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Do the think the Russian people will go along with it? I started learning Russian as a backup, when Russia's vaccination rate was very low and after hearing about the successful resistance in Moscow. But now the vaccination rate keeps getting higher and higher. If it gets above 60-70%, presumably we'll start seeing the same awful measures as in Europe. Thanks for your informative posts btw!!

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Wow shit, I thought Putin wasn't stupid enough to promote this shot on his own people but it explains now why he didn't do anything about the horrible Libya illegal invasion

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Thank you Riley. This is very important. That´s how my grandma died. She was gardening 10 days after getting a positive PCR. The most amazing experts in the country insisted that she had to be brought to the hospital. She spent 10 more days there feeling fine, but masked 24/7 and without any treatment whatsoever. When she got home she started showing pneumonia symptoms. 8 days later she was back in, very sick, different doctors diagnosed a nosocomial bacterial infection. She battled until the same team of experts checked in and advised intubation. She survived the medieval treatment, but she got a fungal infection on top. I overheard different Drs telling family members of another patient that he had the same fungal infection... This was not in Russia but I am sure there are millions of similar stories through the world.

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