One clear theme of Putin's words is that agreements, written or otherwise, are not worth the paper, yet the Russians continued to place store on agreements. Why?

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My heart sank with the first paragraphs..... the long history lesson.... I thought 'Oh Christ, Putin's screwed it up... he's blown it...'

But by the time I got to the end I was thoroughly onboard.

Thing is it was a dignified, calm, sensible, literate, knowledgeable discussion.

Not an MSM attention grabbing, meme loaded, histrionic, inaccurate, digressive, impertinent piece of click bait flim flam.

It will not serve those who live on that fare.

But by god it will serve all those who seek to be calm and sensible.

A sensible discussion between a head of mighty state at war and a member of the laity, the hoi polloi ( albeit a kinda 'select member'). A unique thing in itself perhaps.

I see a post below here asking if Putin said anything that might have any effect whatever on the plans of the deep state cabal.

Well I think so. I think everything he said will have an effect.

They will have a better measure of their enemy and they will see he knows exactly what he is doing.

They will read his words and know he appraises their situation, their perils, accurately and they'll note his predictions for their future.

They will recognise that Putin has spoken quietly in the ear of every sensible man and woman in their nation saying calm and true things - something they know they themselves are incapable of doing being incapable of anything beyond sideshow hucksterism and the hard sell, persistence false propaganda.

He just got under their guard and spoke as an adult. Something they never do. Can hardly comprehend how to do.

Overall the biggest thing Putin said to them was come and dicker. We're open for business. And he laid out the starting point: denazification. Well that's easy. They'll nod their heads at that. It costs them no blood or money to 'denazify' by decree and they can claim moral highground in the doing of it: claim they always wanted to do it but were kept off balance by all the recent pressing issues.

Denazification can be their exit route. Both sides can agree on denazification.

Daddy has laid it out for the greedy ignorant pigs. If they can't see it then too bad. Events will proceed as they must.

Putin laid that out, too.. events proceed as they must...

Hopefully the people will get the idea and the meme will spread through the populace, life as seen by Putin is real, true, honest, understandable, hopeful. Life as seen by recent USA ówners' is quite the opposite as everyone knows.

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As you read (or watch) the interview Vlad gave to the next Vice President of the United States, ask yourself this:

Has Putin actually said something new or made some "shocking revelations" that anyone who is even semi-awake hasn't already known for at least two years?

Even more importantly:

Has he said ANYTHING at all that can genuinely have an adverse impact on the plans of the infamous they/deep state/cabal?

Maybe he did and I missed it. Happy to be corrected (genuinely).


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"Because Tucker Carlson's father was the longest serving director of the CIA's Voice of America, and he, following in his footsteps, has been designated as a limited hangout to contain and control dissident sentiment and channel it into a manageable reaction through useful idiots."

Noticed how the interview was posted the evening after the Senate advanced a $95.34 billion bill including aid for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan... And also on the same evening that the Justice Department delivered a report describing Biden as an "elderly man with a poor memory."

Tie those dots together and you might get the impression there's an "internecine squabble" between US oligarchs over Biden's foreign policy agenda becoming a bit too messy.

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Carlson really needs to work on his fall back expression of rapt attention. It is most annoying.

Putin advocates a One World government: "The world should be a single whole..That is the only scenario where the world could be stable, sustainable and predictable.."

Russia is following the same script as the rest...

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This interview bolstered my view that the US and Putin are really just fighting over who gets to eat which peasants ( in the words of Tessa Lena) while agreeing on the big transhumanist globalist agendas. Tucker Carlson just previously did an interview with Russel Brand where all they talked about was the hidden powers behind the uniparties in the west. Yet he interviews Putin, and not one question about the CBDC'S, Digital ID's , the vaccines, or the WEF functionaries in Russia. Why? Sometimes it is what is not said or asked that is the most telling. For that matter has Trump ever mentioned.... the WEF for example? I can't recall Trump ever doing so.

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Halfway through.

This interview shaped my world view. Let me explain.

I was brought up during cold war. Russia was the enemy. NATO existed to defend against Russia.

The last 30 years I heard that "we want to join NATO" narrative several times from the Russians. For me, an absolute anomaly. Why joining an organization that purely exist to keep you in check? I never understood.

Now, with my knowledge about Globalists, Oligarchs and Corporatocracy, this is starting to make sense. What if NATO isn't that shield against the Soviets or Russia as of today? What if NATO is (maybe always was) the military arm of an Oligarchy, meant to use military power to plunder foreign nations?

Wouldn't it make sense for the Russian Oligarchy (read: the Russian mob) to join NATO (read: Western mob) and form an even stronger organization to finally exploit the rest of the world?

Seen in this aspect, it makes perfect sense to the mob leaders to fight their own populations if they don't wanne pay their protection money anymore and demand more freedom, right? So seeing the world as a place owned by different competing mobs building alliances from time to times against other mobs, getting resources by exploiting their slaves is maybe the most accurate picture as of today.

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Ahhhhh how we have de-evolved as humans. Are people really this stupid? Think! When was the last time a dictator or tyrant sat down to have a interview with a CIA puppet masquerading as a journalist? Is this where we are at. Your meta verse? It is beyond pathetic people believe this shit.

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Say what you want about Putin, the guy gives a damn good interview. There's always something new there, even when he's rehashing old material. I think this interview will be very impactful in American politics, though of course most people miss his subtle trolling (he's always trolling the West).

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It was... sadly predictable. The only fun part was the hot seat that Bush and Clinton won't be put on tomorrow. But it was a nice try.

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unlike Tucker I would've asked him some REAL questions like...do you realize 9/11 was a Mossad orchestrated FALSE FLAG...why haven't you exposed the obviously faked moon landings... do you believe 6 million jews died in the so called holocaust...have you ever spoken about the 2 million German POW's that were starved to death or the rapes and murders of German's by the Russians after the end of the war...do you believe the "Jesus" myth is just another jewish psyop...do you know that the "Hamas attack" oct 7th was another false flag and have you condemned Israel's ongoing genocide in Gaza...why did you promote the CLOT SHOTS for an obviously fake "pandemic"...why are you promoting the WEF's plan for digital ID's and a digital currency...are you a part of the WEF's plan for a "great reset"...do you believe in "man made" global warming and if so why and what would you do about it...and finally are you controlled...like the US and Europe...by the kosher cabal...

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Thank you for posting the transcript. I enjoy your stack.

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Well , just as I expected, a huge waste of time. Carlson had a real opening when Putin rambled on about denazificatio , “ So why did you let them go?” Tucker is tool a propagandist opinion influencer , nothing more.

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I have considerable respect on many levels for President Putin, especially when l look around at other world leaders today. He is the supreme strategist and l believe wholeheartedly, willing to work with the West in facilitating world peace. However, he will be prevented from doing so whilst the “money and power” behind the American government continues warmongering constantly around the world in countries where they have no inherent right to control. It’s a complex situation. However, the worlds greatest chess players came out of Russia! The West would do well to work with President Putin and Xi. There are too many civilian lives being lost in their hundreds of thousands currently.

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This was interesting. And more to the Point, SHOULD have been Seen by Everyone on msm. Ridiculous that Tucker had to do it this way. At Least He is trying to give Everyone involved a fair shake.

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"Don't you have anything better to do?" Putin to the US (on the war in Ukraine)

🤣 😆 🤣

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