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Unbelievable….” such information does not objectively reflect any relationship between deaths and vaccination and may cause a negative attitude towards vaccination.” i.e. we don’t want the citizens to know they may be dead, injured or disabled from our jabs as this may discourage people from getting them. That is why it’s inappropriate to publish this data.

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It's simply charming how blunt these Russians are. The US authorities take forever to deliver the same ridiculous weaseling, dressed up in rococo filigreed circuitous bullshit. In Russia, one terse paragraph is sufficient.

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I like how they also added that "adverse reactions occur only in 0,018% of all cases». What's the problem with publishing the full data then?

Russia's attempt at Western-PR-Orwellian-quadruple speak isn't quite working as planned lol.

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I think a central organization came up with the dose - seriously, it's the same junk.

BTW Russia could annex Donbas but it has neither need nor reason. What it can’t allow is NATO missiles five minutes’ cruising time from Moscow.


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"Not a single death was RECORDED..." That's real nasty. In my country 243 deaths has been recorded per January 4 in connection with the jabs. Now, they try to explain most of it away of course, but at least it's RECORDED!

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Biden ‘state of union’ address delayed one month to March 1st... expect him to claim victory... as in ‘ding dong the witch is dead’... worst, wimpiest prez EVER!

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You see Riley, THEY, Governments, are all on board in this fraud and crime against the people. Australia, an American lapdog supposed to be Russia’s enemy by order, has “APPROVED” the Russian “clot-jab V” as “effective” as their own Western myocarditis jabs! Next will be the Sinopharm… And the world will be as one clot-jab!




In the meantime, something “absurd” has taken place in the UK. The Clown Bojo has officially declared "Covid is just a flu! No more green-pass, no more facial diaper, no more jab… needed…. Because now the UK government trusts the people to decide their own medical decision for their own good!



The “funny thing” is the psychological damage has been so profoundly done to the people that "many" are so fearful to comeback to normal.. at least according to your former beloved RT!

Schools defy Johnson’s Covid relaxations


My guess is "mission accomplished"! Since more than half of the world population have been injected. And with the “priming” and “shedding” functions of the jabs...anything’s going to happen down the road from now.. no one will be responsible!

Meanwhile sport persons keep collapsing and having breathing and chest problem!

Thus, I don’t hold my breath at all!

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Damn.. Is inappropriate an accurate translation? It seems odd, but this entire thing is odd.

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how are gun laws in Russia? What caliber can you have at home? because this insistence with less than half of the country fully vaxxed points towards a color revolution soon

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You can find information on Sputnik by going to vigiaccess.org and entering Sputnik V in the search. You will get a lot of results as you open the tabs http://vigiaccess.org/

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You can go to vigiaccess.org and enter Sputnik as the one you want data for. Includes many other brands Moderna became Spikevax, Pfizer is Cominarty etc. I found a wiki with many names and countries to know what to enter

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Taking any of these injections, no matter the brand, the common elements are they all contain undisclosed ingredients, one of which is graphene oxide and is explained in this article and video. https://www.algora.com/Algora_blog/2021/12/07/dr-noack-on-how-graphene-hydroxine-nano-razors-destroy-the-vaccinated

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