I woke at 3 AM thisnoring and realised with stark horror that Edward thinks I'm a tightarse. I am not... (shuffles, twists awkwardly, and kicks an itinerant human knucklebone next to my bare and dirty feet)... a paid subscriber.

So, before I am declared a pariah, and you all begin to throw stones at me "Fie for shame. Begone filth", please let me explain. Our Australian Prime Minister has threatened to cancel my age pension as punishment for my crimes. And yes, I do admit I am guilty of being unvaccinated. But at age 79, I cannot go back to working cattle on horseback because cattle are to be banned (our glorious scientists inform us they are destoying the universe with farts). I have applied for a job collecting scalps from any doctors, politicians, journalists, or bureaucrats I am able to subdue but, even at $5 per scalp, this will not pay the bills so, just for the interim, I am forced to defer paid subscriptions. I plead with you to understand this temporary lapse. Yours in loyalty to Edward. Tony Ryan. Australia.

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Hello Riley :) Congratulations on the launch of your YouTube channel "The Worst of All Worlds" !

I have high hopes for your future activities :)

This is something I wrote by parcels because I want you to understand "real science" properly for those of you who still seem to believe in the "fundamental fallacy" that viruses exist. If you shake off any preconceived notions and read them properly, you'll see that this is an indisputable reality.

Almost everyone in the Western world and its vassal states Japan has been nurtured on the germ theory of disease: that "disease is the direct consequence of the work of some outside agent, be it germ or virus" is a complete fallacy.

The belief that germs and viruses cause disease, rather than "toxemia (it is mainly caused by chemical substance and toxic plants)," is something that the Big Pharma-influenced medical industry makes sure we never question. This is because as long as we believe that germs and viruses cause our illnesses, then we willingly place our blind trust in the hands of Big Pharma and consume their drugs and vaccines.

In biology class, you probably learned about the "Germ theory" established by Robert Koch and Louis Pasteur, but do you know "The Terrain Theory vs. The Germ Theory" that was unfolding between Pasteur and his mentor Antoine Béchamp ?

Also, do you know that Koch published a research paper stating that "anthrax disease is caused by anthrax germ, which can change its form", but got into a dispute with Koch because Pasteur began lying and claiming that it was his own discovery two years later ?

Additionally, Pasteur stole the technology of French veterinarian Jean Joseph Henri Toussaint, who developed a vaccine for anthrax disease in animals, and made huge profits by disguising it as a live vaccine for anthrax disease and selling it for human use. How many people know about these facts ??? Yes, Louis Pasteur is nothing more than a sneaky con artist. Pasteur was close to Napoleon III and had political connections, so he such a series of tyrannical criminal acts and incongruousness goes unmentioned.

To understand why viruses don't exist, let's start by learning about the "Germ theory" that has led to the "fundamental mistakes" of modern medicine. The first article summarizes it, but if you want to know more, I recommend reading the second PDF.

*The Terrain Theory vs. The Germ Theory


*Béchamp or Pasteur? A Lost Chapter in the History of Biology


Formulated by Pierre Jacques Antoine Béchamp in the 19th century, microzymian principle is the basis of a new theory about "viruses." Briefly, this principle holds that in all living organisms are biologically indestructible anatomical elements, which he called microzymas. They are independently living organized ferments, capable of producing enzymes and capable of evolution into more complex microforms, such as bacteria. Béchamp proposed that the environment of the body, determines what can live and not live. With this theory, it is the conditions where germs live that is important (the terrain), instead of the germ itself.

As Florence Nightingale put it: "There are no specific diseases, there are specific disease conditions".

*Pasteur vs Béchamp: The germ theory debate


In the words of Pasteur, the father of the "germ theory" that has become one of the pillars of modern medicine: Pasteur himself, in one of the most quoted deathbed statements perhaps of all time, recanted the Germ Theory and admitted that his rivals had been right, and that it was not the germ that caused the disease, but rather the environment in which the germ was found: "Bernard acail raison; le terrain c'est tout, le germe c'est rien." He was referencing his nemesis Claude Bernard, a proponent of the Terrain Theory and contemporary of Antoine Béchamp.

*The Germ Theory: The Traditional Naturopathic Perspective – Part I By Dr. Bruce Berkowsky


Dr. Saul Pressman, DCh explains: "The so-called ‘bad’ bacteria and viruses that modern medicine fights with its huge arsenal of pharmaceutical drugs are in reality the germs of life. These germs of life live in symbiosis with the nutritive medium that constitutes our body, allowing it to be built up and later decomposed, to be metamorphosed and recreated. These germs are pleomorphic shapeshifters who are controlled by the medium in which they live.

Germs are not something separate, isolated, unfriendly and coming from without, but are rather the foundation for all life. Without germs, there is no life. Their number is infinite. Their function is varied. Germs can change shape, join together, separate again and return to their primordial condition. Viruses, bacteria and fungi are various developmental forms of germs. The nutritive medium on which the germs thrive determines the type of development they will undergo."

*The Owner' S Manual For The Human Body by Dr. Saul Pressman, DCH 


So how does this apply to coronaviruses that shouldn't exist ???

Ironically, all the conditions that have been imposed on us by lockdown, are conditions that change the terrain of the human body in a negative way. Fear, anxiety, stress, isolation, lack of sunshine, lack of exercise, lack of quality nutrition, an obsession with sterilisation, and so on, all cause toxemia and deterioration immune system in the body. These are the conditions we have been largely subjected to in order to keep us "safe". However, what we are instead doing instead is creating the perfect conditions for germs and "viruses (not exist)" to develop in, and there is a lot of evidence that this is by "design".

Dr. Robert O. Young says that the source of common disease, is chemical poisoning, which can come in many forms, such as pesticides, herbicides, genetically modified foods, and vaccines. All of which, do not come from nature. They are produced by the military – industrial – pharmaceutical complex. Dr. Young claims that the Rockefeller's knew this would be an infinite source of revenue, if they could convince the population of germ theory.

*Germ Theory Versus Terrain: The Wrong Side Won the Day


Not only are we misguided in thinking that germs and viruses are the cause of disease, but our entire understanding of the nature of disease is inverted. Although we have been conditioned to fear disease and treat it as something to be combatted, whereas in truth, disease is the body's attempt to initiate a process of healing. What we call disease is the body's attempt to heal and purge itself of the numerous poisons that have accumulated as a result of toxemia, and to heal itself of the damage those poisons have caused. It is also the body's attempt to force us to rest so that it can restore the lifeforce energy reserves that our habits have drained. Therefore, instead of attempting to "fight" disease with pharmaceutical drugs and countless other methods, all we need to do is get out of the body's way and trust in the wisdom of Nature.

*Antoine Béchamp


*HISTORY - Antoine Béchamp

"Nothing is lost, nothing is created... all is transformed. Nothing is the prey of death. All is the prey of life."


Thanks. I hope you have a nice weekend :)

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Dear Edward, thanks for your most passionate and honest interview, you are more patriotic that 80 percent of the Russians. By being patriotic I mean you asking the right questions that will probably lead to saving more Russian lives and to the improvement of the situation inside Russia, not being rah rah rah Pro Russian propaganda like Duran or Saker. I am honoured to have such compatriots as you are. Thanks for your toils.

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Riley: "What kind of message does this send" (exchanging head of Nazis for a fucking Oligarch).

Key point. THEY DON'T CARE.

The war is another Oligarch war used to rob people and gain more control over them. Giving them the boogeyman, a team to cheer for, entertain them and avoid thinking in terms of Oligarchy vs People.

So keep them Oligarchs (your friends) save and play along with the show.

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The reason I support President Putin and the "special military operation" is all about sovereignty.

"We will never betray or lose our sovereignty." "Sovereignty is the guarantee of everyone’s freedom." the Russian President said at a concert dedicated to the 1,160th anniversary of the birth of Russia’s statehood.

Russia is 1,160 years old! Ukraine was created FROM THE RUSSIAN EMPIRE by Communist Vladimir Lenin in 1917 as a Soviet Republic.

There were ONLY hundreds (mostly in Saint Petersburg) that protested against Russia's partial mobilization of 300,000 reservists (under 2 percent of Russia's reservists). And I ask> Where were these Saint Petersburg protesters when the LIBERAL European supported Saint Petersburg mayor initiated an injection "green pass" to enter businesses in Saint Petersburg??? The young liberals did NOT protest against an injection mandate. Why??? Only middle age small business owners who work hard for living protested against injection mandates in Saint Petersburg. Saint Petersburg is like LA California and VERY liberal.

There were THOUSANDS in Moscow near the Kremlin, holding Russian flags, as well as flags of the country’s regions and political parties. Celebrities, including actors and pop stars, are taking part in the ‘We Don’t Abandon Our Own’ event. Своих не бросаем!


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I’m a recent subscriber. I appreciate your depth and lack of the fan boy-ism some of the well known ‘analysts’.

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Thanks for the BMW commercial.

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A virus does NOT exist because a virus has NEVER been proven to exist. ALL sexual diseases (including monkeypox are caused by poisons produced by BACTERIA or yeast infections. Even HPV is NOT a virus. HPV is a wart. Sexual diseases that are caused by bacteria are usually caused by perversely putting something where it does NOT belong.

Australian Doctor Samantha Bailey and Canadian Doctor Andrew Kaufman support the "terrain theory" as well. I support the "terrain theory" too.

For the record, I have NEVER had a sexual disease and NEVER will have a sexual disease. I am a very clean person and take showers daily and I have traditional values.

People who believe in viruses will ALWAYS live in THEIR belief that a human can "catch" a disease floating in air from another human.

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Might be worth considering Scott Ritter's and Colonel Douglas MacGregor's analysis of the conflict.



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If you want a 'positive note' to end this on, it is this: the war is an opportunity for Russians to clear out some of their bad elements by further empowering the military while also purging that military of incompetence as performance becomes more important. Likewise, the state is attempting to bolster the church and anti-liberal elements in order to make the ideological divide clearer and less complicated.

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Thanks for this, Riley. Some segments which i found really hit the point. Time marks are approximate.

17:00 - Russian gas and ammonia continue flowing through pipelines traversing Ukraine, full connivance of the Russian and Ukrainian regimes, supposedly fighting to the death.

24;00 - Rolo charges that the Putin regime has “lost Ukraine, makes appeals which i found downright xenophobic, such as about Russia’s blood rights to Ukraine, states most Ukrainians speak Russian, and this makes them Russian. This is absurd. A friend of mine, a Slavic languages instructor who loves learning all sorts of languages, visited Armenia during Soviet times, and started speaking to people in Armenian. They responded as if insulted, saying they could speak Russian well, as if he was a Russian patronizing them. He clarified he was American, which changed their attitude. But no one would say Armenia is therefore Russia. Rollo thinks he’s being liberal acknowledging that Ukrainian exists, when it’s in fact been a separate language since 900-1100 A.D.

28:00 - Marko refers to “Little Russians” and “Great Russians,” as if we were back in Czarist times, when Ukrainians were referred to as “Little Russians,” and the place was called “Little Russia” on maps.

40:00 - Joking about how some many pro-Russia bloggers in the West assert Putin is surrounded by 5th columnists, so much so that one must wonder if Putin is the real 5th columnist, having appointed them all and even re-appointed them. Reality is that the Russian government is pursuing the “Pandemic” fraud and continuing to implement the core measures of 4IR.

49:00 - Discussion about the recent exchange of 50-some Russian POWs and a pro-Russia oligarch in Ukraine who worked to create a network of supporters who were supposed to deliver places such as Kharkiv to Russian troops as they showed up (which did not happen), for a couple of hundred members of the Nazi-sympathizing Azov Battalion, including its head. The supposed Russian goal of de-Nazifying Ukraine has just been officially shredded.

56:00 - Above people being like gang members in the US. How the planned “cakewalk” through Ukraine by the Russian army failed to materialize, a huge Russian intelligence failure.

1:02:00 - Good discussion by all three of charges against them by pro-Russia bloggers in the West that they were “demoralizing” the Russian people, responding vigorously that they were simply saying the same thing many Russian patriots and hard core pro-military hardliners were/are saying, people who are actually in Russia, vs the people blogging on beaches in Florida.

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First, sorry for stealing this from you without notice!



May I ask if you are still in Georgia?

Anyway, you guys omitted the idiot that thinks he were a Russia experts and military genius- the saker!

As always please be careful and watch out young man. They will stop at nothing to make your life hell, once your voice started gaining traction!

All the best with the new "weapon"



"Please listen to these live-in-the-place guys, use your own brain to make your own conclusion, folks.

To me, I already saw its true nature from the beginning!

All of them, they play people's lives just like their favorite sport! I can no longer blame them. People are so stupid indeed!

I survived Vietnam War. I learned my lesson, which unfortunately cannot be passed down even to my own grand kids!

-The so-called 1st World War could not teach people anything! -Randolph Bourne with "War is the Health of the State" (1918) could not wake up the sheeple! And came the Veteran war hero General Smedley D. Butler with "War Is a Racket" could not wake up them / the people, the sheeple either! So the so-called Second World War came which was even worse with even more popular support! Then the Korean War, the Vietnam War, Middle East War, Afgan War, Iraq War...Big war, small war... war after war... together with all sort of government engineered crises, false flags, one after another... Small protests, Large protests, thousands, millions protesters marched on the streets chanting, demanding and ... went home...kept voting and whining!

-Nothing changed, but everything has been getting worse and worse everyday ever since!

Still, NO ONE learns anything, even right now with the Crimedemic brutal lockdowns with all brazen straight face lies and shameless flipflops, which paved the way for the imposing of the murder clotshot. Consequently, SADS, myocarditis, drop-dead with "unknown causes!" have rapidly happened all over the world....All are obviously planned DEMOCIDE!

Still, No one dares to think of the Bastilles! Every "smart leading dissident" just keep talking, talking, and talking, and urging "do not rise up, just do not comply" (as if Government thugs and goons would just let them "do not comply" and would leave them alone!) and then asking people for donations or/and selling merchandises!

OK, fine with me! Have fun! Good luck!


Governments Don't Give A Shit About You At All! At All! Patriotism Is Always The Resort of The Scoundrels, and is the Death Trap for Idiots!

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Sep 25, 2022·edited Sep 25, 2022

To the first speaker, Stop saying "you know" every other sentence. That would help with communication.

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MOSCOW, February 5. /TASS/. The US Bloomberg news agency published a headline saying "Russia Invades Ukraine" on its website on Friday, then admitted its mistake and removed the article.

"We prepare headlines for many scenarios and one of those headlines was inadvertently published at around 4 PM ET (about midnight Moscow time - TASS) today on our website," the news agency said, adding "We deeply regret the error."

It is specified that the cause of this happening is being investigated.

Lately, Ukraine and the West have been increasingly echoing claims of an alleged possible Russian "invasion" of Ukraine ever more frequently. Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov branded such information as an "empty and groundless"

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No SMO. The Russians can say they are at war with NATO, which is the truth.

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