Tomorrow’s Simplicius the Thinker substack preview: Russian maggots are multipolar and totally different.

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I will say that chickens eat bugs. It's part of their natural diet and I don't object. Now as for the rest... I'll pass thanks. Even the name black soldier fly (maggots) doesn't seem appealing

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This is the kind of news that most powerfully suggests some kind of closet collusion between The Hierarchy in the West and the one in Russia. This idea is so obviously disgusting to the vast majority of the Earth's population that there is no way the West AND Russia would be pushing it simultaneously.

Even given the grief in Ukraine and the economic and political op by the West against Russia, it is hard not to believe that "we the people" are on the receiving end of the biggest gaslighting operation in global history.

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Even if you consider the elites passion for the environment to be genuine ( insert "you fool" in Gandalf's voice) you still have to face three easily observable facts:

- there are no countries with massive campaigns to plant trees..Governments could buy/produce them for pennies, then have kids/students plant them for free one day a month all over the country, while you teach kids about the importance of nature. Win/win. An yet it is not happening anywhere, instead we experience more and more restrictions to our lives due to climate emergency. One could argue trees do not consume much CO2, but everything helps.

- if you want cheaper and more environmentally friendly protein, there are legumes and nuts. Very healthy, full of protein and fibre, nuts also have plenty vit&minerals etc. Granted it is not a meat protein, but there are still options before you go down the road of bugs.

- we have genetically evolved to be disgusted by creepy crawlies. The fact that the elites wants us to eat them despite knowing what pushback they will get from people, I have no other explanation for this other than the elites holds the rest of humanity in strong contempt.

Sooner people wake up, less painful the inevitable clash will be..

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Why is it that, whenever "experts" spread great ideas to solve problems we didn't know exist, like eating "ze bugs", they always want others to try them out.

Btw. this is not the only thing he appears to be copying from the West:

Mishustin and the Minister of Communications Maxut Shadayev announced creating a system of tracking quarantine violation based on data of mobile network operators.

(from Wikipedia, which also says that he used to be tasked with importing Western computer technology)

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Look at the bright side, once coarse larvae flour becomes a main ingredient in food preparation insect exterminators will retool and become five star chef's. 👨‍🍳

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Yeah but in the media all I hear is crickets.

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Stop the world I wanna get off!!!!!!!!!

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Everything THEY (the Global Cult that rules the world including Russia) do is designed to dispirit you. The REAL WAR IS AGAINST YOU. THEY want to show you that they can do whatever the fuck they want with you.

The people in this cult are not masterminds. Psychopaths are inherently disintegrated. They live in TOTAL DELUSION. THEY can be defeated easily. All it takes is AWARENESS.

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Franken-food is causing so many health problems already I can only imagine what processed bug food will do.

Interesting to see that there is no place on this planet safe from this journey into madness. Thank you.

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Once the world switches to Central Bank Larval Currency this will be check and mate. My chickens are early adopters. They happily live in their 15 minute city , and don't complain that I consume their progeny. The SMO would be over already if these "patriots" would just know their place.

We live in wondrous times. Women can now rise in the pecking order. Because they can have peckers...


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Shit, fuck, suka blat', kurwa mać, ja pierdole!

What about on Donbass front? Is "Russia" winning still?...


Sorry for the extreme vulgarity, but I had to.

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Wonderful red list 40 with rolo.

It's strange but Unz has been posting a couple more rolo's articles recently.

I fear rolo is right that internal strife will Be russia's future after Ukraine, just look at the 20th century. It's really very very sad.

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This photo of Denis Manturov is really great art. He looks like a saint with a halo (German word Heiligenschein is better). I got a feeling that he will sing in a few seconds the German Christmas carol "vom Himmel hoch da komme ich her und bringe euch neue gute Mär..." Translated to I come from heaven and have very good news: soon you will eat bugs as we close down agriculture like in the Netherlands and soon in other western countries.

I just can't believe that Russia is at the same path to hell at that subject as they always were so proud to have not at all GMO food.

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Москва must ensure its food security in line with Agenda 2030 as stated at the latest G20 virtual summit hence the bug food:

"Our country will certainly continue to contribute to the balanced achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, and to work on preserving the climate and biodiversity of our planet, the digital transformation of the global economy, and ensuring food and energy security."


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But hey at least it will be non GMO larva.

The other day I called out Alex Krainer on his bullshit that Russia and China pushed back at the lockdowns etc.

He still thinks the sputnik V shot is safe.

Obviously, from Monaco it looks safe...

Moronic clowns love 5d chess.

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