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"[Under the law,] a citizen without a court decision is deprived of the right to free movement, to work as an individual entrepreneur (that is, the right to work), and the right to own and sell real estate."

It does have the stench of a social credit system and a glimpse of what might happen to all the "noncompliant" and not just those who evaded conscription. Russia's central bank digital currency will be an effective tool for deploying repressive policies. Don't feel alone, as your Western counterparts in so-called liberal democracies will shortly follow suit.

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Prigozhin is just trying to discredit the Russian government because he is jealous of the MoD Generals. MoDs brilliant combined arms, 5th generation hyper sonic successful regroupings from Kiev, Sumy, Izum, Kharkov, Kherson and basically everywhere have made Prigozhin and Wagner look like the amateurs they are. Prigozhin and Riley here as part of a paid NAFO psyop operation are trying to trick us into thinking its the fault of some mythical Russian deepstate that Wagner cant successfully regroup and de-escalate from Bakhmut.

Strelkov is just projecting his own treachery onto the Russian leadership. Its actually Strelkov and a bunch of angry LNR/DNR vets fault that Donetsk, Bryansk and Belgorod are shelled everyday, that the Dniper Bridges are still standing, that Ukrainian decision making centers are untouched, that the front doesnt have enough of anything etc. If Strelkov and all these angry patriots had never set the original Russian spring in motion in 2014 than Donbass would still be a part of Ukraine today and none of these problems would even exist. Remember guys the Kremlin busted its ass trying to smother the original Russian Spring and de-escalate all this obnoxious Patriotism from the get go. If these Patriots had just got out of the way from the beginning there would have never been any Minsk accords to begin with because there would have never been any LNR or DNRs. So ipso facto this is all people like Strelkovs fault.

Ungrateful "Patriots" whining about how Moscow isnt cleaning up the messes they made they way they want. Shame Riley for giving them a soap box.

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Thanks for that again Riley. I can't stand Ehret anymore and I posted this on his latest blurb.

Why don't you comment on those articles Mr Ehret? Where is the magnificient egalitarian social and caring for the vulnerables and vivid economic and bread and technology for everybody world that you are announcing (constructing would a better word) into your fablings? This revealed the multipolar failure. Get out of your head before it is too late.



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I'm so tired of both sides making up bullshit.

The war is problematic not because of oligarchs behind the back, but the ones that Putin followed, while ignoring his own generals, some of which put up protest from the start. Paul Craig Roberts saw that it was destined to fail, while the war experts like Scott Ritter were surprised. Ritter loves to make specific predictions which are never accurate. What is the point of speculating about this odd war that defies basic logic?

BTW, remember when Russia targeted key parts of the Ukrainian power grid months ago? I didn't hear shit about Ukrainians having power issues. I even asked my friends who do social media to find out if the pro Ukraine feeds are showing that they have power issues. Nope! Maybe i missed something?

BTW, it takes a long time to repair substations and transformers as the equipment needed is usually slow to obtain.

This war is so stupid Ukraine buys diesel from Russia and Russia still uses the Ukraine pipeline for gas transit. The Nord stream is another bullshit story most likely. But let's just blame rogue oligarchs who used a boat...


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Great Article Riley.

From the outside, not a Russian, it appears that Russia is fighting on a few fronts.

I am astounded that while they are at war with Ukraine, they still do deals like Energy being transported through Ukraine to Europe who is financing a war against Russia and Grain deals that benefit Ukaine.

Then, Russia is still pandering to the UN's WHO and pushing vaccines. For goodness sake do they not see the UN-NATO as a problem?

Russia is also pushing digital currencies which is the Wests BIS controlled financial noose.

Russia is also at War with its own citizens.

Then we have Brics which has Ramaphosa involved who is a WEF and UN acolyte.

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I have been thinking about the so called special military operation. No regular explanation seems to fit what's going. Mother Russia should have been able to finish this operation successfully by now, but yet she has not. Why?

Then I thought of the good old disaster capitalism so successfully deployed in Democrat controlled cities in the USSA. You trash the place. You de-fund the police and flood the hood with BLM and Antifa thugs. Then when property values plunge your billionaire oligarch backers can snap up prime real estate for cents on the dollar.

What if the same business model is employed in the Donbass? What could somebody want to get there? Perhaps prime agricultural land? The world's bread basket? Something else I have not thought of?

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A title with a great legacy. Thanks, Riley. No surprise, Russian admirers of Putin are more open to seeing the bitter truth than the "alternative" media commentators and analysts in the West, who cannot see beyond their opposition to their own regimes, have contempt for their fellow ordinary human beings, and grasp on to potential saviors from the outside.

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One of the most popular searches on Google these days is "how to delete a Gosuslugi account", Gosuslugi being the unified portal of State and municipal services, the one that delivers electronic military subpoenas. The Russians are quite good at non-violent noncompliance.

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Looks like the Federation is going down the toilet like so many other countries that listen to the same fiddle. Boy, am I glad to have moved and live in a "third world" country, one of the poorest on the planet.

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The nose knows.....

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What Putin is doing is 100% irresponsible! He could have finished this in a week, but he's just letting it go ahead and give the west all the time. This is just not right:


Paul Craig Roberts (PCR), former Assistant Treasury Secretary in the Reagan Administration

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Every gov't leader is hellbent on destruction of their own state. Each country is being destroyed from the inside by traitors. There are none not bribed or forced using pedophile evidence against each one.

NWO. Only way out: bayonet every single traitor. Every single one.

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"Prigozhin says war is being sabotaged by Russia’s Deep State."

He would not be the first one to say that. Assuming that kind of sabotage will prolong this terrible war, it may be interesting to find out if those elites are "sleepers", agents working for foreign intelligence, so typically directors or managers who have something to say in some part of the government and who earn enough money to send their kids to study and live abroad (so they can be controlled by threatening to stop the money flow). Those exist even though many of them do not act like agents as long as they keep earning money that way.

Also, when did we accept Russia's private mercenary army, working independently of Russia's actual army?

One more question. We all want the killing to stop and unlike NATO shills, we also include Eastern Ukraine, they want to live just like we do. But isn't there any way to stop the killing in that part of the country which has been going on for eight years, without killing more people in other parts of the country?

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I can postulate Strelkov and Prigozhin as agitation agents, they look like dissidents in a way but their role is actually to keep West leaning oligarchs on their toes, is a possibility. Their is no way Prigozhin is not operating at the top level, Wagner's operations in Africa, let alone Ukraine, and their integration with the Russian Armed Forces tactical evolution are too important. Cancelling the Immortal Regiment is a real head-scratcher though. The surveilance state upgrades are just dark. Hard to know what to think, but that's why I appreciate your reporting.

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I like the YouTube link.

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I openly admit over the past year or two I have been trusting V. V. Putin almost blindly, although there was always inside me that shade of doubt about him, cast precisely by his full compliance with the scandemic and other WEF-promoted globalistic goals, which fact made him look at least partly accomplice with Schwabb and his kind. Your blog, as I've told you already, has helped me realize how on track my suspicions were. But then an important question arises: What's the alternative? I mean: beyond my personal disappointment, I still consider Putin one of if not the very best leader Russia has had for many decades, and probably also one of the best in the world nowadays. I am not sure any other person could have managed to cut the bleed, the plunder of Russian resources and wealth that begun after the collapse of the USSR; although I am open to learn I am wrong. But if I am correct, then, who is to replace him that can do better for the Russian people? Criticise him is all very fine, and I am first in the list to doing it when I understand the dubiousness of his actions, the contradiction between these and his talking; but in any case idealism always clashes with realism: does an alternative leader for Russia exist who is ready and able to steer his nation away from globalism?

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