War is ruthless. Painting a swastika on stomach of a woman civilian in mariopul is far more ruthless & a war crime. Azov are horrific mthf.

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A disappointing article. Let's just take one issue. About urgent relocation of Russain troops from the north of Ukraine to the southeast.

The reason is very simple: the Seversky Donets - Donbass 134 kilometers long canal begins in Slavyansk, located in the valley of the Kazenny Torets River (a tributary of the Seversky Donets). This canal supplies water to the entire eastern and southern parts of Donetsk region.

Water shortages in Donetsk have been going on for almost seven years now - and if Mariupol, which was under Kiev's control, had not also needed this canal for its water, it would have been shut off by Kiev long time ago (because it cares so much about citizens of Donbass).

Now that the final capture of Mariupol is a done deal, the Kiev authorities have completely blocked water supply to Donbass. In Donetsk itself, there are only 8-10 days of reserves left, even with extremely tight control over water consumption - and if Slavyansk is not taken in two weeks at most, humanitarian hell will break out in Donbass.

At the same time, there is no question of a total evacuation of the entire population - no more than 250 thousand people were taken to Russia over the past month. This is only 1/12th of all residents of Donbass. So there just won't be time to move everyone out. It is also unrealistic to expect that Russia can truck in the necessary amount of water, and therefore, it is urgently necessary to take Slavyansk under the control of the DPR and Russia.

The nearest grouping with the necessary amount of equipment and military personnel turned out to be Russian troops near Kiev and Chernihiv, and as soon as the picture of the impending humanitarian catastrophe became clear, the General Staff sent the grouping to the east. After the capture of Slavyansk, these troops are likely to return to their previous positions,and by that time the formation will be significantly strengthened by the units that took care of Mariupol and Donbass cauldrons.

Of course, these troops might instead go to the area of Nikolaev and the north of the Odessa region, cutting off Kiev from all ports on the Black Sea. Ports on the Sea of Azov have long been under Russian control. We'll see all these in a matter of a couple of weeks.

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Sorry, but from the very start people were saying that the Russian military doesn't mean to capture Kiev: Elijah Magnier, Thierry Meyssan, Gonzalo Lira... plausibly Scott Ritter himself.

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I have linked many of Marko's articles over the past few years, and I try to share varying opinions on this particular subject matter, as well as others. Not all do I agree with. But lately it seems that Marko has become more Empire than Anti-Empire!!! I don't believe I will share this particular one @https://nothingnewunderthesun2016.com/

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This is simply constructive criticism. Marko Marjanović writes a disjointed, rambling article that I personally had trouble reading. The only really GOOD point that stood out was>"parking forces in Belarus opposite of Kiev would have worked to tie down enemy forces and without all the pitfalls of mad dashing." I plan to write my own substack soon to explain this "special military operation" in an easier to understand format. In the meantime, I offer my simple post.

1) President Putin does NOT formulate military plans. President Putin only approves the over all strategy. President Putin was misled by incompetent military top leadership. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and General Valery Gerasimov should be FIRED for FAILURE. >A) spreading forces too thin B) using conscripts in combat battle C) overly complicated battle plan D) Russian warship Orsk blown up in Ukrainian port E) Tochka U rockets still able to reach Donetsk F) Two Ukrainian helicopters able to attack a CIVILIAN oil depot in Belgorod, Russia. AND SO MANY OTHER GOOFS and GAFFS that led to the loss of Russian soldiers, Russian and Ukrainian civilians.

2) Why focus solely on failure? The Southern Front from Crimea and the Chechnya special forces and Lugansk forces are performing the best. Fresh water now restored to Crimea!

3) The word "RUTHLESS" should ONLY be used when describing Ukraine blatant Law of Armed Combat (LOAC) violations. No mention at all in this article of Ukraine using human shields to slow down Russian military. Why? Who craves a swastika into a woman's stomach, who hangs a pregnant woman in the forest, who shoots unarmed soldiers in the legs? Watch > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=riRz1iZ_yjs to watch age restricted heinous way Ukrainian soldiers violate Geneva Conventions by shooting captured Russian soldiers in the legs.

4) EVERYONE must realize that if this "special military operation" had NOT happened. Ukraine would have RUTHLESSLY conquered Donetsk and Lugansk Peoples Republic with huge loss of life, joined NATO to use a false flag on Crimea border to start an even more deadly war, and released aerosol pathogens, tick vector bacteria disease from Ukrainian bio labs from Turkish drones into Russia and Belarus.

5) Yes, this WHOLE military plan is faulty. Yes, Russian military briefings and Russian media put a positive SPIN on events happening in Ukraine. So what? ALL countries do it. Simply weed it out and focus on facts.

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Saving their faces, and saving their asses. Funny how apologists for one side or the other are trying to hide the reality in the same manner, even if for totally different reasons.

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And his military background is what? Does this guy who is cited who says Russia made big mistakes in the beginning have a military background? Because I don't see any evidence of that. He was an editor of a publication. His bio cites no military background.If he doesn't have a military background, his comments are worthless without actual evidence.

He says the Kiev units are being pulled. What I've heard is that no more than 20% are being moved and those are mostly the airborne troops who went in at the start. The Russians have dug in and intend to wait out the war around Kiev in defensive positions until what I call the "big push" comes from the east once Donbass is reduced.

This is especially likely since there is ZERO evidence that Russia ever intended to take Kiev. Most analysts now believe the sole function of the Kiev operation was to pin Ukraine forces in that region there so they could not reinforce Donbass. That situation remains in force.

He also says nothing useful about the conscripts. Russia may be releasing the conscripts drafted last year, and he thinks this is somehow significant? Does he have any direct knowledge of how many conscripts are involved in this operation inside Russia (and not in Ukraine because conscripts can not be in Ukraine under Russian law - the few that were there by mistake were withdrawn?) Doesn't seem so.

In other words, my opinion is just as good as his since I don't have extensive military background any more than he does.

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Hi Natalie. I hope you're managing these difficult conditions. Greetings also to Natasha in SPb. Some day soon we will gather together and celebrate the stupidity of the non-slav world!

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Echoing PD, TW, RO, and RSH (especially so), I believe Mr. Marjanović should stay in his lane. Whatever that is.

Marko: you’ve gotten the last cent from me you will ever receive. Bon voyage.

Riley: you’re writing for people who do in fact know a few things. If you’re unqualified to judge the merits of a contributor, don’t go there.

Where this all might be going, courtesy of revolver.news:


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I suggest this guy go over to Andrei Martyanov's site and see how far he gets with this stuff. Or ask Colonel Douglas Macgregor whether the Russians are "failing". I may not have a military background (other than as a grunt in the US army decades ago) but I listen to people who do - not people with a Web site editor background.

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It is so simple, bc these 'big mistakes' are NO mistakes at all! Do we really think in 2022 Russia does not know how to do a 'perfect' war and let alone that they have a lot more war-tech they do not use?! It was meant this way bc if we think we are dealing here with two different sides, we are totally wrong bc this war is not a real war in the sense like most think it is. This war is made to distract and to create utter chaos in the West, like food-energy problems. If we follow #UkraineReport by Patrick Lancaster US Navy veteran, then we can see who make the most civilian deaths and it are not the Russians and it is planned this way! CIA is involved from 2014 and they want to prolong it with insurgents from other countries soon. Now most will think I am BSing here and have no clue what is really going on, but these two proofs are telling me a whole other story. DYOR and wake up bc this is all the same coin, a different side of it but the Core is the same.




Why this war is fake but with real deaths and all of that, but the core of it all can be listened here:


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China is watching these developments with interest. It might be thinking why bother killing their own re Taiwan when it is easier to grab some land off Russia?

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And what IF they are only withdrawing their troops so they can NUKE the abandoned areas?

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@Edward Slavsquat and interested readers:

Dear Edward, it might be a good idea to have an updated link collection for the people wo want to do some deeper digging and might want to share their findings. Ideally theme related sorted.

Regarding what is going on in Ukraine, if you search for Intel Slava on Telegrom you will find: Intel Slava Ukraini (Ukrain propaganda), Intel Slava Z (about the war: 2 different chanels, check out both!)

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Plus with media outlets reporting that Putin fell for a NATO trap is total BS.

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Is it your take that this is a scripted NWO operation and Putin is just taking orders from the masonic demonic scumbag elites? Because what is happening is affecting the rest of the world in the ways that other prognosticating authors and researchers over the years have predicted. Edward: I would be very interested in your take on what I see is a scripted event like cv obviously was. You made note that Russia was running the same type of lockdown lockstep that we saw worldwide. Thanks in advance if you can address this in further detail.

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