Let me get this straight: Sber is a bank.

Unfortunately, it feels like Putin is a Global Young Leader, after all.

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For me, the worst thing to happen in the past two years has been the gradual erosion of my admiration for Vlad Putin. I am wondering if the man who outmanoeuvred the US in its absurd attempt to dethrone Erdogan, thus driving Russia and Turkey together, was mentally poisoned in a similar way that of David Icke, once the best geopolitical analyst in the West, or maybe even the world, suddenly saw shapeshifting alien lizards.

Not that I was guilty of simple hero-worship. I nurtured the hope that Putin would destroy the US, which would enablewe ustralians to rid ourselves of American control of our government, armed forces, and our hemispheral security.

It now looks like we will have to do it all by ourselves.

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"We must be capable of achieving genuine technological, digital and, to a large extent, cultural, educational, and value-based sovereignty for Russia and our entire society."

The sine qua non of a country's real sovereignty is the monetary sovereignty. Putin never tried to recover it after Gorbachev and Yeltsin sold it to the Money Changers. This alone is sufficient to situate Putin on the "Grand Chessboard". Now, talking about sovereignty within the scope of the transhumanist project is the type of humour that must bring a huge smile on the face of his Kabbalist masters.

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Must see! We will win when have such talent on our side: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QB8iCBogmSU

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Herman Gref is such a Russian sounding name. Is this a joke ?

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Sber is more than a bank. There is something called Sber Ecosystem. With the support of the World Economic Forum’s Centre for Cybersecurity and Interpol., Sber organized Cyber Polygon, an online conference conducted on an annual basis and was to take place for the fourth time in 2022. The central theme was supposed to be Digital Resilience in the Cloud Age.

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HMM, i apparently cannot "like" this, when i click on the icon i get sent to "comments." Any ideas?

Thanks once again, Riley, for exposing the reality behind "a different world" which bloggers and commentators in the West tell us Putin, Russia and BRICS represent. You know how i feel, even if i can't express it via a click.

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"[Gref] is also a former WEF board of trustees member who wrote the preface to the Russian-language edition of Klaus Schwab’s The Fourth Industrial Revolution."

Say that again?

On second thought, it shouldn't be much of a surprise, I guess.

In other words: It's not coincidence that he's in so many photos of those meetings, it's not that his wife is so angry at him that he's living in these conference places.

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Have you seen an analysis of Sputnik 5?

I note that you describe it as "Russia’s unproven genetic COVID slurry" and "goo" but provide no evidence about the contents nor any comparison with vaccines given elsewhere in the world.


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I believe a person can never stop advocating for what is righteous and correct. If this genetic manipulation is able to permanently change the DNA of the immune system as stated by a recent japanese study then it could migrate throughout the entire global population eventually. If a permanent change of immune system DNA is possible then DNA in all types of cells might be susceptible to inadvertent reprogramming. Maybe the psychos at the top who are old and evil just dont want the human population to outlive them. Or there could be a death loving wild card in the ranks of the scientists who developed this monstrosity. Maybe they're all just insane enough to believe that engineered humans will out-survive biological humans. History is full of insane dictators who thought they were going to improve humanity, but destroyed themselves and their nations and empires. That type of egomania is a personal flaw that clouds judgement so, left unchecked, the dictators and psychopaths "Schwab is both", could end up destroying humanity by mistake. Thats why "power to the people" is the best policy of government. Lot of checks and balances in that system.

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Well, that was depressing! .... On the bright side, I took the Mrs to a local doctor here in St Petersburg Russia, today. Never been there before but went coz it's the closest. And...um.... this old coat check guy started jabbering at me in Russian to put a mask on.....and then the Mrs started jabbering back at me coz I was making scene. And she was afraid I would get kicked out...... coz... um... well ...that's happened before.

So, I sorta half put the mask on, you know like most people do around here, so I could breathe, and proceeded to take the timid Mrs on to the correct doctor's door ...and shoved her in and then took a seat in the waiting area.

She was gone for an extra long time I thought, and then came out happy as a hillbilly. Turns out the doctor lady openly stated to her that she is AGAINST all the clot-shots and refuses to take them. So, I think we found our doctor here in St Petes. .....

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Gref's been added to our list!

The FDA, and others running the 'World Health circus', must be earning well out of the deceit and lies they seem to promote or 'turn a blind eye' to.

Like, in 2020, the sudden disappearance (denigration) of IVERMECTIN and other SAFE & EFFECTIVE 'anti-viral' medicines, when for decades, they have been universally respected treatments for viral diseases in both humans and animals.

Like, pretending the (once honest and respected, World Health Organisation = pre-Gates tenure), had recommended IVERMECTIN as on of 50 Important Medicines that every Country should use.

Like, pretending IVERMECTIN had been used successfully for years in dealing with viral health issues.

Like, ignoring the fact IVERMECTIN had been awarded the NOBEL PRIZE for Medicine, for the decades it was used safely and successfully.

Like, awarding Big Pharma an Emergency Use Approval (EUA) "because no other anti-viral treatment existed" at the time of Pfizer's (et al) Applications to launch their EXPERIMENTAL new (USELESS BUT EXTREMELY DANGEROUS) mRNA Injections (unbelievably mis-described as "vaccines").

Like hiding the terrible Pfizer, et al, Safety trial data and Post jab fatality results from the (dodgy 'In-House') results that Pfizer were allowed to perform without proper independent supervision.

Like, covering up the extent of 'serious Heart health issues' and 'Blood Clotting' frequency that occurs after the new mRNA injections are administered.

Like pretending the exponential increase in the new (since 2020) phenomenon of 'Sudden Instant Death Syndrome' (SADS) (in high functioning sports participants) was 'non-existent' or latterly suggested to be "extremely Rare".

Like pretending the new mRNA injections were "SAFE & EFFECTIVE" - which None are!

Like initially going along with Big Pharma's (Pfizer in particular) reluctance to publish their Safety Trials or the ingredients of their 'POISONOUS' injections for 75 years before such important information was to be made public. This preposterous request was then reduced to 50 years. Eventually, the FDA's conspiracy with Big Pharma was so blatantly obvious, the judiciary had to determine that Pfizer could simply 'drip-feed' the important )in-house???) Safety stats over many years.

Like allowing the ludicrous concession of NO LIABILITY for any/all INJURIES or/and DEATHS related to the greedy Big Pharma's new injections. A concession with absolutely no logical reason to be permitted. The NO LIABILITY condition encourages Big Pharma to function for PROFIT over HUMAN SAFETY! Ann encouragement to avoid costly Quality Control = A 'LICENCE TO KILL' with impunity.

The list of complicity between Big Pharma & FDA, CDC, NIH and other related Health overseeing bodies, seems endless and demonstrates that human health is a profit making venture with many fingers in the 'brimming till', and with absolutely no regard for Human Health. Just for PROFIT!

LIABILITY must be reintroduced IMMEDIATELY = It's just common sense!

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed to live longer!

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