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Riley is such a shill. As someone who has lived in Russia for a few years I can unequivocally confirm that if you ask a normal Russian what they want from the government it's that Federal Officials not be harassed about shady income. I even saw a video posted by Russian troops at the front directly on prospect druzhba in Marinka and the guys were threatening to mutiny if the Politicans were required to be open about how they were able to afford their new yachts and villas in Geneva this year.

Moscow would be happy to solve shell hunger at the front and the massive income inequality in Russia but Russia is a TRVE democracy unlike America. That means Moscow has to work on what the people want first and foremost and the Russian people have spoken. They have demanded that federal officials financial privacy be treated with respect and that all the transactions of normal citizens be scrutinized to esure they comply with regulations nobody has heard of or asked for.

When all that's taken care of maybe the Kremlin can figure out how to prevent the Ukrainians from shelling Donetsk but democracy is about fulfilling the demands of the people first and this is what they want. Don't let Riley gaslight you into thinking that normal Russians aren't thrilled about these exciting new developments. This is what actually separates Russia from the West. Normal Russians want BASED cattletags and red pilled lack of privacy and thats what they get from their TRAD politicans. In the west politicans force globalist clot shots and neo liberal lack of privacy on everyone even though the people voted for the 5D variants like in Russia. But democracy isn't real in the west like it is in Russia.

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After reading this I wonder another time why are Russia and the West on war. To me it seems to be exactly the same policy on both sides e. g. Covid, lockdowns, clotshots, CDBC, Censorship etc.

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Some animals are more transparent than others.

-variation on the quote from the book Animal Farm by Orwell

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Of course, I went for the song at the end. It was such an innocent time... I am all nostalgic now.

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American, Russian, it does not matter; this is a human problem. Democracy is a cruel joke. The sad thing is all of the idiots who think voting harder will fix this.

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"Will the digital ruble be used to “tighten the screws” on ordinary citizens, while loopholes are created for “servants of the people."

Don't all criminals keep two sets of books? Besides, these clever thugs know what's going to occur down the road once there's a "digital accounting" of all personal assets via a central bank digital currency to the exclusion of all cash. With just a click of a button it can all be remotely taken away.

Like in the US, a politician's financial shenanigans are viewed by these criminals as being "bonus pay." That’s why "insider trading" is permitted and someone like Pelosi as well as others can accumulate hundreds of millions of dollars on a modest salary with decades of "only" public service.

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The tragicomical part is that even if all these were reported, the public couldn't do a thing...

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Zio wonderland

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So if I read into this correctly. Take the money from the people and keep it for ourselves- okay. Sure, let’s do that- it’s very transparent that they are making the double standard very clear. 🤦🏼‍♀️

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Perhaps Neetzche was right, hope is the greatest despair. A carrot and stick to drag the slaves forward. As the gnostics say, hope does not lie in this place.

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Right, that is not how communists operate lolz. Russia is a actually a capitalist heaven. But only for the chosen. Search for this article from 2012 on JerusalemPost: "At Putin's side, an army of Jewish billionaires"

Btw, have you heard of a project called "IceBreaker"? No? Check my latest post if you are interested. Seems like CBDCs could be a bit of smoke&mirrors game.

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"It's a strange, strange world we live in, Master Jack." Thanks again, Riley, for trying to help us make sense of it. Russia's regime is practicing a new paradigm for the digital era: Lead by exhortation, not be example.

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Russia is a democracy alright, working out what the people don't want and implementing it is democracy in action, our values, who we are, the rules based order.

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Had to look up "Democracy".

Been so long since it's been seen - ANYWHERE - had forgotten its meaning.

🗳️ Have a ballot box - available at second hand stores, everywhere.

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That releives me of the dangerous distraction of Russia the Great. It is now clearly Globalist Russia and Putin is just another Claus Clown. My focus now turns to how fast the BRICS nations can force the US to scuttle back to its own borders, and evacuate its troops from Australia.

Blinken, we have a deal for you. Pull Murdoch and the corporations out of Australia and you can keep your spy and navigation satellite bases here untouched. Ignore us and this will blow up beyond anybody's control. Our faggoty military commanders can have all the woke joint exercises they want but the grunts are seriously pissed off. 5% have already walked off to join the fuming citizens. There are few recruits to follow attrition. And. by all means, replace them with USMC and launch a real nation-wide rebellion.

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I think mr slavsquat is in the 'beat up' business. I am a russophile pushed from one end and pulled from the other: pushed by revulsion at what my own world has become and pulled by attraction to what I fancy the russian world is.

But I'm not quite naive enough to believe that russia is heaven on earth. Not quite. And I try to discipline myself to look at unpalatable truths, message from 'the other side'. So I got into this braced and ready to swallow some large bones.

But it is largely simply a beat up, isn't it? A iteration and reiteration of the same contention getting us not further into anything.

There's all kinds of angles left uncovered and unexplored. It is not really analysed, investigated, explored, understood at all. Not in the least. It ranks as a mere jibe by passing hostiles, a knee jerk reaction from an automaton.

Consider this - apparent even to a dimwit like me: what could be the downside of pollies declaring their incomes? Where is the evidence that it necessarily is a good thing in itself and a bad thing when not done? No hard evidence either way and no consideration at all of the first.

In fact if pollies declare their incomes and expenditure they immediately get 'ranked', don't they? A 'pecking order' is immediately established. 'A man's a man for a' that'. But better if some of 'a' that' is simply not splashed all over the broadsheets. The lower you estimate the nature of the man's peers the more important perhaps to hide such pecuniary details.

And the corollary: what does it say about us. We the observers? Our assumption, then, is that if a man's income is not public knowledge his morals, ethics, behaviour are necessarily bad? A pox on you. My income is not known to my peers and I do not want it known. And I know well those whom I would rather hide it from and in my estimation they are not nice people.

And I would dispute hotly with you my merits. I claim to be 'as good as the next man' generally and my income irrelevant.

The main trouble with columnists is the same problem that has been quoted as the reason for the total failure of the MSM since it became critical that it not fail: 2019. And that is the 24 hour news cycle of course. The journalistic equivalent even in blogs and YT channels et al is the compulsion to produce offerings frequently.

Even when there's nothing to offer.

Better give us some peace, I would say.

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