Nov 24, 2021Liked by Edward Slavsquat

Man, if there's anything this pandemic has done it is to make me want to avoid hospitals and doctors at all costs. No annual checkups, no medication when I'm old, etc. I'd rather die of a quick heart attack at 65 than be an invalid in one of these death traps at 75.

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So these 'hospitals' are in fact killing factories and illness inducers, for the purpose of disseminating visual propaganda for big pharma. No doubt politicians worldwide are being bribed, coerced and blackmailed to toe the line too.

We're witnessing the most audacious and inhuman attack on civilians since WW2 and governments are using public money to kill and control the public. Imagine that.

The Soviet Union wouldn't have put up with this nonsense. Disappointed in Putin - he could have defied Bill Gates and big pharma. Aleksandr Lukashenko is the only hero left.

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