Read Psalm 2. All the kings of the earth, all, are at war with God and Christ. Any left that aren't that pop up , don't live long. Rivalry between powers is only who is higher in Satan's kingdom. There are no good sides even if one side seems better in certain areas. Point made

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Ebola is a great cover up for other issues that cause the violent sicknesses.

Remember when they flew back a few Americans that got ebola? 2 of them got better before any treatments... The others got better quickly. It's definitely caused by environmental conditions.


I'm not sure how they plan to convince people to get a shot for a "virus" that seems to only work in polluted areas of Africa...

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Depressing. Had hoped that Russia would be a bulwark against the WEF Psychopathy. Sadly, looks like they are in on it, too.

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Thanks, Riley. Utter depravity. But this is the course we are setting for ourselves, "inject everyone, everywhere, forever. Trust the Science." UNLESS we break the silence and expose the utter fraud of contagion theory and virology which humanity has been subjected to since the very end of the 19th Century, entirely on the basis of boosting the profits of and the social control wielded by the super rich elites like the Rockefeller family. See this items from a year ago,


Toxicology vs Virology: Rockefeller Institute and the Criminal Polio Fraud, F. William Engdahl, 7/12/22.

And this about Contagion Theory.


Virology - The Damning Evidence. The Stake In The Heart For This Pseudoscientific Profession. DPL, 3/7/23.

A thread documenting Peer Reviewed Papers on Human trials of viruses. Of the ~50 throughout history they ALL produce negative results thus we can say: "The Peer reviewed science is unanimous VIRUSES DO NOT CAUSE DISEASE.”

• Dr. Rosamund, 1901 - From his diary of SmallPox experiments. For 15 years he smeared the pus of smallpox patients on his face and used to go home with his family, play cards at the gentlemans club and treat other patients and never got sick or saw a single other person get sick.

• Waler Reed, 1902 - “Without entering into details, I may say that, in the first place, the Commission saw, with soine surprise, what had so often been noted in the literature, that patients in all stages of yellow fever could be cared for by non-imimune nurses without danger of contracting the disease. The non-contagious character of yellow fever was, therefore, hardly to be questione.”

• Milton J. Rosenau, March 1919 - Conducted 9 separate experiments in a group of 49 healthy men, to prove contagion. In all 9 experiments, 0/49 men became sick after being exposed to sick people or the bodily fluids of sick people. More information on the Rosenau studies here.[Link]

• Wahl et al, 1919 - Conducted 3 separate trials on six men attempting to infect them with different strains of Influenza. Not a single person got sick. That is because viruses don't cause disease………

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It is really laughable. It is like the people at Gamaleya don't even understand the basics of the immune system. For the overwhelming majority of things that cause illness are exposure combined with a weak immune system. If one keeps the immune system strong through proper diet and some supplements for nutrients lacking in one's diet, one doesn't get sick. I'm proof of this. 20+ years without even a cold. Thank you for exposing the fraud of Gamelaya. It is very enlightening.

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“you can immunize a patient often, a lot, and for a long time”


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easy money. you make a 'vaccine' for a serious illness, that you have created first. you spread the illness and then all the sheep run to the vaxxinator. Cash cash

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"Russia has benefitted from modifying for COVID-19 an existing two-vector vaccine platform developed in 2015 for Ebola fever, which went through all phases of clinical trials and was used to help defeat the Ebola epidemic in Africa in 2017.”

Let me bring to mind another treatment used to treat Ebola, but actually poisoned its victims and that's Remdesivir.

"The clinical efficacy of remdesivir for COVID-19 remains contentious, as several trials have not found statistically significant differences in either time to clinical improvement or mortality between remdesivir-treated and control groups. Similarly, the inability of remdesivir to provide a clinically significant benefit above other investigational agents in patients with Ebola contrasts with strong, curative preclinical data generated in rhesus macaque models. For both COVID-19 and Ebola, significant discordance between the robust preclinical data and remdesivir’s lackluster clinical performance have left many puzzled."


Another thing that might've left them puzzled are the number of deaths caused by treating patients with Remdesivir.

"In healthcare circles across the country, remdesivir carried the nickname ‘Run, death is near." The drug destroys your vital organs.

Gangster pharmaceutical companies hate to throw anything out so they repurpose toxins and use them to treat some other disease or scamdemic.

Sometimes off label drugs are useful, but in the case of Remdesivir it was a disaster. However, it's a very expensive treatment and that's why hospitals were excited about using it.

That being said, one might question whether most patients or shall I say "victims" died from the treatment and not from the disease.😧

Oh another interesting news story surfaced today on MSNBC, supposedly many more people are experiencing extremely intense colds as well as allergies systems this summer. Will Pfizer's CEO Bourla recommend another booster, or are the boosters and all the other mRNA injections weakening natural immunity and making populations more susceptible to disease.

In any event, the presstitutes who told everyone the jab was safe and effective will never admit they're wrong and just shift to another manufactured crisis like climate change. Breaking news--Nevada is excruciatingly hot in the summer.😁

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One wonders what the endgame is for all this weird vaccine stuff that is floating around these days, seemingly unleashed by the pseudo-pandemic.

Just stay away from it is all I can say.

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At this rate, sooner or later these companies will be trying to offer life itself as a subscription service… Hey! How about that for a business idea? :)

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How ironic, the weak t cell immunogenes are created by faulty vaccines. Why don't they just call it the Hegellian vaccines.

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Jul 17·edited Jul 17

Putin is just another WEF puppet and part of the great reset.

“ The Tell” was the fake Wagner group coup. Biden was knee deep in scandal with all the whistleblowers and conveniently the next day the fake coup started to distract everyone. The corporate/conservative social media ran with this coup distraction for days.

When Putin did nothing against Wagner group to save face was “the tell” that he is in cahoots with Biden on the fake war that they want to drag on.

They are all part of the plan!!!!

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seems that a dream of every dictator is coming true..Do you want adjust fertility rates? Do you want plebs to be more docile? Lower IQ? Inject them on every casual Friday..

And if a handful of those inquisitive minds ask - hey king, how did you manage to develop these fresh vaccines for a new & scary "pathogen from Zambia 123"? The answer is here - canned food already past trial phase 1 and 2 is immediately available.

And suddenly new Pfizer and Moderna manufacturing sites are appearing out of nowhere - Canada, Belgium, UK, China, Australia etc., they have big plans folks!

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Jul 19Liked by Edward Slavsquat

I guess we shouldn’t have been surprised, but a person can hope, can’t they?

A friend of mine, wise to the lies of senior management at a time when I was still trusting, used to say “it’s not the disasters & failures that destroy you. It’s the hope, every time. Because of that hope, you endure. Then someone stamps on it”.

Still, we have faith and they have only their deal with the Devil. In the long run, we are all dead, but the afterlife, I don’t fancy their chances very much ☺️

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Alexander Gintsburg is the director of the Russian Health Ministry's Gamaleya Epidemiology and Microbiology Research Institute. it is named after Nicolai Gamaleya, a late-19th century 'pioneer in microbiology studies', who studied at the laboratory of French biologist Louis Pasteur - https://sputnikvaccine.com/about-us/

Pasteur, of course....! no terrain, just parroting the official narrative. poor Russians.

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Those adjuvant are messing people up , those who got the Coof injection already have damaged vascular system. Hemorrhagic fever would be the nail in the coffin. They cant control the amount of protein produced . . . Injection induce illness is the pandemic .

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