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In Russia, lots of people who do not agree with this QR bullshit seem to think that the best way to deal with it is to just to buy a fake QR code. Normally i would defer to their wisdom gained from experience, but this time they are wrong. That's just what these scammers want. They've got us all by the balls, unless we learn to think differently.

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"one day soon you might have to use a thumb-print in order to retrieve a digital clot-shot certificate required for visiting Taco Bell."

This reminds me of this short film https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EoZHR941yLs

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I don't think anything ever moves towards more freedom and less limitations, always the other way around. I mean it wasn't long ago where all you had to do was get away from the cops on horseback, and use a torch to burn evidence and you were in the clear. Not so much now.

The next big hustle will be selling fake "medical exemptions", which I'm sure they already do. Next thing you know, Rosstat will have to report that 90% of Russians have incurable genetic diseases lol.

By the way, I made a CLUB BANGER for all my biometric health ID thugs representing that German Gref lifestyle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4Yl4Va6o38

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Just you watch: They'll back off the QR code route and go with passive RFID approach to track everyone. There's already the "Real ID" requirement coming into effect in the U.S. (My license from 2019 has a little gold star that I think means "Real ID" compliant.) I don't think they have embedded RFID chips yet but it's just a matter of time before the Feds require that.

So perhaps this whole QR thing is in part just a push so they can look "reasonable" when they back off and instead passively track you through RFID. Will they have a vaxx requirement forever? Who knows? But they'll definitely keep RFID tracking forever. All for our safety, of course. Just like the NSA still reads everyone's emails 20 years after 9/11. Gotta track everybody all the time.

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So let's see

In your last post we learned the bitchies stole all the gold, thanks Vlad

And now the witchies come for the kids to child sacrifice

And all thinking people around the world

Dont they got no mutherfreakin trucks in Russia?

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Re: the Russian state biometric system and the introduction of biometric systems of access control in Russian schools ( e.g via palm screening), my sense is that Russia may serve as a beta-testing ground for the Western European countries. Despite the Western authorities fabricated explanations that "Omicron" is a variant signalling "the end of the pandemic and therefore, restrictions can be lifted and QR- codes eliminated" as is presently occurring in various European countries, it strikes me as unusual that the tyrants would back off so easily, even if only temporarily.

By now, with considerable and growing resistance in numerous countries against QR codes and mandates, it might serve the interests of the Elite to seemingly give in and allow the recalcitrant population a brief experience of perceived success of their endevours, and a glimmer of hope for a return of freedom and civilized democracy.

I would however not be surprised if they were willing to do away with the QR-codes and Green Passes because they already have in place ubiquitous biometric systems of control, ready to be rolled out practically overnight, the data of which they collected unobtrusively over the years, just like apparently occurred in Russia.

In Switzerland, rumour has it (I don't have a link, unfortunately) that the SNB (Swiss National Bank) has a full-fledged Central Bank Crypto Currency system ready to be implemented anytime the Elite sees fit. Strangely, if you happen to need to replace your credit card, the new expiration date is the same as the previous one- October or November 2022.

Hence, external QR codes may soon be a thing of the past. I hope that I am wrong; the implications are horrifying to consider.

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People on a quest for freedom need to understand and come to terms with these facts:

1) All politicians are liars, talking to them is like talking to brick walls, so every one of them must be removed and kept under arrest until trial.

2) There must be no going back to the system of financial rape and mental abuse inflicted on us for way too long.

3) There must be harsh repercussions for every single one involved in inflicting this system, at any and for any length of time.

4) The clowns acting politics on the world's stage are all impotent cowards without the military, police force and private guards, so these forces must side with the people, for they are "the people" too, not included in the Clan of the Selected Ones, but temporary tools to be used and thrown back in the pile when redundant.

5) No real change is possible without some sort of violence. It is Nature's way, not our choice, or fault.

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My advice. Smash them all with hammers, or find a way to blow the circuits.

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What do you think the mRNA things are? Have you heard that people emit MAC addresses?

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My impression is that this blog is becoming a one-trick pony, or a two-trick pony. The way out of it that immediately comes to mind is to introduce us to Russian citizens. Something not unlike Linh Dinh does across the world, but in your own style.

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