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Don't know who the "Winners" will be - only know they watch from afar. Smiling.

The "Losers" ?

Everybody that calls Russia or Ukraine "Home".

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That is 100% correct. The only winners in war are those NOT involved in the war.

The US is quickly being drawn into a war that has nothing to do with the American people. Polling now suggests that more and more that people are starting to realize that they have been duped.

We are spending more money on the war in Ukraine than any single domestic issue facing this country. We are fighting for the borders of a foreign country, while leaving our own borders wide open. We are financing a war with future debt, at the detriment of our own future. That is to say, the future of any non-elite American.

War is useful when it serves a purpose, or perhaps makes things better (in some way). In this case we have Ukraine's foreign controlled government poking the bear in Russia. I believe one of the finer points of this article is to show that the drive for Ukrainians to fight Russia comes from without -- not from within. It's not that Ukrainians or Russians hate each other, it's that their governments do, and they are just along for the ride.

Why are there tons of US controlled biolabs in Ukraine? Was that for the betterment of Ukraine? Anyone living there would have to question that decision. And I'm sure that they are -- now. Now that some of what's been going on in that country is starting to become public.

I'm not pro Russia or pro Ukraine, I'm pro USA, at least so far as the American people. And right now OUR government is doing the same thing that Ukraine's government is doing. Poking the Russian bear. Only there is no real upside for anyone who does. There's something to be gained from this conflict, but it will never be gained by those on the ground, or any of those who are financing these actions -- US taxpayers.

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You speak truth, OGRE. All of it.

But - I believe NOTHING happening in Ukraine is for the "betterment of Ukraine" - they benefit NOT AT ALL........... they have been used, the US is FILTHY dirty, here - and those profiting? Well, build those tanks. Produce those bullets, planes, tanks......... and now that FTX has been used and disposed of, just find another vehicle to launder some Mo' Money - and if Zelensky survives this? Well, he likely has a mattress inflated with us currency, somewhere OTHER than in ukraine, awaiting him...........

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You're right. They are trying to brush the FTX deal with Sam Bankman-Fried under the rug (nothing to see here). They want SBF to go down like another Bernie Madoff. One a side note: What's with these people's names? "Sam 'Bank-Man'" and "Bernie 'Made-Off.'" Were they named to perpetuate crime!?

None the less, not much will happen to SBF because if it does, it brings light to what was going on in Ukraine. SBF donated to the "right" people, and because of that, he'll get a slap on the wrist. They will blame all of the laundering on incompetence, and mismanagement. They were doing that from the beginning with the Enron guy who was investigating the accounting. Their accounting wasn't incompetent, unless you think that they wanted to get caught. Of course they didn't document what they were doing -- it was illegal!

My guess is that the crooks in Congress already have many different ways to secure a never ending stream of laundered taxpayer dollars through Ukraine, and other places around the world. Remember 10 million dollars for "Gender Studies" in Pakistan? Anyone going to that class would be stoned (to death) on the way out the door! It's obviously a scam.

And yes, Zelensky will retire to somewhere with all the money he can hope to spend, just like the former president of Afghanistan. That's apparently how these deals (with the US and NATO) work. All it takes is a sociopath to sacrifice his own people.

My only hope is that all of this coming into more of the public eye helps to unite regular people. Those in high government positions are NEVER going to correct this, period, full stop. There are a few major reasons for this.

1.) This corruption is their major form of income.

2.) They will implicate themselves and their colleagues if they expose the truth.

2.) Criminals don't arrest themselves. They might perhaps turn themselves in, but in this case --there's nobody by which to turn yourself in! The DOJ is on-board with what is happening.

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A little reminder that (was it 90%?) of all US$ wasted in Afghanistan were going into the war mafia and not into the country. Assange already said that in 2010 or so.

So it's not only about control or geopolitics, it's always a money laundering scheme involved.

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Good call on the bankman, madoff names....had me laughing out loud.

You got it right sir - the smell of corruption in the US make me gag.

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I kind of disagree with your contention that Ukrainian and Russian peoples don't hate each other. I have several friends who are from either country. The Ukrainians really deeply distrust Russians because of the Holodomor -- as well they should. They don't see that as "the Soviets did that". They say "Russians did that." Then after the Russians in charge of the USSR starved millions of Ukrainians to death, they moved Russians into eastern Ukraine. The Russian-ethnics living there don't like the Ukrainians, who treat them badly because the Russian-ethnics grandparents replaced their grandparents who starved to death.

A year ago, there was an easy solution. Split Ukraine at the Dneipro River. Let eastern Ukraine become its own country, agreeing to give Russia a path to the Black Sea and to never join NATO. That would have freed Ukraine to develop as a more western-leaning country and protected the other Baltic states from Russian aggression somewhat. But Ukraine, emboldened by the US and NATO, refused to even consider such a peace treaty.

Now, I don't know. It's probably too late for such a compromise now. And while we're all distracted by what is something we should be greatly worried about, we're not having the discussion that we've reached the point of no-return on the national debt...and not just us...most European countries are in worse shape than we are. If we're lucky, we get to maintain our national sovereignties after the inevitable economic collapse. If we're unlucky, China calls the Bush-Obama era loans and we become slave states. It's a very sad future for our children and grandchildren either way.

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I agree, the two peoples would most likely agree to some kind of peace agreement but NATO is literally blocking such an idea. Zelensky = US foreign policy. He's not wagging the dog, Zelensky is a puppet.

Now China has offered to negotiate a peace agreement between Russia and Ukraine. But there's no possibility of peace because the US is pushing this war effort. There are already talks here in the US of ramping up the production of artillery shells by many thousands per year.

Similarly, now the FBI and Department of Energy have come out and claimed that the Wuhan lab leak theory is the most probable reason for SARS-COV-2. Why now? Why after 3 years of claiming otherwise, claiming that those who purported the lab leak theory were racist?

I'll tell you why, because China needs to be a villain now. China is looking for peace between Russia and Ukraine. And the Warhawks in the US don't want that. So, now China is a bad guy. Now it's no longer racist to claim that the China virus -- came from China. How coincidental right?

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You may find this interesting, Lela - you'll be reading subtitles, it is a LONG interview in Hebrew - I have a rough break down , below - this is just from my notes - sorry for the structure. It is a long piece, but the portion relevant to what you say is maybe - 35 minutes ?? OGRE may also find it interesting...............It is nothing new, but - maybe confirmation, is the right word.


@ 2:29:00 He (Naftali Bennett, PM of Israel when "SMO" broke out) speaks of war and his perception with regard to Diplomacy and HIS role in peace settlement talks

@ 2:36:00 as intermediary

@2:38:00 speaking with German Chancellor Scholz

@ 2:38:40 he speaks of DRAFTING CEASE FIRE and what transpired

@ 2:53:10 - "BOTH sides want a Cease-Fire"

@2:54 - Bennett goes next to Germany, meet w/ Scholz

@ 3:00:30 - US, Germany, France "Blocked" a settlement, according to Bennett.

@ 3:02 "there was a good chance for a ceasefire - had 'they' not curbed it"

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"They" is NATO and the US government, which brings us to the question -- why do "they" want war? One answer would be "war is the health of the state." The government faces a whole lot less questions from the people when we're at war, particularly if we're at war on a global stage. Wilson used WW1 to get a lot of new initiatives through that turned out to take authority from the people and states and give it to the federal government. Once the war was over, people didn't know how to untangle the mess he'd made. Similarly, FDR used WW2 to make some major changes that we're still dealing with. And Truman, Eisenhower, etc., kept us in a perpetual state of low-level war so they could get away with all kinds of shenanigans that moved more power away from the people and the states to the federal government. War is the health of the state.

There's also an economic part to this. America has the largest arms manufacturing in the world, but they dance (largely) to the tune the British government calls. My understanding is we're depleting our weapons stock by sending it to Ukraine. Which creates a whole lot of other questions. With China threatening "peace" in the Pacific, why would the US want to have fewer arms right before we need them? Seems counterproductive. So why does the British government (and NATO) want us to have a reduced stock of weapons just as China appears getting ready to launch an initiative against Taiwan?

My personal theory is the goal is to bankrupt the United States government, but since the European countries are in even worse fiscal shape than the US, that also seems counterproductive. There's something missing here and it would be a good idea to identify it before we can do nothing about it.

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"....before we can do nothing about it. "

Funny line.

Perhaps this war serves many purposes, one of which is to act as a distraction. You on the money, I think.

No pun intended. Ok, .......maybe a bit.

I think the WEF will happily see all economies implode, and all governments thereafter fail - and be there to " provide solution ".

So suggests a conspiracy theorist. At your service.

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Reading this with tears in my eyes... So true, so heartbreaking, and so... humane. Thank you Riley.

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I have lived 71 yrs in The US. Nothing has changed for the better. War war kill kill. I swear I remember during Vietnam being stunned most could not see the horrors of attacking innocents in foreign lands. Fought against it all, yet it continues. Sometimes I think we are not able to fix it, not our job, is Gods , and this time is one of being able to denounce the insanity. I have spent my entire life agonizing for humanity, the insane, brutal injustice, done for wealth and power. Now I pray and ask for deliverence for all of us. On a side note, are you framiliar with Rudolph Steiner? As he talks of the Slavic peoples in a very positive way.

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"We bomb our way to peace. We're not quite there yet." Signed... all US POTUSes.

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and prime ministers too! Canada does not like to miss out on the war racketeering profits and proxy war benefits https://gavinmounsey.substack.com/p/lest-we-forget-war-is-a-racket

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EVERYBODY wants a piece of the proxy pie. They don't mind rinsing the blood off....

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..... nor will they know when to stop. Or - WHERE to stop.

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So good to read this article. Thankyou

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We do the work of the Elite$, killing each other for tokens they create! They use Nations as chess pieces, we are not the Players, we are the Game. When will this Game EAT its Players???

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A beauty. Worth more than any hundred ravings about the 'Ukraine thing'.

I will pass it around as much as I am able.

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Rest in peace brother Alexei!

This resonates with me big time! Croatia had the same issues and lost everything in the early 1990s. I lived through a war which I never could understand. Only a decade ago I found that it was a criminal endeavor and that it was an orchestrated war.

Thanks Riley!

I did a Croatian version for my readers:


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"There ain't a winner in this game, he don't go home with all." Thanks, Riley.

Actually, there are winners. The elites, who love how people how so many of us just keep on playing pawns in their game.

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If you listen with right ear, you can hear whom they're blaming...but the Jews are an obvious and easy target ... The power of the English Crown, and the Black Nobility of Europe are behind this, manipulating the US-centered Empire, to bring about these events. Iain Davis argues that the Bank of International Settlements, in Zurich, is where the real decisions get made...

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Thanks for the correction about the location.

But to say - "the Jews" - is like saying "the Christians" or "the Catholics", etc.. You're sure to be rounding up far more innocent parties, than guilty parties, in that fashion.

Klaus Schwab isn't Jewish. Bill Gates isn't either.

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His father was a decorated NAZI. Jewish descent is matrilineal - it's unclear to me that he would be. But the Rothschild family, whatever their lineage, now contains many Occultists and Catholics, for several generations.

Zionism is a Political movement. Judaism is a faith. NKUSA.org, or the Neturei Karta YouTube channel, might edify you on the differences... assuming that you're capable of being reached by facts.

The Neturei Karta aren't your enemies. But bigotry of the sort that you're espousing would damn them, alongside the Zionists who adhere to chauvinistic ultra-Nationalism. Ironically, this kind of hate - assists the Zionists, in their cause.

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So we can add stupidity and confirmation bias to the list of your obvious faults - along with bigotry. Instead of punching up - you appear content to flail about, wildly and inaccurately.

Are Ethiopian Falashas equally guilty in your mind?

What do you know of Europe's 'Black Nobility' and (not Jewish) plutocratic families? It seems that the answer, is NOT MUCH.

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Profound. Thank you.

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I’m so sick of Conflicts & Wars and the Lawyers of the War Bankers responsible. It’s Not humanity, it never has been—it’s “them,” the bloody monsters nobody is allowed to recognize, arrest and liquidate like we should be doing to forever prevent this madness. I swear, Russia and Ukrainian peoples—I Will Never Give Up fighting for you here in my own lost country. Never!!!

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We the ordinary people must accept some responsibility for being stupid enough to make war on each other at command. We must.

In our 'democratic' nations our responsibility is much larger, in fact, isn't it?

The 'crime' of the people in the USA and UK particularly is clear to see.

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No Sir, ALL the power belongs to the War Bankers Controlling both our Elections and then the Policies We the People are trapped to. Show me a country on Earth with an honest democracy with legitimate democratic principles and processes, then I’ll show you people who are then truly responsible for their country’s problems. Please visit and share my Substack and take my most recent Poll just published—and enjoy All my articles for free—then get back to me.

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These oligarchs ask us for our money and we give it to them. Or they take it and we allow them to. Then we all run after the thing they control. If we didn't do this, they would have no power. We are spineless. We are complicit. We keep our heads down. We go to war instead of going to jail. Until everyone seriously tackles within themselves this tendency to do things because they're easier or "safer" we will not get anywhere. Even if we eliminated every war banker on the planet.

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I think you are right.

We the people need to 'up our game'.

Meaning be more conscious of more issues, take the trouble to be well informed on them and take the trouble to be somewhat activist.

But the fact seems to be that we simply don't want to be like that.

'Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.' We just want to get through the days and tend our own business. We have enough hassles. We don't have all the answers. We really don't have a lot of interest in all these faraway or very particular or arcane issues.

So its very natural we'd incline to 'giving someone the job' and leave them to it and hope they'll do it.

Which, I think, is what we do. With our misuse of or shunning of the democratic process.

We simply do not want a democratic process. It doesn't fit with us. It is not our natural inclination.

Until suddenly there is an issue that involves and engages us. Then suddenly we want all these 'democratic rights'.

Well fortunately it is not an 'either or' situation. It is a continuum isn't it?

We don't have to be totally involved and across all issues.

And we shouldn't be as totally uninvolved and inactive as we are now.

A change of attitude generally, a small change of habits, some help from modern computer technology and I think a middle ground can be found that could work well.

Especially if we trained people, educated people, from childhood to see this is as their duty or normal performance as a complete citizen once they achieve majority. Like a definition of what/who you are and what you do as a citizen.

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True, very true, but it STARTS with imprisoning the War Bankers, Manufacturers of War Machines and their Lawyers trapping the peoples of our countries to war in the first place. However, Individual Conscientious Objectors to War definitely helps in this process.

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Well difficult to show you because in fact I don't think democracy has really been tried by the people in any country that I have any real knowledge of.

You understand that what I am talking about is a people making themselves familiar with the truth of what's going on and then passing on to their elected reps their idea of what they would have the rep do to truly represent them and then monitor what the rep does?

In my experience most people don't even know who their rep is. At voting time they vote 'the party ticket' only. Don't bother to look at the names.

As the years roll by they never phone, never visit, never text, never email, never have any connection with their rep at all.

But I have seen the panic in the faces of those entrenched reps in 'safe seats' when it appeared a possible upset was on the horizon.

I know that if they were instructed and monitored the two party system wouldn't hold. Its power would be broken. And party whips would not be able to follow the instructions of the vested interests and direct the path just as they wish. The whole process would become the more democratic with reps voting and speaking - ah, what a dearth of speaking on issues we have now - their minds or more precisely the minds of their electorates.

I am sure it would work. I don't mean I am sure it would work wonderfully well at plotting a good course through the future. It might develop into a chaotic jumble of warring parties and opinions requiring the endless formation reformation of coalitions.... and suffer from it.. I don't know...

But I am sure it would end this system whereby all power is with the oligarchs, so to speak and the alternatives are even ostensibly only two and in fact none.

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Worse, most people don't vote the party ticket -- at least then they'd have some vague idea of what they're voting for (I like the ideas of a cradle-to-grave welfare state or I prefer the idea of smaller, less expensive government). Most people vote for whatever ad they liked best, the promises made in that ad. They think that by promising to stop global warming or drain the swamp, the empty suit on the screen can somehow actually deliver that without the voter having to do anything. They're not voting on anything real. They're voting on a fantasy made up by the modern equivalent of Madison Avenue. Then they pay zero attention to issues they could actually influence -- like situations within their local communities.

One, we need to stop automatic payroll taxation and force people to actually calculate how much they owe the government. Two, we need to decouple the regulatory state from those they regulate -- probably by dissolving the vast majority of the regulatory state. Three, we need to return 90% of federal authority to the states where people have at least some opportunity to actually influence their representatives.

None of this gets done without either a convention of the states or national dissolution. And none of it gets done within the short attention span of most Americans, so it probably won't get done no matter what we do.

The white pill is that after we crash and burn, those that survive will have an opportunity to rebuild, hopefully having learned from the mistakes of the past.

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Lovely. Succinct and informative. I wasn't aware it was quite that bad or of quite that nature. So, yes, there's hope - represented by such as yourself who are fully aware. !

Perhaps we won't have to wait for a crash and burn.

This is a completely new world with a completely new population.

Given the internet and smartphones with all they can do and do that makes a completely new world doesn' t it?

And we don't know but I think a population steeped in instant comms and all the magic of computer calculations and data gathering, presentation, etc has made a 'new' population, one that never existed before. One that has certain understandings and abilities, expectations that were never present before.

So in the worst or the 'bad' cases we get instructions issued by government across the world that cause the whole world's population to lock itself into quarantine, shun human contact, quake in fear, refuse good medications, accept dubious ones... etc, etc...

Bad but 'proof' of the changed nature of the world and the people in it.

Well I surmise that just as quickly a new 'fashion' could sweep the world and all the people in it suddenly turn their individual attentions onto their elected reps and begin demanding of them they do what they're there for.

In a day. Could happen in a day. Sort of 'if the meme catches on'.

I do believe that despite the dismal example of the covid farce the people overall are more actively intelligent than ever before in history.

For they has spent the last ten or twenty years educating themselves.

They have gotten into the habit of asking questions and getting an answer.

Remember prior to this computer age - if you should be old enough or know the history - people simply could not ask questions with any hope of getting an answer.

There was no one to ask. Only friends and family and they could only speak on what they knew.

The library for the studious and many made use of those libraries but a small percentage of the population.

Knowledge was largely confined to what was appropriate on the job and in the home.

Without banging on too long I submit this has made a deep change in the nature of the population en masse.

And it could suddenly burst onto the scene in a good way like the upwelling of the warm water of the gulf stream perhaps. :)

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I love history and one of my favorite parts is pre-Revolutionary War history. When you read writings from that time, you see a sea-change occurring - British Americans slowly seeing themselves as Americans first and gradually adopting the language of liberty. It took about 20 years before they finally got fed up enough to fight the Revolutionary War, but it was clear the real revolution occurred before the fighting started.

But a scary red flag in history is what happened in France. Our current societal situation looks a lot like pre-Revolutionary France. So, yeah, I keep writing on the internet and hoping I'm planting seeds, but the seeds of liberty fell in contaminated soil in France and instead of creating a healthy democratic republic it led to the Reign of Terror.

Some days the white pill is easy to see and other days...not so much. That's the problem with predicting the future.

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I do love independent thought. I swear to you there really is Normal Hope,—by way of Free People and true functional, grass-roots, ground-level built democracies. I’m not talking about winded speeches and slogans. Like you understand, the entire world has been trapped. This is a War-Banker’s Trap. But it’s not a perfect dictatorship, if never can be, not even BlackRock’s Aladdin can beat us in the end. Not compared to the greatest minds of Substack.com. If you haven’t already, please subscribe for to my Substack, take it in from the beginning, and be the independent scientist you were naturally born to be. I believe in simple solutions, because that’s what I do; solve complicated problems, dispense with waste, build it correctly and save every living person on this planet, if I can….but it will only be accomplished [by way of] free people. Wars Cost Trillions and Murders People. Human Infrastructure that brings about natural occurring peace costs a fraction of War. By the way: My first computers were government IBM and Apple, and I still use and invest in Apple to this day, expecting greatness by the people in turn. Have I mentioned I love Independent thought?

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At least YOU are thinking, and more clearly than most. And you’re right, politics is such a circus with the worst clowns on earth to misdirect the people. But I’ve got a clear understanding of the problems, as well as true democratic solutions involving “the people” to end the madness and restore the our grass-roots established State’s Rights. I invite you to get a free subscription to my Substack, start from the first post, and please share. This is where true hope resides, us, the people communicating great ideas—not [by way of] PAC-money-bought politicians and their Wars. Thanks for your insights.

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Subscribed. Hope you will do the same on mine. I'm just building here since I got kicked off Medium for being a divergent thinker.

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You haven’t visited my substack. I’m a professional war historian. Visit, subscribe for free and share. Please.

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"I have a feeling that the Ukrainians will fight and die for the yachts of the Kolomoiskys, and the Russian guys for the yachts of the Abramovichs."

And Americans for the Chinese companies that own the paper to which the MIC and Uniparty politicians are leveraged.

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If all soldiers were able to see what, why and for whom they are being abused for, and killed when convenient or opportune, and collectively stop fighting, humanmankind has reached a higher level on all terrains of quality of live, for example on all safety matters.

But most important, all evil governmental people, will loose at one single moment their complete deadly machine to serve their arrogance and (sometimes!) greed, because war knows only costs, in money and in (quality of) lives. The damage is felt by every citizen except the ones who wanted the war.

And very important, the evil governmental people will loose their protection.

We don't need governmental people anymore in the way the act nowadays: like the early vikings, or roman or whatever totalitarian leaders before, which we needed because those cruel leaders existed. That has been a very very hudge big mistake. And it is time we start using nowadays media for ourselves instead of medieval propaganda our even vikingly cruel governments use and censore it for.

Sometimes I think the fact that so many people believe censuring is necessary or someway not evil, means that I live among very very stupid and ignorant people. And living among very very stupid and ignorant people. Military people in my opinion are the upper champions in this disciplines.

As always provingly has been the case, it is extremely dangerous to live between ignorant and dumb people, especially for the ones that are not.

But when the military refuse 'to do it's duty', all cruel unnecessary arrogant leaders can expext the same fate: leaving naked with their

clothes on. And basta la comedia, welcome freedom and friendship. Earth can be a far better place to live for everyone without paying people who already own more than they need. I also believe that is the cause lots of human beings and their children, don't have enough to eat, to start with, because the lack more.

And second, the rich keep the poor people poor, so they gain even more extra money because of cheap labour.

We seriously have to collectively make a couple of decisions, starting with understanding of what the few 'they' are doing to us, and the fact they can do it, because we support it with everything we do, starting with being born.

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And the same can be said in the West where workers and the middle-class are discarded and viewed as collateral damage by monopolist oligarch murderers, as the corrupt political duopoly with the help of state-run mainstream media news relentlessly deceives the population.

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"'Don’t trust your enemies. Do not trust Moscow and Kiev. Even if they give you the entire Donbass from Slavyansk to Mariupol, even if they give you all of Novorossia, don't believe it! They will turn everything into defeat. Power in Russia and Ukraine is in the same hands.' […]"


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