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Why are health authorities the world over performing the same tv show, and why are they doing re-runs this season instead of a new script?

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It means they have taken someone's money to genocide Russia's population

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Dec 18, 2021·edited Dec 18, 2021

To quote what I read on some Polish forum a while ago,"Instead of fighting the pandemic to protect people, they are fighting people to protect the pandemic."

That's if we assume there is a pandemic.

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Fuck all leadership that doesn't answer questions from the public and other experts.

They are either morons or professional liars, equally useless and equally dangerous.

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“Regarding the vaccination of children, I can repeat once again that the Pfizer kids vaccine, which was developed on the same platform as the adult Pfizer version, protects against all strains that are now circulating in America, and the vaccine is highly effective,” says Fauci.

I just edited your quote but these are frightening similarities.

Someone on twitter asked a few months ago, who wanted twenty years ago to dress in medical gear and take experimental drugs. I replied happy hardcore ravers.

Your video illustrates this nicely: https://youtu.be/a4eav7dFvc8?t=71

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It is the same murder tech in all the Hacksxxxines

If they don't kill us they will own us by patent law, dem fucking bastards

Stop the madness

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Dec 19, 2021·edited Dec 19, 2021

It's hilarious - everywhere the vaxx is introduced, the cases and deaths go up.

Then the scientists scream "Correlation is not causation! There's no proof the vaxx is causing this!"

Uh, morons, the cases & deaths were supposed to go *DOWN* after the introduction of the vaxx. At this point, I don't give a sh*t whether the vaxx is causing cases/deaths or not. It's f'ing obvious that the vaxx is not helping so why take it?!?

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