More non-stop lying from Sputnik V scientists

This is getting tiresome

The weirdos who developed Sputnik V cannot stop lying. When they aren’t lying, they’re promoting Sputnik/Pfizer blood clot cocktails—which is like lying but when your lies murder people.

We were recently alerted to a Forbes interview with Inna Dolzhikova, a winner of a 2021 Forbes Woman Mercury Award and one of the creators of Russia’s completely unproven COVID slurry. Turns out, Inna is also a compulsive liar. We are noticing a pattern.

During the interview, Inna explained how she and her Gamaleya Center pals developed a high-tech anti-Ebola serum, using the same adenovirus-based platform which gave birth to Sputnik V.

“The Ministry of Health has registered the vaccine for medical use. A little later, we began post-registration clinical trials in Africa, in Guinea,” she explained, avoiding the fact that Guinea was declared Ebola free in 2016, while Gamaleya’s “post-registration clinical trials” (involving 2,000 people—wow!) started in 2017 and ended a year later. How exactly does testing 2,000 people—for just one year—in an Ebola-free country prove anything?

Later, Forbes “circled back” to the Ebola vaccine:

- Has the Ebola vaccine been introduced yet? 

- The vaccine is registered in Russia. We also have African patents. But now, since there is no such large outbreak, our vaccine is not being applied.

See? There is no reason to seek registration in any country outside of Russia, because there is no more Ebola to fight, especially not in Guinea:

Why wasn’t Russia’s magic Ebola juice used during Guinea’s revaccination program in February 2021? Does Guinea hate science?

Actually, Inna: Ebola is still floating around!—it’s just that your vaccine is totally unproven and nobody wants it.

This is just embarrassing.

It’s double-embarrassing because Gamaleya’s unapproved, never-used-in-any-meaningful-way Ebola vaccine is literally its greatest triumph. This is why they keep talking about it and using it as evidence of Sputnik’s “safety and efficacy.”

These people are frauds. Do you know what Sputnik V is actually “based” on? Embezzlement scandals and non-stop failure.

By the way, has anyone figured out why Gamaleya—which is supposed to be manufacturing its own “brand” of Sputnik V—outsourced the drug’s production to an unknown third party, and then resold “their” doses at a mark-up? Is this just standard middle-man corruption, or…?

So much non-stop lying. It’s all so transparent. It’s right out in the open.