When I crave digital ID, I make sure that I look for the multi polar brand.

It's double plus good!

Oh and Brawndo has electrolytes!

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Yeah, foolish worrywarts in both Russia as well as the West. Ignore those Russians, they worry about everything. Listen only to the truth-telling bloggers in the West like The Seeker, they know Vladimir is our best hope, if he implements digital IDS tied to CBDC it's because he loves Russia and Russians. 😂

Thanks, Riley!

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It's pretty upsetting to see a country with such great potential to rival the elite toe the line. Up until 2020 I always believed Russia was a shining beacon against the Anglo-American Zionist cabal. Turns out Russia and China, and very likely NK to be partners of it. Looks like only us can fight the parasites and only us

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As an American my primary concern is what the government of my country is doing. The elected politicians here are, and for decades have been vile, corrupt scum. Given that conclusion I have no alternative but to think the same of those that elect those politicians.

Yet they want me to worry about balloons and Ukraine .....

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Apparently not everyone is OK with this, and not just recently either.


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You can acutally hear the cheers coming from that lovely plot of Rockefeller land housing the seat of the UN in NYC. The Putin regime edging ahead of the terrorist USEUNATO conglomerate on Agenda 2030 issues to catch up with the Kremlin's Chinese partners, it will be great when you can buy Putin NFTs with your virtual currency to show how multipolar your are.

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Hello to you all! On May 13th there will be an international event for all of those who suffered from this horrendous last few years. The most visible victims are the ones dead or maimed by the shots and those who died from untreated cv or other infections and diseases, who did not fit well to the narrative.

But there are many of us who suffered in various ways - discrimination, insults, being outcast from the workplace, public life and places, or simply put in repeated lockdowns.

Could you please share if there is anything planned in your country / region / town? It would be interesting and we still have the time to use and improve creative ideas, so that it could not get silenced and would not go unnoticed.

Thank you all!

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Oh my! In the stupid Jewish West, there is a huge of useful idiots who still believe that the Jewish Orange Clown and Q with Russia-Putin and China-Xi will save the world from.... !

Anyway, Just Look at this "Breaking News"

"Putin Orders Destruction of All Covid-19 Vaccines in Russia"

By Michael Baxter -March 4, 2023


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I am so glad I have you people who understand how these billionaires play this game! We are all surrounded by plebs who believe this war is real and that Putin and Biden are actually waring with one another! Goodnight to all of you who know the truth! We are very few

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I'm sure the Russians (the people, not the Kremlin's puppets of kabalists like Berel Lazar), are resourceful enough to blow up mobile telephone relay antennas.

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Anyone has a interesting take on the earthquake in Turkey? Was Erdogan real opposition and punished? Or fake opposition and punished? Or was it just a earthquake?

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A song for the great halls of power including Putin. While his 5-D chess skills internationally are downright majestic, the infection from (oh god, this is gonna sound so 'Rothschilds rule deh planitt!') banking entities ultimately rooted in Israel just as much as in USA or Germany or "the far-flung Isles of Langerhans", all entities who never met a catastrophically imposed biosocial experiment project or product they didn't like... look velly bad, velly velly.


I am enjoying watching Putin and colleagues magnificently play the game(imo, of course, and I have no time to argue it with trolls who think they're chatbots on some sadomasochistic chatroulette), especially because he and Lavros are trying to stabilize, not destabilize, global affairs. (Yes, yes, I know: it's all part of The Grand Scheme. Thank you very much.)

But I am not enjoying watching teh kovvid (can we start making dumb internet jokes about it now, pls?) creep through a Russian populace just recently getting used to better times and better yet ahead. The central bank infection doesn't scare me that much. Sovereigns used to kick out no longer needed moneylenders regularly, which is why there are ten times more Jews in New York than London, second only to Tel Aviv. Vlad knows how the game is played. He is still the king, and the Mossad hasn't got anything on Russia's espionage/terrorist game. Poor Izzy, in fact, is in dire straits but, like its favorite best friend enemy, USA/eu, too stupid to realize it. Wadda schmuck, no?

The damage done by vakzinazion, though... velly bad.

One wonders when people will figure out that they don't need cellphones. When the network crashes and rots, I suppose.

Meanwhile, das globalists are discovering, as did their predecessor in NWO-building, Adolph von Mustache ( https://media.fugly.com/IMAGES/Random/hitler_nigga_please.jpg ) that it's easier to start a war, or industrial eugenics by slaughter including death by vakz, than it is to win, stop, or just plain get out of financially or even physically intact.


I have nothing better to do than be happy regardless. :)

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Thank you for the music Riley! New to me and it was amazing - especially the use of the bass line. (Your writing is not bad either) 🙃

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Riley, perfect choice of music here.

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While I do agree that Russia and China both have their hands in the New World Order. I don't think they have quite the leverage over the West yet. The NWO is a very "Western" idea. It really started to blossom once the Rothschild backed Bolsheviks took over Russia in 1917. Back then Russia and China too were not governed by the Cabal and were fiercely opposed to it. When Putin originally rose to power I thought he would be a Neo Tsar who would cleanse the country of these traitors, But turns out I was wrong this whole time. I do agree with your comment however the Muslim Brotherhood is not a part of the cabal. If anything they are being ones fighting them (but that doesn't equate they are good)

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Now we know why those two Russian guys paddled to Alaska. They know what is coming.

They'll get a few more years out of coming to the US.

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