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I can’t even visualize all of the babushkas using digital rubles. My grandmother babushka wouldn’t. She’d trade cabbages or potatoes with another babushka.

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Comrades do not listen to luddite naysayers like Slavsquat!

Embrace the technocratic future!

Digitial rubles do not have corona all over them like physical rubles!

Much healthier and safer for your climate change social credit passport!

No digital ruble, no pelmeni and wodka for you!

Later you will learn to appreciate the taste of bug powder en route to soylent green and children born not from wombs but lab vats!

Slaves-- uh-- Slavs, embrace your futures now: the digital ruble is here!

(All facetiousness aside, the digital ruble is merely the stepping stone for the IMF's crypto SDR one world currency.)

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Biggest concern: How do you flaunt digital rubles in Rap music videos? You gotta have your cyberwallet on a monitor or something? And "making it rain" in the club by just repeatedly pressing a button on your phone? Not quite as exciting without the cash.

On a more serious note, this "roadmap" might take a long time. Building up infrastructure everywhere outside like Moscow and St.Pete's and a few other cities would be a decent start.

Also, you have to have the ability to give bribes in Russia, otherwise the entire society will collapse. So there has to be some "bribe" option in Sberbank online app or something, otherwise the world will end! I mean it's physically and metaphysically impossible to have Russia without bribes, same goes for most of the world.

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This is my worst nightmare coming true.

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This modern finance stuff is all malevolent witchcraft anyway. So what is the real difference with "digital currency" and the digital ones and zeros that make up my bank account now as none of it really exists? I got in the habit of using a debit card because it does save me money and it is more convenient. They already limit how much cash I can withdraw from an ATM now so what is to prevent them from from reprogramming my card so I can only buy "approved" items? All new US currency has some kind of a reader strip installed already and according to investor Graham Summers the strip can be used to tax the money you use--a cash tax. So when the economy crashes as it will, large bills will be banned and small bills will have a use tax--so for example when you give a $20 it will only purchase $18 worth of stuff that is already overpriced due to inflation. The only way to avoid any of this nonsense is to barter and I am sure that will be made illegal and labeled with some evil moniker like "the black market" or something.

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I couldn't really read this. I am heartbroken. Russia has fallen.

Putin gave his country to ...Klaus.

Putin was scheming since his days in East Germany to destroy Russia. Now he has, hard to say.

Where are the trucks?

No trucks, where are the pushcarts?

Where are the uprisings against the digital hell of horror?

Where is the land my mother took out of?

Russia has fallen

Putin will lose all legitimate consent by the ruled, another failed ruler

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All in all it's just another brick in the wall...

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