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Proper rules of diplomacy dictate that Russia should issue arrest warrants for all who signed Putin's arrest warrant. This should be fun!

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Hey Riley, sorry for not replying to your previous reply, busy as heck (plus my inbox is being devoured by Substack, need to do something about it because it's getting ridiculous).

Hope all is well with you too.

What a world, the people who brazenly committed crimes against humanity for the last three years (many of them genuine war criminals to boot) casually accusing others of what they are guilty of.

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Arrest warrant for a fraction of the crimes that western war criminals performed?

What's the point of the UN when they can't prevent a war in the making since 2014.

No issues with the shelling of the east for years.

No enforcement of the Minsk accords.

Both Russia and the USA like the powerless UN, because they enjoy veto powers.

It's great that single countries can stop the will of all of the members of the UN.

The UN has no power, but their medical group, WHO, is seeking absolute power.

Cause science should be imposed on us, but not peace.

We were always at war with eastasia.

The dow Jones says Chocolate rations are up 5 grams and boot production is up 20%!

1984 was not about the future, but our present system.

Orwell was writing about the horrors of his time, especially when he was in British military intelligence in Asia.

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James Corbett (from The Corbett Report) is the only one who revealed, since 2014, the role of Russia and China in this mascarade.

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If we lived in a sane world, the ICC jails would be jam-packed with war criminals who over the last 30 years killed millions of innocent civilians. I don’t need to remind folks that Bill Clinton and Madeline Albright starved to death 500,000 Iraqi Children and was responsible for the bombing of Yugoslavia. And then we have George Bush/Cheney who with the PNAC gang killed more than a million Iraqis and hundreds of thousands of Afghans. How about Obama, who morphed two wars into seven and dropped drones every Tuesday morning killing mostly civilians. And don't forget Trump who didn't start any wars, but bombed the crap out of Afghanistan. And this doesn't even include the current biosecurity war against humanity, which is being fought by deploying an experimental mRNA toxin killing more people than the disease.

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Welcome to the grand illusion ! Pay attention to all these meaningless distractions folks.

While they work on their next big hoax or false flag, what you should be doing is spending your time figuring out all the old ones for if you did that, then they would not be able to to fool you with the new ones. There is never such thing as “public health.” That’s Cabal made up crap. It’s individual health. I decide what’s done to my body and what I inject or inject !

Anatomy of the State - By Murray N. Rothbard


"While many of you starve, many of you hate, many of you lose everything, many of you get sick and die from voluntarily taking the deadly bioweapon injections, many of you poisoned by purposeful chemical releases and geoengineering, many of you enslaved, many of you afraid of your own shadow, many of you chipped, monitored, surveilled, and placed in concentration camp-like cities, the State that owns you will continue its wars and assault on mankind, depopulating through multiple genocidal methods all along the way, in order to build a structured master/slave global society right before your eyes.

Why can you not see the manipulation taking place? Why can you not see that you are being treated as a collective horde of tamable animals, instead of thinking individuals? Why can you not see the madness that is the basis of the world today? Why are you so blind to the planned total destruction of all that is natural and good, in favor of designed immoral chaos?

This situation is so much more serious than most can fathom. This is not a temporary setback, this is reality, and without a mass awakening to this plot of world takeover, the beautiful parts of life, family, friends, and nature you have known in the past, will be forever destroyed and lost.

There is but one solution, and that is to cut off the head of the snake of all corruption, rule, control, and perpetual war that has brought us to this point of no return. Stop the State. Eliminate all State power. Make impotent all unnatural illegal ‘laws’ immorally created by State thugs in government. Secede at every level possible from this evil national State, and secede from rule entirely in every degree of life. No violence is necessary to achieve freedom, but large numbers of willing dissenters must practice disobedience, non-compliance, and must negate the State at every opportunity, in order for any sanity to return.

Rely not on the State’s tricks and promises. Never rely on any act of deceit called ‘voting.’ Never rely on any politician, and never support any State enforcement of its rules and laws. Never fall for the lie that a piece of paper called a ‘constitution’ secretly drafted and implemented by the ruling class of con artists called government, can give or protect natural human rights. Never believe any single individual who chooses the path of rule, regardless of their feigned intent to protect you. And never fall for the illusion that any government is necessary in order to bring about societal harmony, for all State intent has but one objective, and that is totalitarian rule over the earth and its inhabitants..."

“What makes the difference between a gang and a state is the belief that there is a difference between a gang and a state.” - Jakub Bozydar Wisniewski

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The “ICC” arrest warrant is ridiculous propaganda nonsense. But I suspect that there is a more sinister motive behind it.

The “West”, i.e. the Empire, wants to prevent any negotiated solution. It wants to force all its vassals to stick to the course of war without end.

By that the imperialists want

1 -- to prolong the war as much as possible (because they think it will hurt Russia and raise the costs of the conflict for Russia, and they do not care about Ukrainians at all).

2 -- If possible, they want to force Russia to occupy the whole of Ukraine. By that they want to create a long lasting problem for Russia and they would, of course, support terrorists and insurgents who fight against the occupation force.

But I think Russia could simply liberate the new territories and create a buffer zone to prevent attacks. Of couse the “West” will continue the war and deliver long range weapon systems. But Russia has sufficient technology to isolate and destroy threats without having to occupy the whole of Ukraine.

The war would go on indefinitely but the intensity of the fighting would diminish. Russia could develop Novorossiya and the “West” would have to continue its very expensive support of the Nazi-/Maidan-Ukraine.

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Ever further into the deep unreal the world sinks. Thanks for your efforts to keep things real, Riley!

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Man, all I gotta say is, “we need to Prosecute Lawyers, along with Intelligence Officers and their security briefers, to include Trump, Biden, Putin…” I’m sick of the “left v. right” paradigms the CIA, Mossad, KGB…you name it, have created with their mainstream media taking heads to insight the people of our countries to war. Jesus Christ I Hate them all, and the wars they trap us to. But I sure love the people of both Russia and Ukrainian, the Iranian people, China, North Korea…. It’s not us the people. It’s Eugenics-minded psychopaths, not a population or people problem. It never has been. I just posted on my substack an 8 minute recoding I found about how soldiers have been turned into Lab Rats to commit genocide via vaccinations by whores like Rockefeller. It’s worth listening to.

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To make the "West" concept understandable and clear, we should associate it to the definition of "democracy" once formulated by Ezra Pound.

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More theater for the masses lol. They won't lay a finger on him

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So when do the war crimes tribunals for the midazolam mass murders start?

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Substsck is fucked. I commented on a comment to my comment, Substack forces a rigmarole bio on me, I do it, bang, forced back to link to sign in, re-comment lost. What a fkn waste of time😪

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This is the speech made by the space lizard proconsul on earth, herr, klaus schwab.

War is anecdotal, an aside, what is important is the fourth industrial revolution. Does Russia fit in that perspective?

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the United States and Israel are the worlds foremost war criminals...and it ain't even close

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talking of Rolo I just read his march 15 chronicle - should Russia surrender ? and was very disquieted by what it purported to reveal about the state of things in Russia.

It sounds bloody hopeless.

And if Russia's hopeless what have we got?

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