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I would personally love to see you have another debate/interview with Matt Ehret. That panel discussion you guys did a few months back had a lot of potential in my opinion, but I think a one on one discussion between you and Matt would work better and be very interesting to listen to, in my opinion.

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A dialogue (podcast?) with Austrian China or some regular work with him would certainly be of great interest. I hope he'll keep on writing.

Keep on the good work, Jah bless.


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You look so informal and cool in the fountain.

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The best journalist I know in the world is Whitney Web.

🕷 🕸 She reports on the spiderweb of intelligence agencies in the USA and Israel, and all the (very ugly) people and organisations who intersect with them.

This ranges from Bill Gates (obsessed with eugenics, controller of the world's vaccine industry via his organisation GAVI, owner of many of the 'Internet of Humans' patents for the nano tech used in all the new vaccines, and co-funder along with the Rockefeller foundation of 20 years of practice runs for a pandemic involving a coronavirus), to Geffrey Epstein (who flew Gates to his 'pedophile island' numerous times, was also obsessed with eugenics, an investor in bio tech companies that make bioweapons and sex trafficker) to the Clinton family (linked to Epstein, money laundering groups, attempts to set up Yelsin and destroy Russia in the late 90's and many murders of people who question them).

The Clinton, Gates and Open Society (Soros) Foundations are all intimately linked. They seem to be nothing more that international tax vehicles to fund global crimes.

Major themes that Whitney exposes are pedophilia, eugenics, a transhumanism ideology, gene editing bio weapons, vaccines, and using health organisations as a front for criminal activities.

So does Russia and China have the same poisonous vaccine agenda? Absolutely. It's the perfect cover to kill and sterilised your enemies while making billions.

Is Putin or Xi in charge of their own countries vaccine agenda? Possibly not. How long would they live if they publicly exposed the vaccines and withdrew from the corrupt WHO?

Here is Whitney discussing her new book One Nation Under Blackmail.


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I would argue that none of these vaccines are worth the risk. Not the mRNA, DNA or traditional killed virus vaccines. They all have unacceptable adverse effects relative to the alleged danger of the virus, which has already attenuated to the point where it presents no serious threat to any but the immune compromised, or those with other serious health issues. That aside, the vaccines aren't working anyway, and this has been officially admitted already, at least in the West.

Regarding Sputnik V. I believe the main issue here is national prestige. To admit they screwed up and have damaged people's health, even cost some their lives, is too big a failure to admit to, especially since it involves not only Russian citizens, but people of other nations aligned with, or sympathetic to Russia's current situation. In that respect they are taking the same approach as Western governments to minimize, obfuscate and generally deny the problem. Unfortunately, as evidence of serious harm accumulates this position becomes untenable. At some point accountability becomes an issue, and public trust is eroded if these questions are not addressed.

As for the question of whether Russia is playing a part in the WEF/WHO/NWO agenda, AKA the Great Reset, if true, they seem to be taking a rather circuitous approach, and some of their actions seem to contradict that interpretation. For example:

If a reduction in world population is the goal, then why all the alarm about declining Russian birth rates, and why all the government incentives aimed at reversing that trend? This is counter-intuitive. Likewise, Russian efforts to attract new immigrants also seems counter-intuitive.

On the same note, why build a very expensive pipeline to the EU if your expectation is a reduction in population, which implies a reduction in energy use? It takes years to monetize such a project, even more if your customer base is cut in half (or worse). if you're planning for a future in which the population is greatly reduced, this seems like an enormous waste of time and energy.

On the same note, why would the west provoke a war with Russia, the outcome of which has clearly been to strengthen Russia's global position and to draw non-aligned nations into Russia's orbit? Population wise, Russia's global support base now exceeds the Collective West by a factor of 4 and includes most major energy producing nations and the world's number one manufacturing nation, China. War in Europe, plus the blowback from sanctions, may reduce Europe's population, but how significant is Europe in the larger picture of global economics? The combined resources of Russia, China, Iran and lately India are more than adequate to meet the challenges imposed by a Collective West that seems intent on destroying itself. So the question is, how does this play into a plan to reduce world population? Seems to me the only population being reduced here is in the West.

Finally, I don't place much stock in Putin's WEF connections, including his continued relationship with some of its authors. A major part of his job is to maintain relationships with every significant player, including those opposed to Russian interests. That's just standard diplomacy. Look how long Russia tried to accommodate, to negotiate in good faith, to integrate economically with the West before they finally gave up in disgust. Is that disgust and Lavrov's dismissal of the West as "agreement incapable" part of some master plan, or simply a resigned admission of the obvious?

I'm an evidence based kind of guy, and while some of the points raised here need addressing, based on the above, I'm not convinced of the major premise. There are just too many facts pointing in the opposite direction. Of course I'm open to debate, otherwise I wouldn't be here.

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In EU the most usage of Sputnik V was in Hungary with over 1 million doses dolled out. Their official position - Sputnik V was the most efficient among other vaccines like Pfizer, Sinopharm, AZ and others. This may require additional research, but here are couple of articles in Russian that look at the Sputnik V use in Hungary.




As a side note, monitoring social media there is a lot of background noise here in US on the side effects of the Pfizer cocktail. Much less so in Russia with regards to Sputnik V. What is it, typical Russian pokhuizm, pardon, fatalism or did they really put less poison in the Russian product? I know, this doesn't agree with what appears to be your goal, to prove that Sputnik V is as bad or perhaps worse than any other so called vaccines, but that is what I see on the surface. In the absence of or by simply ignoring proper tracking tools as CDC, NIH and others completely ignore data collected in VAERS the only way to see the mass vaccination effect is through the statistics of the general mortality of the population. In this regard, as you know, Russia has shown record numbers in 2021. In US the same, across all age groups between 18 and 65 mortality is up by at least 10% and this correlates in time with the start of the mass injection campaign. If there is a "smoking gun" in this situation - that must be it.

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Mr. Plamen Paskov (veterinarian, bulgarian) knows a lot about inoculum Sputnik V. See this session https://odysee.com/@Corona-Ausschuss:3/Plamen-Paskov---Sitzung-78-de:4

Maybe he could help in research

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I wouldn’t presume to direct the esteemed Edward’s reading, but since you ask, on the off chance you aren’t aware of him …

Michael P. Senger writes very interesting things, and is apparently of the opinion that the whole Covid op is being run from a room deep in the Zhongnanhai in Beijing.

He’s on Substack, and has a book I haven’t read.

Here’s a recent weighty post along the lines of it’s Xi Jinping wot done it: https://michaelpsenger.substack.com/p/the-china-situation-isnt-as-bad-as


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Amazingly, I have made an a-mazing response to your amazing announcement.


Read and be amazed. Or be amused?

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I doubt I have any documents or links you haven't perused before. But the vector method used by Sputnik V is the same as the failed SARS vaccines so I doubt it is theatre.

For whatever reason, inoculation of any kind against coronaviri goes poorly. There is too much of it in our own genome.

My realpolitik theory is that it is to expedite the death of the elderly by provoking Type 1 immune responses. (The same reason influenza eventually kills the old, lack of Type 2 response.) It had been done to lower life expectancy and thus the tax burden and memory of the people.

Since any nation without a dearth of frail elderly to care for is at an economic advantage over its peers, I presume that's the primary reason why all TPTB jumped on board.

Love your work,


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Regarding the delightfully disturbing image atop your article: after the mandatory automatic focus on the possible nipple seeming to peak through the teal blouse of Ms. Ducklips on our left, I see in the background that DMitry Orlov has shaved and rather gone to seed.

Seeking to hear or at least read about actual CIA shill howling, I was disappointed to find only sad hacksmanship like this:


Happily, replacing "shills" with 'skulls' produced this:

https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=howls+of+CIA+skulls A vast panopoly of popular, easy-to-absorb (sponges like that;) ) documentaries glorifying and mythologizing while "exposing" the mostly true facts about secret societies in America. All the cool kids are into conspiracy theory these days. It's a thing!

From the early days of independent media and similar delusions, here is archived work of The Poor Man, which was more or less as funny as you, Mr. Waggaman (I bet that was a tough last name to wear on a 5th grade schoolyard) but with more reliance on cartoonery than you, who are more linear, yea, Swiftian in your satire:


But my fave stillshot from The Editors (plus two bonus pictures) is this:


I will seek the info you desire, mein prince.

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Can you understand that? There’s a nanoprocessor driven by a 5G antenna that goes directly to the workings of our brain.

Link here for the electron microscope research of Dr Robert O Young which supports the above: See Link here: https://www.drrobertyoung.com/post/dr-deborah-birx-admits-the-biden-admin-s-vaccine-efficacy-claims-were-based-on-hope-not-science?postId=a3d057d7-ac1b-42bc-a7fe-c024bd287569&utm_campaign=199f646b-68a5-41f7-82de-8a549f823c43&utm_source=so&utm_medium=mail&utm_content=ceae1640-2bfb-4a34-af39-02b55e4aecee&cid=8bec1d4c-3773-415a-83c2-1694daa095a4 at the end of his article, in the comments section.

You can find my suggestion for a free cure to the mRNA vaccines and the nanoprocessor in your body and the nanobots and probably clean your blood of any parasites these vaccines have put in it - supplied also, by Richard Noakes there too - along with his salt water cure to keep you safe, when the next cold or Coronavirus comes along - I got Omicron today, from a visitor yesterday and got rid of it in a few minutes - OK again now.

Anyone offers you anything for money which does the above cures, you know you are being conned, again for free, from Richard Noakes there too.

Feedback is essential, so that others can do the cures, without fear of favor that they work.

Best wishes to all.

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As I have said once, I work in a Highway restaurant for some weeks. Today two truck drivers came speaking Russian. I asked them if they were Russian and they answered that they were Georgian. I looked at them and said proudly: "Gamarjoba!".

The two guys just laugh, grabed me in their arm repeating "gamarjoba".

It works man...

Wish you will return to Moscow as fast as possible. Meanwhile, Take care.

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