In multipolar Russia, vaccine gets YOU!

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Dangerous and effective (at killing)......as people realize they have been jabocided, they may be a bit upset...a bit.

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"Fifty million Russians waited patiently in an 80 mile-long queue so they could" be injected with toxic, deadly poison to fight a virus, that does not exist. That's mass murder.

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Mass murder.

Or mass suicide.

Depends on one's perspective

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Yes, unfortunately. The power of the hidden hand seems to be endless.

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Arrested for spreading a virus which has never been proven to exist, which causes a disease which apparently has no distinct symptoms and can only be diagnosed via tests which state on the test package "Not for diagnostic purposes," which detect a short segment of nucleic acid which allegedly belongs to the alleged virus or its alleged variants. All this resulting in a global "pandemic" which statistical analysis of excess deaths data repeatedly demonstrates never happened.

It's a strange, strange world we live in, Master Jack. Thanks for helping us to see it more clearly, Riley!

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We got here by believing:

government will take care of our physical needs; and

religion will take care of our spiritual needs.

Both lies.

Religion is often the whore that sleeps with the government.

The existence of government and religion, is the greatest deterrent to faith in the human race.

Marx was half right.

Religion and government are the opium of the masses.

Dictators try to destroy or control religion, overtly or covertly, to consolidate power.

The opium of power, becomes more and more addictive, eventually destroying the user.

The power hungry do not know the difference, between religion and faith, government and leadership.

True faith and true leadership, lead to freedom, not tyranny.

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Well, i disagree to an extent. A strong people don't need leaders at all. (Emiliano Zapata).

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Excellent article Riley.

Exposing those in lockstep with the WHO and other scaly creatures that infest all the political institutions created by Governments.

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During the covid hoax, Putin mocked people who thought the covid pandemic wasn't real. He said he knows a lot a smart people who believe this nonsense. He asked, rhetorically, if the covid pandemic is fake then how is it that almost every government in the world says it's real?

The answer, of course, is the same reason that almost every government in the world agrees that 9/11 is real.

As a reminder, during the alleged height of the so called pandemic, all of the hospitals were virtually empty. Citizens from all over the world went to hospitals and filmed the empty hospitals.

2 plus 2 equals 5.

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Interesting how Sputnik V is another word for AstraZeneca just like the concern for "public health" in Russian is really code for fear of populist uprisings deemed in the US as being domestic terrorism. 🤔

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I wanna go back to the place in the country! Can we?! Can we?!

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You had me giggling, thank you. It is all so absurd that there is no way to confront it but with mocking

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A trick question : if in 2020 I used to buy a loaf of bread for 1euro and now in 2023 it costs 1.70euro - what can you tell me about the inflation?

If you answer : 1.70 minus 1 and then divided by 3 years gives an average yearly inflation of 23.3%, you are wrong smarty pants. Stop believing your lying eyes, your lying calculator, your lying pencil. My government tells me the inflation is well below 10%. It is my government that decides how it calculates inflation, what goes into a basket of goods etc,. and the awkward fact that I can see the price of bread go up by 70% - well that is just my problem, the experts say otherwise.

I honestly expected by now the effectiveness of Sputnik V to be over 100% ( = stopping covid plus some additional benefits like a third set of teeth or immortality).

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Australia's public health:

Rescue dogs shot dead by NSW council due to COVID-19 restrictions.

"killed the dogs to prevent volunteers at a Cobar-based animal shelter from travelling to pick up the animals last week."


Please understand that this place is in the middle of the outback. I have no doubt that the next step would be to 'kill the volunteers for public health' and I am 100% not kidding.

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"Bludgeoning the Proles" sounds like a super metal song 🤘

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You got me in stitches, man! Though I'm crying a little bit, too.

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Public Health vs. Personal Wealth.

Who wins ?

Won't be the peasants, eh ?

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Tovarich, Modified mRNA technology is 100% effective at unsafe.

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I am banned from YouTube so I can't paste a link but go take a look at " Saving Maya" a totally heinous story of health services going feral and driving the mother of a young girl that the hospital imprisoned in the hospital to suicide when she finally got to see her daughter again after three months.

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