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After Kennedy was assassinated the CIA stooges put out the term "conspiracy theorist" to smear anyone who questioned the nonsensical official story. Now I have noticed that they are doing a full court press with the term "antivaxxer" to smear anyone with functioning brain who questions the advisability of submitting to questionable medical experimentation for no reason.

I used to like RT because they had stories the US MSM never reported on, but now I believe they are like all the rest of the MSM except really slimy like the Daily Mail. It is a news platform not a porn site--honestly who finds some mentally ill body builder wanting to marry his sex doll newsworthy?

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I legit LOL'ed at the RT article about: "Western right-wing forces behind antivaxxers in Russia".

RT was head over heels in love with these very same "radical right-wing forces" during the 2015 migrant crisis, inviting people from Germany's AFD party to broadcasts and having them visit Russia. Someone from that party later had their photos leaked wearing a Hitler outfit in some kind of weird fetish.

And of course RT's favorite from 2014-2015 - the infamous Richard Spencer - and many other "radical right wingers" from all across the world.

Not to mention 50% of the Fox News pundit lineup being on RT daily during Trump's presidency, and op-eds praising Tucker Carlson for "standing up to the establishment".

But now of course these right wingers are "bad", and financing "antivaxxers". Just pure LOLCAT.

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This was easier to ignore before COVID because Russia wasn't blatantly invading countries and seemed "better than the West" in that regard. But people conveniently overlooked RT going against fracking to further Gazprom interests, talking smack about America's weapons to sell more of its own, and generally having other vested interests which weren't any better or worse than anyone else's.

Now it's the same thing with vaccines as it is with weapons - they are exported for political "soft power" and being used as "hard power" to kill or severely injure people at home and abroad.

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Inessa S has provided great translations, Been a bit quiet for a while and moving off Jootube.

Dr. Alexander Redko - The truth about Sputnik V


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Oh dear! Thank you very young man for pointing out this "obvious." but most people cannot see. I saw this "tragedy" when Rick Sanchez cut of Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai

at an interview at the early stage of this Plandemic. (I guessed it' was the producer decision) when Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai pointed out the "fear mongering" of the "Covid death stats".

The Russia Putin worshipping camp (e.g Paul Craig Roberts, the Saker, Israel Shamir et all) will try to prove that you are a "shill" or even a "spy", who is working for CIA inside Russia to undermine their dear leader Putin and Russia! So, watch out my dear friend, because the FSB will use their "accusation" as evidences against you.

Anyway, I know "fearlessness" is our weapon. Wish you all the best!

greater challenge is waiting for us in the years ahead!

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"Does this mean RT writers are proud of relaying the regrettable guano that spews out of Dmitry Peskov’s unfortunate mouth-hole?"

Excellent way to put it, Riley! The word used, "guano", is pretty fitting, but it is too narrow in a zoological sense. Since you write for the audience interested in Russia, one way or another, perhaps using transliterared Russian word "gavno" would have been even more appropriate)))

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On the Russian version of RT, there appears to be less´´openness´´ to reader´s comments and opinion.

I read (google translated) the main article today, demonising the so called Russian´´anti vaxxers´´ and small groups of ´´foreign funded´´protesters. In English RT there would have been at least 400 comments and the majority irate and spitting fire against such an article.

I read another very good article on AI, highlighting some of the dangers it might pose and the need for AI´´regulation´´. This seemed much longer and more intellectual than anything usually posted on the western RTs, but here too, there were no comments.

This article would have invited criticism of QR and digitalisation in general.

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I’m curious what you think about the claim that RT offered Funeral Director John O’Looney $85k to keep mum about the vaxx deaths. See this video at 38:24 for details:


O’Looney appears highly credible, so I’m inclined to believe him, but it is curious that RT would be used to communicate such a threat/bribe, presumably on behalf of a shadow entity.

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Q: Why is Russian state media so terrified of asking the most basic questions?

A: Rubles and gulags.

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All mass media is propaganda... Even a lot of the alt media gets fed bullshit stories, like graphene, gain of function and so on.

The problem is that people expect a place where the whole truth resides.

The reality is that the only way to find the truth is to see it as a process where one takes information and learns how to judge such data and piece together a vision of what is most likely real and true.

That is learning how to see reality.

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My only consolation, and hope, is that there are three of them being accompanied by the nuclear trigger briefcase, Putin, Shoygu, Gerasimov, with the latter only being a true military man. Putin, a desk and office man, not for nothing he is full of tough guy ambitions of which he would have had enough if his life had really been as tough as he would like to pretend. He would be worthless on the battlefield, and a terrible strategist, a Mikhail Tukhachevsky. He has already been overruled by Gerasimov already in some situations in Syria where Putin was talking bullshit. In case of war, Putin would be quickly sidelined. Shoygu I don't know, he's also not a military man strictly speaking, even though he's Minister of Defense. In the event of a war or critical emergency, you can expect to see the true face of the authentic Russia that made its name under Stalin. And under those circumstances it will be deep shit for the RT type.

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