One of the best articles I have read on the Ukraine conflict - full of excellent points.

My own view is that Putin is in bed with the globalists - and that he was ordered to invade Ukraine to enable the globalist-controlled West to thereby have the excuse to impose the sanctions supposedly against Russia, but which are actually aimed to driving energy prices through the roof in the West, so as to destroy the West's economies and living standards, so as to create such conditions of desperation and fear that people will accept the totalitarian Great Reset as (they will be told) 'the only solution'.

Putin and his government have pursued all of the same 'Covid crisis' and Covid 'vaccines' scams operations as all Western governments, and share those governments' adoration of, and obedience to, the WHO Bill Gates / globalist power centre and nascent World Government.

Putin's global cabal bosses do not want Russian forces going any further into their Ukrainian power and money-laundering Ukrainian power centre - but they do need some Ukrainian 'victories' to boost flagging enthusiasm among European populations for freezing in their homes in order to save the corrupt government of Ukraine, one of the world's most corrupt countries.

And thus, we had the successful Ukrainian counter-attack. The globalist criminals want the war to go for ages yet - but they need to get Western populations enthusiastic for it again, as they huddle in their freezing homes this Winter, and pay obscene amounts for energy supplies.

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if Putin was serious about taking these guys out he could've done it easily...the only assumption we can take from this is that Putin is just part of the great reset agenda...now go get your Sputnik booster and wait for your heart attack

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People don't understand that in reality, there are no countries in the world, any more - not as far as the globalists who seem to be running all countries worldwide are concerned, anyway.

The people who appear to be running national governments pretty much everywhere are no more than glove puppets receiving their orders from the global cabal, who are already operating a fully-functioning World Government which is remaining in the shadows for now, because the global cabal know that most people across the world want their own countries to have its own government.

Klaus Schwab recently held an international meeting who purpose was announced as being to decide the 'Narratives' for the next ten years.

They don't even conceal what they are doing! Everything that the WEF / global cabal has been doing over the last few years is the creation of a series of 'Narratives' - total fictions which they create to justify each of their Goebbels-style Big Lies - the 'Climate crisis'; the 'Covid crisis'; 'Net Zero', 'Carbon Zero' and so on.

Each one of these mechanisms to transfer unimaginably vast amounts of money from ordinary people into the pockets of the oligarchs of the WEF requires a Narrative - each containing a supposed 'crisis' - enabling them that to sell that vacuuming up of the populations' money to the masses.

The common features of all of these Big Lie mass-deception operations or Big Lies is that they must contain:

1. a 'crisis' threatening humanity;

2. the cause of each supposed 'crisis' must be clearly outside the power of individual governments to control - and where no national government can be blamed for them;

3. all of these fake 'crisis' must be clearly only solvable by global action, rather than by individual governments.

4. All of these 'crisis' must, by their nature, be something that ordinary people have no means of ascertaining whether they actually exist, or not.

5. All of these 'crisis' must be something fearful and threatening to ordinary people;

5. Sufficient levels of fear must be created in all populations about each 'crisis' by centrally-controlled propaganda by the mass media worldwide, and by suitable supporting pronouncements by all governments, supported by suitable 'experts', who will be suitable rewarded for playing their required roles in the propaganda operation.

6. All opposition to, or questioning of the veracity of all of the Big Lie mass-deception operations must be quickly crushed with media and political condemnation, or silenced by the main social media platforms, by deplatforming or censoring anything and anyone undermining the approved Narratives.

With no counter-arguments by anyone, due to the cabal's near-total control of all mass media and social media, as well as by each country's government and internet providers, it has been easy for the cabal to transform wholly fraudulent and discredited scams such as 'global warming' (re-branded 'Climate Change, so that it can't be disproved) into unquestionable facts in the eyes of most people.

Very few young people, and few older people (and almost no politicians) now even question for a moment the total scam of 'Climate Change' - despite plenty of climate scientists knowing that it is a complete fraud.

If the scientists were to challenge or expose this scam, they know that their careers, and funding, and jobs, would be instantly ended - for ever. But if they support the Big Lie operations, they will be flooded with generous funding from such globalist entities as the vast Bill Gates Foundation, and so on.

Equally, politicians and the people who used to be 'journalists' know that to oppose or even question any of the globalist Big Lies would mean the end of their careers - virtually overnight.

By this means of carrot and stick the global cabal transforms total fictions into widely accepted and unquestionable 'facts'.

Look at the Covid 'vaccines', as an example - where despite the mountain of published scientific evidence that they are are both totally fraudulent as 'vaccines', and are pathogenic and toxic, causing large numbers of deaths and injuries across the world, no media will carry any report about that.

It is not an Approved Fact - and so, it is not happening, exactly as Orwell predicted in '1984'.

The Ukraine war, absolutely essential in the cabal's Narrative that 'Putin caused high energy costs!', must continue, so that the deliberate destruction of the the West's economies and living standards can proceed as planned.

And since that wave of utter destruction across the Western economies has to be really calamitous, to be accompanied by a financial collapse on a scale never seen before, along with really serious food shortages next year, and very likely a shut down of electricity grids and / or the internet once the aforesaid operations are well underway, the Ukraine war must continue - so that the deliberately engineered 'energy crisis' can continue.

So, the Ukraine war will go on and on, favouring first this side and then the other, for a long time to come, while making unimaginable fortunes in graft and weapons profits for all concerned.

So, everyone's happy, basically with the Ukraine war - everyone, that is, who is in a position of power.

As for the people fighting it, and civilians suffering it, and millions across Europe shivering in their homes with obscenely high energy prices, with hundreds of thousands of small businesses, shops and restaurants being forced to permanently close down, as planned so many years ago...

- well, who cares about them?

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Brings back the old adage once again: "All Wars are Banker Wars".

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I lost all naivety when I discovered that all participants of the Eastern Economic Forum were required to take a PCR test for covid. These people are controlled by umbrella people - not good for the little people world-wide. We need to wake up.

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Since the entire planet seems bent on either serving up fascism or submitting to it? With the recent signs of the Ukraine, King Edward, Joe Biden's fascist speech, WEF connections, the Vatican Bank calling in assets by 9/30/22 & more I have more questions than answers.

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It will end when it has served its purpose for the globalists who orchestrated it in the first place. This conflict is a means to an end, nothing more....

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This comment is addressed to those who think Russia is losing.

Andrei Martyanov has made this point many times, but it bears repeating. Wars are not won on tactics or strategy. Those play an important role, but the key element in winning is LOGISTICS.

Basically, how long can you keep it up? In the Great Patriotic War, the USSR pulled up everything of value and moved east, out of range. From there they simply overwhelmed the invader with their ability to mass produce tanks, aircraft and munitions, not to mention winter coats and felt lined boots. They could do this because they had the steel, the oil, and the ability to feed themselves, plus the rail network to support it. Forget the modest contribution from their allies, which of course the West portrays as the game changer. Not true. Look at the production figures of T34 tanks from that era if you need convincing.

So ask yourself, what has changed? Is Russia short of steel? Oil? Manufacturing capacity? Look at the bridge they built to Crimea, which was completed in record time. Look at their icebreakers. Floating cities! Nobody else makes anything like them. How about floating nuclear reactors? Have you noticed lately that they make long range missiles that can't be intercepted by anything in western arsenals?

These are all facts. Meanwhile, the EU is already rationing gas and shutting down industry, and the US isn't far behind, and couldn't raise a real army if they tried, at least not without first getting everyone's pronouns right.

It's over people. Deal with it. The new kid on the block is Russia. Just be thankful they have an ethical foundation that, unlike Ukraine the USA or Britain, restrains them from committing all out war on their adversary when they know they don't have to, not even to prove a point.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I think a video is worth a thousand pictures. What do you think?


Turn on closed captions if you don't speak Russian.

Note: to those of you confused by all the Soviet flags, including the Victory Banner, that was the flag they fought under, and thus is deserving of respect. It doesn't have the same meaning for Russians as it does in the west. Take it as sign of continuity with their past - remembering the sacrifices made, and retaining what was of value from that era, which is no small thing.

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"Significant but meaningless" might be the most Orwellian phrase uttered since the big guy himself was blogging at 1984 dot com.

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I try to avoid getting drawn into the day to day drama of the war. There are enough pundits to fill Noah's Ark and most of them have no idea what they're talking about. More an effect of the Internet Era than of any actual serious analysis, of which I've only found two worth mentioning: Andrei Martyanov and Larry C Johnson.

For a big picture overview of Russia's military doctrine I recommend this book. Required reading at US military academies, but apparently they only use the Cole's Notes now.


Also available here:


I would tentatively add two other books to the list.

"Chernobyl The History of a Nuclear Catastrophe" and "The Last Empire - The Final Days of the Soviet Union" both by Serhii Plokhy. I say "tentatively" because while they both seem authoritative, I'm not really in a position to judge, since I wasn't around for either event and have actually never been to Russia, as much I'd like to. I think I mentioned earlier that out plans to visit were derailed by the pandemic.

They were both available in PDF when I found them a few years ago. If you can't find them I'll try and help find the links.

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Gonzalo Lira was suspect when his "kidnapping" happened... Many get kidnapped but he got huge press for his. Then he pops back, cryptic...

And now he's got a lot of focus, despite being a nobody before?!

Maybe he plays 5d chess too, the moves of propaganda and disinformation.

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Very thorough research and a very timely article by Riley! Thanks for bringing this topic to your subscribers' attention as not everyone may be aware of key developments on the Russian-Ukranian war front over the last 4 days.

Commenter by the name Bezuhov (Pierre?) has provided excellent analysis of the situation. I can only add couple of things for greater depth in understanding the particulars of the situation.

Speed and a fairly good organization of the Russian retreat are indicative of the fact that this was a preplanned action. This was another "goodwill gesture" if you like, that couldn't be called that for internal political reasons in Russia. Putin now and for a couple of months was stating that Russia's main goal in this operation is to "help the republics" and Kharkov region, as we know, is not a part of the Donbass region and, unlike Kherson, doesn't hold a strategic value for Russia.

Based on a number of intelligence signals Russia is leaning toward the ending of the active phase of the military conflict and some form of negotiations is underway, despite all the war mongering rhetoric we hear mostly from the Western side. Russia's goal is to retain two oblasts (regions) Donetsk and Lugansk, a.k.a. DPR and LPR, plus the land corridor to Crimea and the city of Kherson that also allows for a so needed Dniepr river water supply to the Crimean peninsula.

How successful will these negotiations be for Russia is an open question, but we see a lot of signaling in this direction including recent statements by Russian foreign minister Lavrov.

Some may say Russia has shown a lot of weakness in this conflict, not showing a will to succeed and not obtaining victory through a decisive and swift military action, the US style, for which it had the military capability. This is true. For the first time since the decade long campaign in Afghanistan that started in 1979, Russia has joined the aggressors' club, yet it failed to behave in a way we expect from a true powerful aggressor, like we see with NATO, so as a result we have a very confusing message coming from this military campaign - lots of talk about the "red lines" that shouldn't be crossed, yet very little action when these declared lines do get crossed. At the same time, Russian elites in business and the corridors of power have shown a lot of strength and resilience. How come, you may ask? The strength they have shown is in their steadfast refusal to change the course of close integration with the West and what's interesting - in this situation they think of the globalists as their advocates that will help them to get back into alignment with the West. Let's just read the signs: Russian finance and economy remains in the hands of people who take their orders from the Fed and IMF and not from the Russian president or Duma. Cultural retreat continues - the most promoted book in Russia today is the "Summer in the pioneer (scout) camp" about the first gay love of two teenage boys back in the USSR time in a summer camp. Entertainment programs are back on TV schedule in full swing. Yesterday Moscow celebrated 875th anniversary of its foundation, along with a massive retreat under Kharkov last week with 25K rounds of fireworks and a huge concert in Luzhniki stadium where Sergey Shnurov, leader of the rock band Leningrad and Russian mega-celebrity, performed among other songs a song about Moscow burning. COVID mafia is far from being defeated and is pushing masks and vaccines again with a vengeance. There are many more signs like that, but this should give you a taste of things.

At the same time, reading Russian publics I'm getting an impression that discontent with the government policies, including the strange war in which elites don't want to have a victory, has grown significantly. Even many of the pro-Kremlin patriots, like writer Nikolai Starikov, are beginning to smell a rat and are comparing the situation to the one in 1916 - 1917 that led to demise of the Romanoff empire and the two consecutive revolutions that eventually brought Bolsheviks to power. Russia, like many other places today, seems to be heading for some very interesting times.

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I am no military expert by any standard, but looking at this affair from 30,000 feet it looks like a rerun of WWI. It's just a few thousand kilometers further East. There were the initial gains, but then the whole affair deteriorated into trench warfare with no significant movement whatsoever. Now we have a large late summer offensive, and if the WWI analogy holds true it will soon run out of steam. Territorial gains may even be reversed with nothing more to show other then horrendous losses on both sides. But we shall see.

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Sep 11, 2022·edited Sep 11, 2022

I don't know who the cited authors are, but this is doublethink at its finest. "Oceania was at war with Eastasia. Oceania had always been at war with Eastasia."

And thank you for the video, Riley. We sang this song in music classes at school often. Happy memories.

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This is brilliant. Yes. Thanks for it. Sums it all up fairly I think. I will spread it around.

As someone has said it is the civilians that have lost. Yes. But soldiers too. Everyone loses but the fat cats. The people of the world need to grow up. Just refuse to be cannon fodder. Those lads in Ukraine are throwing themselves eagerly into the jaws of hell. Eagerly. For what possible reward? The reward for the Allied troops in UK after WWII when demobbed was unemployment, missing people at the dinner table, shattered limbs and minds in the family etc..

They kept murderous nazis away from everyone.

These lads are doing the work of the murderous nazis. No matter. Either way same result: no reward.

Standing back from that 'human level' observation it seems to me no matter what happens going forward Russia the nation has won and will continue to win. It has created an alternative global business and political sphere I think. It has cut dependencies and made enemies declare themselves, expose themselves and has manifested to the world its actual importance in a multitude of ways.

Whereas Ukraine the nation has lost entirely. Has no independent future. Must be riven with internal strife if it were to include Donbas and Crimea. Must be in hock to financiers. Must be owned and operated by the CIA. Must still be host to the same set of criminals, corrupt politicians and crazy extremists as brought us to this. Germany rebuilt a great nation benefiting from all new tools, techniques, factories etc. But Germany did not have three 'rebel' or inimical provinces within it etc.

But on the ground war there's no doubt any more that the Russian military machine in Ukraine has performed terribly. I am somewhat shocked. The whole Izyum area is unfortified apparently. The retreating soldiers didn't even leave minefields behind. They have one line of defence where all this time they've been battling Kiev troops with three lines of defence. Which would be the norm, or should be.

They just don't act professionally at all. Now it turns out that the Republican troops - whom virtually none of our commentators chose to mention during all this, constantly quoting it as a conflict between 'Ukraine and Russia', thus promoting the establishment and Kiev narrative - have been doing most of the fighting and it looks like the security of the occupied areas have been left entirely to them.

They have created and manned the front line. They did not create three lines of defence. They did not lay minefields. And: Russia did not see this, did not report on this, did nothing about this.

That's all worse than abysmal. That's criminal neglect. Criminal. Cost men their lives. And cost civilians their lives.

Manpower said to be the root of the problem. Why? The republics have about 5 million people I think. They could in extremis put up an army of as much as 9% of that population according to what I read about such things. Say 400,000.

So it seems reasonable to expect that currently they'd have something like 200,000 men under arms. Do they? I hear nothing, have heard nothing.

All I hear over and over again is that Russia has an army of somewhat less than 200,000.

Do they have full mobilisation? We don't hear about that.

Russia cannot be beat, militarily. That's quite simple If you try to invade Russia and beat it they'll simply go nuclear we all know that. Now the point is that 'Russia' is what Russia says it is. If they say the borders of the Donbas states are the borders of Russia then they'll be defended just as Russia is defended. And, again, Russia can't be beat.

But Russia can give up. Russia can retreat. Russia can be as duplicitous as any other State. Even as UK and USA.

So that's what I see today Is Russia and Putin really as perfidious as Albion and the CIA or not? They've thoroughly tricked me if they are. If they're not then they will defend their borders, they will take back territory they see as within their borders, no doubt about it.

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From 1337 - 1435 Europe was embroiled in the Hundred Years' War. This, ostensibly, was a conflict between England and France. In 2014 (and probably ever since the USSR was defeated), there has been a war staged primarily in Ukraine between the New World Order and the BRICS. There is no reason to imagine that it will end in our lifetimes.

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