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Sadly no country actually knows exactly what the ingredients are in any of the “vaccines”. They all have undeclared excepients in every different brand. I suspect Sputnik V is no different since each country is “all in” with the global depopulation agenda. Some countries, specifically Spain, Germany, South Africa, Poland and the USA have been analyzing Pfizer, Astra Zeneca, J&J. They have all found graphene, hydrogel, Hydra Vulgaris, and other substances yet un named. The required package inserts for the “vaccines” are intentionally left blank, thus no one can actually be certain of exactly what they contain. So people are being injected with unknown substances which have an unprecedented side effect and mortality rate, never before seen, yet they continue to require jabs and boosters. Israelis currently on the 4th mandatory jab, despite public admission of high mortality rates and zero effect on infection. It’s global genocide. If you want to know more details join telegram and follow Orwell City, Redvoicemedia.com- Karen Kingston and Dr. Carrie Madej https://www.redvoicemedia.com/2021/09/dr-carrie-madej-first-u-s-lab-examines-vaccine-vials-horrific-findings-revealed/ of information as well as Dr. Zandre Botha in South Africa https://www.brighteon.com/87b2b9cc-3bd3-4e0e-a9f8-eda464ce1c48 Dr. Franc Zalewski from Poland has found parasitic organisms. https://jamesfetzer.org/2021/10/parasitic-organism-dubbed-the-thing-found-in-covid-vaccines-dr-franc-zalewski-thats-why-theres-graphene-added-inside-the-vaccines-which-nourishes-the/

The main points are that none of these substances should be in vaccinations that are administered to people, they are undisclosed and secondly globally every country is falling in line with the orders. Russia is no different. A common denominator is that the most vaccinated countries have the highest mortality rates. Some morticians are beginning to speak out regarding the excess deaths post jab compared to deaths from COVID prior to the vaccine issuance. This explains why Pfizer doesn’t want the results of the studies published until 2076. All of the masterminds, and villains will be dead by then, thereby avoiding Nuremberg 3.0 trials., meanwhile Big Pharma continues to amass a fortune. This is corruption on every level and country. It’s pure evil.

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These are the Russian graduates of Klaus's Haus (Young Global Leaders) 2006-2012

Milos Ristic

Ioana Popescu

Ruben K. Vardanian

Sergei Guriev

Alexander Ivlev

Kirill Androsov

Nikolay Pryanishnikov

Elena Barmakova

Kirill Dmitriev

Ksenia Yudaeva

Yuri Soloviev

Stanislav Voskresenskiy

Andrei Elinson

Denis Morozov

Nick Dobrovolskiy

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Thanks! Interesting list -- I will do some digging...

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