Those are pretend Russians, or else degenerates and hooligans who get money from NATO and from George Soros. Don't trust any of them, St Vladimir is alone thinking of ordinary Russians and of ordinary people everywhere fighting the Great Reset. I warn you, do not turn against your savior. Anybody got a bridge to Brooklyn? Or two? Or three? 😂😂

I get the feeling this will be a hard one for the Putin perpetual excuse makers to swallow, the ones i encounter on FB and email groups and forums such as Off Guardian's have turned very silent. Thanks again, Riley!!

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According to me, the most interesting thing in that article is the fact that there are a lot of our Russians friends who are well aware and radically against the anti human agenda hanging above our heads. That is a very good thing that should be known by more people in the West who would be empowered to rebel against that necro-agenda.

Thank you Riley, keep on reporting on that resistance movement in all it's shapes.

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Biometry will COLLEC

Your data will PROTEC

But most importantly,

Everything will INTERCONNEC !!!

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Putin is doing double reverse forwards psychology.

If you're not as "smart" as Tom Luongo or other fanboys, you'll see him as doing evil.

But trust the morons, err smart fanboys, cause they see the patterns in 5d

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Sarcasm overload. So many articles to skim these days,.

I suggest a plain language paragraph at the top, bottom or link.

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Dec 30, 2022·edited Dec 30, 2022

"Only a paranoid pro-NATO satanic sodomite "

Oh, Riley. Missed opportunity to dab on the NAFO freaks. 😂

I haven't met any hot singles in my area yet either (unless looking in the mirror counts????).

Happy New Year mate.

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It's almost impossible to comprehend the seemingly apparent cooperation of all conflicting nations (China, USA, Russia, N.Korea, Ukraine, etc, etc,) in promoting the WEF's (NWO) World Digital Bank.

Let's start 'rocking their boat' by questioning the artificially created inflation, energy hikes, deadly vaccines and other blatant injustices.

First - Let's not accept ANY MORE deadly injections (called 'VACCINES'?) until Pfizer & others accept LIABILITY for POST VAX DEATHS & Injuries. Compensation must be paid to survivors of this population Cull. Not by Governments but by the a/holes that put the deadly shit into their vials!

COMMON SENSE will defeat the Elite's control plans for our enslavement.

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed to live longer.

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Love the sexy car video though can’t tell what brand or make it is. Looks like a modern mustang or Camaro could be a Ferrari. Please inform.

As for sex = car

Introduced by American advertising agencies probably as far back as 30’s when stars would be shown with beauties so if you buy one you’ll get one of these beauties yourself

But sex and cars really took off in late 40’s to 50’s in America when the young still lived at home. Your car became a private place to do what lovers do safe from prying parental eyes.

But tbh sex in a sports car is really difficult, physically unless it’s on the bonnet. Though I guess a lot of guys just get hot looking at cars. But that’s just evidence of successful years of programming

Really what you need is a family station wagon for comfortable private times together. I big SUV is good too.

Anyone remember the Fuckmobiles aka done up vans in 1960’s-70’s. I believe one such van was in the Starsky and Hutch series.

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I would love to know what Putin's real approval ratings are. It's can' still be 80 or 90% after pushing the WEF'er agenda so hard.

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Tsyganov acts like people would in the Middle Ages: when it was unfathomable that Your King could be a bad guy, so the thought was always that His Majesty was being surrounded by Space Lizards for advisers and grossly deceived.

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Putin is quite the humanitarian! Doing so much good for the people!

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all of your information is wrong

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