This is truly terrible and incredibly stupid of Putin & Co., who desperately need the support of their people on the global chessboard: the present geo-political stand-off in Ukraine between Russia & what's left of Western Imperialism/American Hegemony (US-EU-NATO, most of which have likewise capitulated to the "Pandemania" scam with the vaccine mandates/passports such as the Italian "green pass" demanded by their appointed authoritarian prime minister, Draghi, as analyzed by the Italian philosopher, Fabio Vighi in his series found at www.philosophicalsalon.com with his latest: "Red Pill or Blue Pill Variants, Inflation, and the Controlled Demolition of Society" (1/3/22). Vighi, with his profound grasp of economics, as well as his philosophical wisdom, informs us that this whole scam is the ruling elite's desperate attempt to stave off imminent global economic collapse due to their vast incompetence & greed...in order to save their riches by first, conning and controlling the rest of us with fear-mongering & fake "safety": "protection from Death, the Virus by means of mandatory lockdowns, masks & vaxes with digital tracking & policing leading to digital IDs & currency for their totalitarian takeover known as The Great Reset reducing 99.9% of us to their New Normal Serfdom or 21st century Feudalism. Meanwhile, they're destroying all of our smaller, resistant businesses & dissidents, such as seen not only in St. Petersburg, but around the world. This, even as The Elites of various countries and ideologies threaten each other for dominance & control of vital resources and what's left of human labor, especially the co-opted "intelligentsia" needed as "useful idiots"...until replaced by their robots & AI. However, as a psychologist, I view the whole scheme as Delusional/Psychotic and, sooner or later, doomed to Total Failure...but perhaps not before a nuclear war ignited over Ukraine or other means of human extinction in a massive soviet-style gulag...from which the courageous genius, Alexandr Solzhenitsyn, saved the Russians and the rest of us in the 20th century as his "Gulag Archipelago" cracked its foundations. So write on Slavsquat! standing with other courageous Dissidents around the world...including here in Amerika.

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Yikes!!! Thank you for another great article.

On a more mundane note... this is the strangest Tsoy compilation ever!!! Where do you find those things? :)

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Apparently the only protest that will work in these fascist countries is simply to quit shopping altogether. (except for food obviously - and these countries probably don't have the guts to starve you to death.)

Don't go to restaurants.

Don't go to movies.

Don't go to the gym.

Don't go to clothing stores.

Don't go to the mall.

Don't travel.

Don't stay in hotels.

Hopefully enough of your fellow citizens will join you and the economy will crash. If not, you'll just have to drop out of mainstream consumerist society and live among a remnant of like-minded people.

nb4. Of course this silliness may all come crashing down when the cases fall. Eventually there must come a time when everyone has been infected and the cases go to zero. That is, unless they can fool the people on an endless stream of new variants. But I'm not sure how long even the most gullible will believe that nonsense.


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Good reporting bro! Just a few weeks ago I was wondering how many arch-reptiles Konovalov hangs out with to be so blatant in criticizing the codes. I guess none, unless he wiggles out of this somehow.

The weakest link in Russia IMO are the liberals who think they are more “educated” than others and thus “trust the science” by reading fancy research studies that the “idiot bydlo from the Middle Ages doesn’t understand”. While the more “simple” folks tend to actually see through the propaganda and the bs better. I’ve met many taxi drivers, farmers, lifetime village dwellers, local alcoholics etc., who are all saying how vaccines are a big plot by corrupt officials.

But the “educated” hipster crowd who were busy screaming “Putin and Russian officials are thieves, we need feminism and western civil society” were the first ones lining up for a jab from these very same “officials” once it became available. And they are now the ones trying to “educate” or shame others into wearing masks, getting shots etc. And they’re mixed in with the crowd of similarly “educated” but lazy hipsters who just wanna go to Egypt without a PCR test.

Now on to the main point: check out my new single “Soros Thug”: https://youtu.be/jVGm6oY6OIQ

And the “Shill Season” mixtape is coming soon too with some more new bangers and the unreleased Lil’Kremlin material from his shill days! Let’s get it!

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I wish you well Edward and all Russians as well. It's 2:00 am on Sunday here in Wisconsin. I just spent over an hour on www.henrymakow.com . Incredible postings about the protests across Canada started by the truckers. It looks like crowds to eclipse any other protest I've ever seen footage of. All across Canada protests are growing for an end to all mandates. And this is done in the middle of winter. Of course the main stream media has little to say about it or even minimizes it.

This is a difficult time everywhere with pressure put on people everywhere. May it all resolve into something good and not dictatorship.


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The incredible protests started by truckers in Canada do have a longer suffering time under vax pressures than Russia. They have been pressured there for many months. The matter now has come to a head when the ministers are interfering with survival by shutting down the truckers (who have a lot of communication between each other) who are unvaxxed from driving across the border with the US. This creates a powerful hardship on Canada and the US since so many products are traded over the border. On the US side Biden has closed the Mexican border to the unvaxxed truckers as well as the Canadian one. There is some support from US long haul drivers that may lead to a popular mobilization here as well and there are a few states that do not do lockdowns or have vax passports.

I observed Russia going through spasms of obedience to the western vax regime only recently. Until a few weeks ago I believed Russia had come clear of the mandate tyrants. The unlawful sanction regime conducted by Washington has forced Russians to provide many goods for themselves including foods. The hard pressure of the personal health tyrants has not been as long as the Canadians have had to bear. Perhaps Canada's uprising will awaken other countrys to moderate their domination of the public away from brutal control. May this play out positively for all our freedoms that we may live our lives without government micro-managing us. These are only our employees and not our masters.

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Trudeau hides from the Trucker Convoy. 🤣 🤣 🤣


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More proof that the compliance of the masses is devastating. If every business had just said no, things would be different. Now, they just chase down the tiny few who care enough about freedom to do something about it and squash them. This, of course, sets an example and deters any further dissent.

And, of course, it also proves that the countless number of deluded Alt-Media Western journalists, who have been fantasizing for years about Vladimir Putin riding in on horseback to save the world, like a knight in shining armour, are just as far removed from reality as ever.

This is further evidence that Putin is a puppet of Davos and the City of London banking criminals, just as much as the next world leader is. This has been obvious throughout the entire 'pandemic', as he wilfully carried out their agendas, like a good little servant, exactly like Johnson, Trump, Biden, Macron, Aderne, Morrison and all the other snakes did.

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Getting better every day Tovarish. Welcome to the remake of The Master and Margarita.

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