month. That would've meant a full-on invasion, which would have brought the war to a swift end, saving countless lives. Why would Putin limit the scope of this operation. Why withhold overwhelming firepower and give your enemy a fighting chance ... unless there is a very specific reason.

Military doctrine says an attacking force should be 3:1 or more in numbers than the defender. So why did he chose to limit the size of his forces. Anyone?

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Like another commenter, I have wondered if the ultimate goal of this war is to depopulate the Ukraine so that all the drooling corporations can pile in to "rebuild" their globalist dream state. Remember, before you can "build back better" you have to tear down the old.

As for the "Z", from the beginning I thought it was rather clever and served two purposes. The first is that it is a quickly-painted letter that can be used to distinguish friend from foe (since both armies were at least in the beginning using a lot of the same equipment. Also, I figured the "Z" was chosen by Russia as a raspberry to the West, since you are either Z or "Not-Z".... :-p

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And so I, Victor's f***ing nemesis, crawl down from my f***ing stove pallet, and point out the true f***ing meaning of all this:


Slavsqat is historically spelt with a Z. (I know it's true cuz I just made it up.) He returned from the wilds of Dagestan with a heart like a dagger, and a fancy blog style, to bedevil the local warlords of his chosen oblast.

Z is for Zlavzqat!

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Shakespeare’s the answer: In King Lear, Kent calls Oswald “Thou whoreson zed, thou unnecessary letter!”

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The criminal syndicate running the US/UK/(Israel) and their partners Blackrock have only now to agree with the Patriotic 5-D Grandmasters in the Kremlin (ahem) how best to carve up the breadbasket of Europe between them... so that each can claim some sort of victory/moral superiority while blaming each other for the flower of Slavic youth laid maimed, bloodied and slain on its soil... again. Soz guys! HO HUM... Who are we gonna totally #standwith next?

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Just you wait. Any day now, St Vladimir will vanquish his enemies and prove all you doubting Donalds wrong. His time is coming, any day now, don't worry about him now. :-)

Wow, that's....scrubbing reality big time. Thanks, Riley!

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Autonomous drones use A.I. to identify & attack tanks & other targets. A big white Z on anything would confirm a target as Russian.

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> There’s a small town of 2,500 people (...) According to a local, of the 17 mobilized men from this town, 2 were killed and 1 went missing. Three are still fighting in Ukraine. The rest are wounded.

Wait, hold your horses, this doesn't add up. Let's count: 17 total, 3 KIA&MIA, 11 WIA, 3 fine. Let's assume the missing one is dead. That means we have a wounded-to-dead ratio of 11:3 = 3.666 . That's too high. It's supposed to be 2:1. That's what's going on in modern war. So, since the local is reporting an abnormally high ratio (almost 4:1), than that's an anomaly that needs explaining. Here are my proposals:

1. this is not a normal war in the sense that Ukraine has been assfucked by Russia and is therefore unable to inflict proper casualties. Therefore, the ratio is skewed far outside of expectations.

2. it's a small-scale statistical anomaly, the kind that caused people to invent statistics in the first place

3. the local is full of shit.

There's also option 4. Edward is full of shit, but I'll leave that for the last resort. After all, if I actually thought he was full of shit I wouldn't really be comming here, would I? ;) So three possible explanations are in running. Personally, I'd vote for option 2. accidental anomaly because it's the simplest explanation that fits well with the known facts. Option 1. would need to be corroborated by all kinds of stuff and option 3. is just copping out.

In addition, the mobilization rate is too high. Russia has 150 million people and mobilized 300,000 in 2022. That's a mobilization rate of 0.2%. However this town has 2,500 inhabitants and 17 people got mobilized. That's a mobilization rate of 0.68%, over three times higher than the general rate. Weirdly, the rate is 3.4 times higher, which is close to the 3.666 times higher rate for the wounded-to-killed ratio. I wonder if it would be possible to tease out something out of that. Like, for example, perhaps the local you spoke to knows the true number but padded it out for whatever reason. For the record, the "appropriate" number of mobilized for 2,500 is supposed to be 5. And if we remember that villages *probably* skew older, than the number is supposed to be even less than 5.

At any rate, this was an interesting article. :)

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I always found it strange in Cyrillic writing lands, someone would start to paint a Z(ion) on their vehicles.

Looks like geared towards clueless western audience spectators to cheer either Z or the Trident as the new thing in that exciting online war series.

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Riley, are you still planning to be in the U.S. next month? Will you keep writing, and share your perspective on things here?

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Tragically, Riley's sum up at the end of, "Ukraine: What would victory actually look like?" is probably, regrettably, spot on. The rich play war games with the lives of others for profit.

Perhaps the question, ought to be broader than the Russian/Ukrainian SMO. What would victory actually look, if the mega rich and their cronies, could be eliminated in a SMO?

Not possible. I think it is. Otherwise, we go on consenting to be made into mince meat indefinitely.

The Romanian Parliament has just hosted the covid/crisis summit #4 , which is a real forum, not just a coverup. Christian Terhes, (a Romanian politician currently serving as a Member of the European Parliament for Christian Democratic National Peasants' Party after being elected on the Social Democratic Party list) spoke forcefully to the point, of why the Romanian people acted and finally succeeded in forcing the government to stop the covid shot mandates, after more than 11,000 almost instantaneous deaths. Bloodless deaths. Terhes said, that Romanians distrust governments and their endless lies, because Eastern Europeans have lived under tyranny, and can clearly see the writing on the wall.

Great changes can be made, when people act together, and persist.


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The "Z" symbol was too much associated with national pride...the NWO crowd doesn't want us world citizens to have allegiance to any one country (except Israel)....same with the MAGA symbol here in the US...wanting your country to be great again is not on the agenda

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