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Don't know who the "Winners" will be - only know they watch from afar. Smiling.

The "Losers" ?

Everybody that calls Russia or Ukraine "Home".

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Reading this with tears in my eyes... So true, so heartbreaking, and so... humane. Thank you Riley.

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I have lived 71 yrs in The US. Nothing has changed for the better. War war kill kill. I swear I remember during Vietnam being stunned most could not see the horrors of attacking innocents in foreign lands. Fought against it all, yet it continues. Sometimes I think we are not able to fix it, not our job, is Gods , and this time is one of being able to denounce the insanity. I have spent my entire life agonizing for humanity, the insane, brutal injustice, done for wealth and power. Now I pray and ask for deliverence for all of us. On a side note, are you framiliar with Rudolph Steiner? As he talks of the Slavic peoples in a very positive way.

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"We bomb our way to peace. We're not quite there yet." Signed... all US POTUSes.

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So good to read this article. Thankyou

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We do the work of the Elite$, killing each other for tokens they create! They use Nations as chess pieces, we are not the Players, we are the Game. When will this Game EAT its Players???

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A beauty. Worth more than any hundred ravings about the 'Ukraine thing'.

I will pass it around as much as I am able.

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Rest in peace brother Alexei!

This resonates with me big time! Croatia had the same issues and lost everything in the early 1990s. I lived through a war which I never could understand. Only a decade ago I found that it was a criminal endeavor and that it was an orchestrated war.

Thanks Riley!

I did a Croatian version for my readers:


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"There ain't a winner in this game, he don't go home with all." Thanks, Riley.

Actually, there are winners. The elites, who love how people how so many of us just keep on playing pawns in their game.

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If you listen with right ear, you can hear whom they're blaming...but the Jews are an obvious and easy target ... The power of the English Crown, and the Black Nobility of Europe are behind this, manipulating the US-centered Empire, to bring about these events. Iain Davis argues that the Bank of International Settlements, in Zurich, is where the real decisions get made...

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Profound. Thank you.

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I’m so sick of Conflicts & Wars and the Lawyers of the War Bankers responsible. It’s Not humanity, it never has been—it’s “them,” the bloody monsters nobody is allowed to recognize, arrest and liquidate like we should be doing to forever prevent this madness. I swear, Russia and Ukrainian peoples—I Will Never Give Up fighting for you here in my own lost country. Never!!!

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"I have a feeling that the Ukrainians will fight and die for the yachts of the Kolomoiskys, and the Russian guys for the yachts of the Abramovichs."

And Americans for the Chinese companies that own the paper to which the MIC and Uniparty politicians are leveraged.

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If all soldiers were able to see what, why and for whom they are being abused for, and killed when convenient or opportune, and collectively stop fighting, humanmankind has reached a higher level on all terrains of quality of live, for example on all safety matters.

But most important, all evil governmental people, will loose at one single moment their complete deadly machine to serve their arrogance and (sometimes!) greed, because war knows only costs, in money and in (quality of) lives. The damage is felt by every citizen except the ones who wanted the war.

And very important, the evil governmental people will loose their protection.

We don't need governmental people anymore in the way the act nowadays: like the early vikings, or roman or whatever totalitarian leaders before, which we needed because those cruel leaders existed. That has been a very very hudge big mistake. And it is time we start using nowadays media for ourselves instead of medieval propaganda our even vikingly cruel governments use and censore it for.

Sometimes I think the fact that so many people believe censuring is necessary or someway not evil, means that I live among very very stupid and ignorant people. And living among very very stupid and ignorant people. Military people in my opinion are the upper champions in this disciplines.

As always provingly has been the case, it is extremely dangerous to live between ignorant and dumb people, especially for the ones that are not.

But when the military refuse 'to do it's duty', all cruel unnecessary arrogant leaders can expext the same fate: leaving naked with their

clothes on. And basta la comedia, welcome freedom and friendship. Earth can be a far better place to live for everyone without paying people who already own more than they need. I also believe that is the cause lots of human beings and their children, don't have enough to eat, to start with, because the lack more.

And second, the rich keep the poor people poor, so they gain even more extra money because of cheap labour.

We seriously have to collectively make a couple of decisions, starting with understanding of what the few 'they' are doing to us, and the fact they can do it, because we support it with everything we do, starting with being born.

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And the same can be said in the West where workers and the middle-class are discarded and viewed as collateral damage by monopolist oligarch murderers, as the corrupt political duopoly with the help of state-run mainstream media news relentlessly deceives the population.

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*Opinion: You will be eating replacement meats within 20 years. Here’s why


Under the banner of the big lie of global warming, the eradication of the livestock industry promoted by the globalists will end up not with the plant-based inferior fake meat they have been promoting, but with the so-called "lab-grown meat" mass-produced in factories called laboratories.

Amongst the fake foods being pushed forward as “world saving”, synthetic beef is already in production in Israel, Holland, Indonesia and the USA. Up until now, Holland has been one of the preeminent food-producing countries in the world but the farmers’ own government seeks to end that. Two more countries are joining the list of countries with governments that are deliberately embracing famine. Besides Canada, which has invested in plans to produce 9,000 tons of edible crickets per year, the other country is Ireland. These countries are forcing farmers to reduce nitrous oxide emissions by about 30% to 45%. One of the byproducts of creepy Joe’s war in Ukraine is that American farmers are no longer receiving the fertilizer that Russia and Belarus have provided for the world. What fertilizer there is has become much more expensive. Limited, expensive fertilizer means limited, expensive food supplies. In a time of modern farming that should see unlimited amounts of food, famine will soon be haunting America too. This takes us straight back to the deeply deceptive WEF Green New Deal agenda for a fascistic, corporate “Zero CO2” food and farming future “to save the world from global warming”.

*Sinister Rockefeller Food System Agenda — They Created it and Now Want to Destroy It – by F. William Engdahl


BTW, the raw materials used for the meat that is mass-produced in this laboratory are the same as the production of expensive drugs called so-called "vaccines" or biologics. Genetic vaccines such as AZ and J&J (and possibly Sputnik V) also use cancer cells from the human kidney and retina.

*These Immortal Cell Lines Are the Unsung Heroes of COVID Vaccination


Naturally, a large number of cells are required to produce large quantities of vaccines and muscle, and culturing these cells is laborious and costly. I was also involved in cell culture when I was in university, but cells deaden from a slight change in the environment, and there is a limit to the lifespan of cells. Therefore, they utilized infinitely proliferating immortal cancer cells (Hela cells) that could be cultured effortlessly. BTW, “Hera cells” are cultured cervical cancer cells of a certain woman and are the first "immortalized cells" to be put to practical use in modern basic medical research.

*What HeLa Cells Are and Why They Are Important


The Big Three startups in the field—Believer Meats, Eat Just and Upside Foods—have raised more than $1.2 billion in combined venture funding to bring products to grocery shelves. From the Bay Area to the Middle East, their research facilities and pilot plants are producing small amounts of chicken that, by most accounts, you’d be hard-pressed to tell didn’t come from a slaughterhouse. Late last year, Upside became the first to receive the US Food and Drug Administration’s informal blessing to bring its products to market. All three companies have announced their first partnerships with restaurants in anticipation of a fuller regulatory thumbs-up.

The company that makes lab meat doesn’t want this fact to be known, so they paraphrase cancer cells as "immortalized cells" and control damage.

*Lab-Grown Meat Has a Bigger Problem Than the Lab


Not only vaccines and drugs, but of course, lab meat is also contaminated with cancer cells, the original cells that produced muscle. They allegation that it is okay to eat cancer cells in cows and chickens, but if so, why is the USDA regulating meat that contains cancer cells in supermarkets ???

*Are things like cancerous tumors allowed by meat inspection?


Don’t forget: governments, health authorities and regulators, not to mention Big Pharma, loves you and wants to help you.

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