Sep 24, 2022 • 1HR 23M

Deep thoughts about Ukraine

Marko, Rolo & Edward discuss current events in the inaugural episode of The Worst of All Worlds, a new ASMR YouTube channel

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Audio musings about Russia
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Welcome to the first episode of The Worst of All Worlds, a new biweekly audio dispatch featuring Rolo Slavskiy, Marko Marjanović, and your humble Shipwrecked-in-Tbilisi Correspondent.

Today’s episode is about Ukraine. (It’s a country in Eastern Europe near Poland and Belarus.)

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oh hey Edward WHERE IS OUR Q&A? Where’s your hot take on partial-mobilization? Where’s the final installment of the Putin & COVID series? And is it true that you are writing a Beginner’s Guide to Sputnik V, which will make vax shills scream and flee in terror?

Q&A is dropping tomorrow. Other amazing content coming very, very soon.

Also, thank you to my extremely attractive, elegant and beguiling paid subscribers.