Great to hear from you. No, Putins government is not the ideal alternative to the big-money-ruled Western idiots.

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I was one of the first to reveal that the "news" was a hoax, and recommended this site to my readers who are interested in Putin's Russia:


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Putin is all in in mandatory mRNA vaccines. He’s not our friend.

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Is there a reason why over 90% of Republican men have a hard-on for Putin? He's a Russian commie but they're looking to him like Jesus Christ, here to solve all their problems. Its fxxxing embarassing. It's like they just want to be ruled harder by big-daddy government.

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Apparently "Real Raw News" is like a continuation of the "conservativebeaver.com" website.

Conservativebeaver.com is the website that claimed that the pope was arrested on 80 counts of child trafficking. And that the wife of Albert Bourla, Pfizer's CEO, had died of vaccine related injuries.

They were sued by Pfizer, and the site no longer lists a valid cert.

I took a screen capture of the pope being arrested story, from Real Raw News, but I can't find it right now. I was laughing so hard when I read that.

Those sites are just nonsense. They're like that Simon Parkes guy. He and his guests just make up stuff. Simon Parkes was all about the pope having been arrested, and went on about holographic protections of the pope at windows in the Vatican, so people would still think he was there. Just silly shit.

But some people eat that stuff up.

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This 5g thing is annoying.

Yes, cell signals can be an issue, if you live near a tower.

But 5g is not anything new compared to 4g... Usually they're on the same frequencies.

5g added higher frequencies, but the higher you go, the less it can penetrate walls or the body.

But whatever, people love to focus on things like 5g and some believe in 5d chess, like this BS story.

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What blew me away was this (last paragraph of this quote, rest is for context):

"In mid-July, the Russian president met with many telecom executives and health experts to discuss the dangers inherent in the proliferation of 5G tech. He showed them images of dead children; one’s brain had liquified. He informed them he intended to enforce a moratorium on 5G research and demolish all towers in the Russian Federation.

His mandate wasn’t well-received by the Telecom executives. MTS Vice President of 5G Infrastructure Borya Vlasov said the absence of 5G would put Russia at a technological disadvantage, adding that Russia needed 5G to strengthen a once-thriving economy now faltering thanks to Putin’s actions in Ukraine. Putin spread images of the dead and sick children on a conference table, reportedly saying, “What about them? What has your 5G done to them?”

“We can’t blame 5G for this. Our comrades in the West agree that 5G is safe,” Vlasov said.

Putin ordered the security agent beside him to shoot Vlasov squarely between the eyes. Without hesitation, the agent drew his Makarov pistol and put a bullet in Vlasov’s forehead in full view of 15 people."

All jokes aside, this guy (2nd_dumbest) is pushing pharmaceuticals. And I hear how these anti-parasitics have some crazy interactions with graphene...

Cheers Riley, no backing down! But make sure to be safe

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No surprise that there are media outlets peddling such crap, scam artists abound in the media world, dating back to "yellow journalism." The sad thing is seeing so many people who fancy themselves as "dissidents" who are so eager to pick up the crap as if they were harvesting free crab. Or delicacy mushrooms. Thanks once again, Riley, for casting a searchlight through clouds of delusion.

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It was a good story though where he ordered some criminal 5G pusher to be shot at the meeting. If that sort of thing was done more often I think we might have smaller governments and fewer people there for a free ride. That was the way Smersh ran things in James Bond with walkways dropping the incompetent underlings into shark infested tanks or their seat disappearing from under them as they headed down to be burnt to a crisp in the furnace. If I ran the world I think that's how I would do it and every single WEF aligned traitor would be lucky to see the week out.

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As soon as I saw it was Real Raw News I stopped reading....

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"But if Moscow is now best friends forever with Beijing, I seriously doubt Russia will abandon its 5G ambitions."

Here's an excerpt from an article wtitten last year: "By the end of last year, President Xi Jinping’s government had built the largest 5G mobile infrastructure in the world, with 1.43 million base stations, accounting for over 60% of the global total. Having only had its 5G network turned on for a month, Beijing officially launched R&D into 6G..."


If the Kremlin is emulating China's biosecurity surveillance state and its central bank digital currency, then why would it limit its internet capabilities. That makes no sense.

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To Bad, the nearest city from my village, which has only 50000 inhabitants but is economically important since it is the "plastic vallée":https://www.plasticsvallee.fr/

and thus has not been desindustrialized like the rest of most provinces in occupied France, has now 14 5G antennas! Because it is important, it's main politician has been a national minister for a couple of days but finally backed up because of three serious rape allegations. Should I remind you that Bugey Libre was proud to have had a blame by his ex employer for having seriously and relevantly challenged him about his vote for sanitary nazi pass (while being non officially congratulated behind the scene by his direct boss and co-workers). The aforementioned scum having called Bugey Libre a "thought controller" or something similar and having wish merry Christmas to every one present except Bugey Libre who by the way had a very beautiful Christmas with his wonderful daughters.

How good and how pleasant it would be that a solar flare grilled all internet and all daemonic high techs... Indeed.

I was about to request a Russian military intervention and call Vagner's conductor in person to bring back health and justice...

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Z-Anon hopium intensifies. It boggles my mind how so many here in the West gobble up and disseminate this crap.

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Let's see, "Putin liberates all Donbass" is even less real than "Putin banning 5G"

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Tovarich, you have set the record straight. Spacebo.

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You know you can trust a website when the address is realrawnews.com but the header on the site says "News X Paper" (subheading "the art of publishing")

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