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I'm getting a lot of bang for my future subscription buck. It's not every day you get to be part of a countergang psy-op that is taking down Putin.

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I think RT is playing the role of a quadruple agent promoting Sputnik and acting like they are against Pfizer but they are actually pro-Pfizer. That's what they are telling the West, and getting the WEF to play along.

But ACTUALLY - Russia is gonna partner up with Pfizer, get a hold of their vaccine formula and create an antidote to their clotshots all while acting like they are actually in favor of the worldwide vaccination. Once they have the antidote, everyone will beg for it, so that way Russia will take back Syria, Ukraine and all of the Soviet Union since the globalists will have no choice.

From there, Putin will abolish QR codes and Russians will have been vaxxed with a safe and effective vaccine.

This Canadian guy and Edward are also probably friends playing a fake conflict so they can make the picture more realistic, in case the Trilateral Commission and Council on Foreign Relations digs deeper into the blogosphere to make sure they aren't being played.

Simonyan of course finances all sides in this situation, including the WEF (she has enough money trust me).

EDIT: I also love the Canadian guy's example of Falun Gong's anti-China reporting being part of the plan and a "tactic". Your 5D chess is on a whole different level when members of your organization are being hunted down, tortured and killed by the Chinese government, but it's actually all a part of the plan to confuse the gullible media readers!

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Oh dear, Riley. have you ever seen the so-called "fourth estate" holding every government or even every "dear leader" to the same standards? But don't just blame these pressitutes alone, please look further into the so-called "international laws and the so-called "international courts" "international judicial system." Since the Vietnam War I myself witnessed many crimes atrocities by governments and leaders, and when I had chance to look back at "history of WWI and II"... the Operation PaperClip should teach everyone that NOT EVERY WAR CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY IS EQUAL! And look at all the wars the USA has waged against others with packs of lies and lies and lies. (well Governments don't give a shit even about their "own people!" The USS Liberty, the 911, and now the Covid!

Therefore, my young friend , when you set out to do things that very few, or no one dare to do.. you must know that you face the most power enemy on this planet who has unlimited resources especially "hitmen" to distract you from your main mission. So please just focus on the message you want the population at larger to know.. and just ignore these "foot soldiers." That's what I learnt since I came to live in this so-called "western free world" around 40 years ago! Those Left-Right-Middle etc never give an iota for fact or truth, only their ideologies and bankbook matter!

You are one of those rare species nowadays. Please take care and save your limited energy for the mission you set out to do!

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These guys, the Saker, Ehret are MoA are from the last century. Seeing the hive mind response by all nations to the "Covid pandemic" and their reaction to it, exposed their hypocrisy and inability to re-frame to a new reality that goes beyond the grand chessboard crap. In the 10 years, I would read Ehret and Saker and appreciated their content, but now it's just insulting how they ignore the elephant in the room and patronize those who bring it up. Fort-rus, Strategic-culture, Saker, and RT have shown themselves to be out of touch with the dangers we all face now.

You're my go-to-guy now, and I'm assuming for many others, hence the verbose reply from Ehret, which I stopped reading at #2. Good to see you on counter-currents, they have been remiss as well. Thanks for your daily posting, always dependable. Anyway, you're the first Substack I'm going to subscribe to, Rubles a'coming.

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I laughed like a five-year old as I was reading. You are so good.

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RT suffers from the split between foreign staff (who are penetrated by foreign intel) and the Russian staff (who are harrassed by, and must submit scripts to, their own intel.) Secondly, the ludicrous mandate to bash U.S. and remain silent on Russia is a very lame kind of propaganda.

It's the kind of propaganda that nihilists do, when they cannot think of anything good to say about themselves.

The role of the foreign infiltration is to destroy morale -- which is also what the FSB does to the Russians -- so RT becomes ultra depresso. To see a different RT you'd have to have seen it in the first three or four years when its job was still "to paint a positive image of Russia" and there was a fresh and untainted staff. Does it serve a role? Sure -- by reporting stories that the U.S. media ignores. But you can get that from the new media (what used to be called alt).

As for Russia embracing or even inspiring the WEF -- you've nailed it. Think about the historical roots of the Russian bureaucracy and the Bolshevik political experiment it's hardly surprising: that is the closest approximation to what's on offer with The Great Reset/Build Back Better.


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Cannot criticize the czar, only his ministers... 🙄

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Don't know if you know about this or not, Sputnik being manufactured in India. Looks on a quick search to be where Pfizer might be based as well.


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He's not honest, in like how the CDC etc ignore the points made and just hurl accusations because they can't read what they don't want to see.

His last show with rogue news, he didn't mention one key reason why Kazakhstanis are upset: the fascist vaccine mandates.

why would Russia and China allow for the western con-vid narrative to destroy the belt and road nations? Maybe they aren't fully on board with the wef but they don't seem to worry that this convid shit would destabilize the nations that were/are allied with them???

Vanessa Beeley knows that Russia is playing games in Syria.

You know that they're selling out their people.

And they sell out their allies...

While Ehret is right about Putin not instituting the Yeltsin disaster capitalism, he forgets that a man like Putin won on how he was going to stop the oligarchs from controlling Russian politics, which he didn't do.

Sounds like Trump who claimed to want to drain the swamp, while filling it up with Reagan bush neocons...

I'm done with these boot lickers... I think Ehret means well, but he's smoking too much HOPIUM.

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"What the heck is going on here? Why is it that the 5D chess masters ... become so flustered when they are confronted with information that doesn’t perfectly align with their blogs? Are they incapable of exchanging ideas with people who don’t 100% agree with them about everything?"

Through history, we can often see how people positioned on the margins struggle, and through that struggle win some benefits, and then use those benefits unfairly, becoming a new establishment. This patterns shows up in the history of ideas, too. For example, the pioneering scientist Linus Pauling, after he became a venerable authority, ridiculed the idea of existence of liquid crystals - while serious research of such crystals was already underway, getting somebody a Nobel prize.

This can happen to you and me as well. Watch out.

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Obviously 7 Dodechahedron chess. lol

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Revelations 18.23, “by your sorceries, all nations will be deceived”. Original Greek text of: “sorceries” translates as: “pharmakeia”, meaning poison, potion, or drug.

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I was onto Matthew Ehret a long time ago. He's a smart cookie but he's a faker. Mint Press News has carried a lot of his material, if I'm remembering correctly. I'm disappointed with Off Guardian for carrying his articles. Off Guardian, where I spend a lot of time, just isn't solid. I've been attacked by two of their editors, one whom seems to have moved on. Her name was Vaska. (I don't like other writers who they seem to have a fondness for, but it's their blog. I don't have to visit.)

"Off Guardian’s Vaska attacks me for pointing out that Saker’s rules for posting include a ban on pro-homosexual ‘ranting’!" / https://arrby.wordpress.com/2018/03/20/off-guardians-vaska-attacks-me-for-pointing-out-that-sakers-rules-for-posting-include-anti-homosexual-ranting/

"Covid 19 – Unprotected By Walls, Bars, Or Gates" / https://arrby.wordpress.com/2021/06/08/covid-19-unprotected-by-walls-bars-or-gates/

I don't have anything substantial to offer here but I couldn't help commenting. File this under "moral support." In the absence of rock solid information that would support an opposite position, I'm going to automatically favor anyone who Matthew Ehret attacks. I've gotten to know Riley enough to not be worried about his reports. (I'm constantly disappointed however. I will never say never. One day Noam Chomsky is defending those who the fascist authorities want to eat alive and the next day he's dining with them. Ergo.)

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#1: You are bringing up links to recent Russian regional vax mandates that I wasn't familiar with and I thank you for doing that. I will be looking more deeply into this, and you are correct that I did not read nearly all your writings.

#2: I do find it funny that you convey how open you are, and yet when you cited our correspondence within the comment thread (viewable in the comment section to this post: matthewehret.substack.com/p/what-makes-a-modern-malthusian-tick/comments), you chose to only extract the components of my remarks that fit with your overarching narrative, left out everything that I said which demonstrated you to be more than a little sloppy with your logic and facts.

For instance, My position is that you do not differentiate the existence of any actually genuine nationalist forces operational within Russia's governing bodies and instead smush everything into one monolithic WEF-run global enslavement operation with zero actual resistance. I’ll post the full correspondence which you chose to leave out here, just to put it on the record.

My first response to you that you left out of this article follows:

(Jan 11- My response to your early comment):

“Hi Edward.

So far, I've seen a systemic method used by your filter to ignore all evidence of the actual fifth column deep state inside of Russia as having any distinct character from Russian nationalist forces that have been provably fighting back against the oligarchical London-Washington directed takeover and rape of the nation in the 1990s. If everyone in a power-position in Russia is equally in on the grand conspiracy to enslave humanity as you certainly convey in your writings, then why didn’t all the oligarchs just stay in control of Russia, and why didn’t Putin just continue the Yeltsin program indefinitely? Why didn’t he just let Syria get the Libya/Iraq treatment? And why did he connect the EAEU with China’s BRI? And why didn’t he just let NATO gobble up Ukraine and Georgia? Yeltsin certainly would have.

You systemically smother all together into one homogenous beast without any differentiation of the legitimate actors who have changed the course of Russia’s suicidal trajectory over 20+ years vs the foreign agency tied to the WEF embedded within Russia (and every nation).

Additionally, your choice to characterize the attempted regime change in Kazakhstan as a legitimate “anti-Great Reset peoples power process” strikes me as dishonest considering someone as informed as you certainly has access to a fair bounty of information regarding Soros' operations inside of Kazakhstan and even massive evidence of NED-USAID-Soros Open Society ops that have been planning this regime change for years. 38,000 NGOs in that nation alone which have a 30 year track record of building up a massive armada of fifth columnists across private and public spectra. So much has been written about this that I’m sure you know about and yet anyone reading you, would have no idea. Even data dumps from Wikileaks demonstrate that figures like exiled traitor (banker and former Energy Minister) Mukhtar Ablyazov have been openly calling for regime change for over a decade from his home base in London. Instead of acknowledging any of this, you instead focus on one striking narrow detail such as South front's absurd coverage of the jazz pianist “coup organizer” and then build up an entire thesis of the Kazakh chaos to be a legit part of an anti-Great Reset movement… as if the case hinged upon the lame musician who appears to be framed or insignificant. This is a classic case of fallacy of composition which you do A LOT.

You appear to be spinning all evidence to lead your readers into looking at Russia as one singular WEF-controlled monolith. You do this to the detriment of the demonstrable higher geopolitical reality of the international pushback against the anti-nation state, depopulation agenda which Russia is playing an active role within despite the fifth column inside of it.

Normally this is a totally understandable error to make, but you appear to have enough information at your disposal to certainly know better which is why I think you are being dishonest since you don’t seem to be a fool.

All the best”

(Jan 11- Your response to me):

"RT’s former editor Riley Waggaman has been playing a counter-gang to RT has unleashed a new psy op" -- please substantiate this with actual evidence or retract it.

Why didn't you simply make the argument you made above on your podcast, and leave it at that?

I'm allowed to point out that there were legitimate protesters in Kazakhstan and the vile "government" in power there is unworthy of anyone's sympathy. You can disagree but it doesn't make me a Simonyan op. Besides, I wrote *1* piece touching on the situation in Kazakhstan by January 5, the date when you made these accusations against me. And the piece simply pointed out that Soros was funding pro-Sputnik propaganda. Which is true! My blog FOCUSES on Sputnik V narratives and Russia-related COVID issues, so naturally that was the most interesting thing to me. Is it the only thing people should consider? Of course not!

My blog exists because so much of the so-called "alt media"--which has been shouting about vaccine decree and qr codes--has been silent about what is happening in Russia. The vast majority of Russians are opposed to the insane and indefensible "public health" measures being implemented here. I'm sure you know that.

It's shocking to me that there is still so little open and honest discussion about what is happening here. My humble blog (which is not "viral" in any way, shape or form, by the way) is simply an attempt to start a discussion.

So let's have a discussion. But why the baseless smears? I'm not even angry -- it's funny to be -- but is that how you debate ideas? Sorry that my worldview doesn't completely align with yours. That's a crime? I'm an op?”

(Jan 11: My response to you):

“It's a bit cheap of you to say I am not bringing up facts by simply drawing a line in time saying that my demonstrations of your disregard for truth should only apply to cases that occurred before a certain date, and not after. I applaud anyone who wishes to expose the Great Reset and deep state operations in all nations, and I agree that the alt media overlooks this far too often. However if you systematically make no effort to differentiate between the legit institutions of nations and those insurrectionary dark age elements operating fifth columns by systematically obscuring and ignoring demonstrable facts that shape CONTEXT in which a fight is occurring as I pointed out you do in all your writings, then you are deceptive and spreading mis-info. Whether or not you are aware of being a part of a counter-gang operation to your former employer or not, is less important than the fact that you act like one, and effects do matter.”

So to restate my point: Call out the evil operations penetrating Russia and covid evil. Be critical of bad policies. We should all be doing more of this. China too. But differentiate between powerful fifth columnists vs actually nationalist forces, or else you are helping out the enemy that has been preparing a mass kill of humanity under a post-nation state unipolar order for a very long time.

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Every day I think about suicide. How can I end my life in a relatively civilised way if the time comes when an 'unclean' sign is pasted on my front door, or if I'm thrown in a prison for being unvaccinated, or if I'm financially punished to the point of starvation.

This is not a game. I cannot be doing with flippancy, toying, psyops and sarcasm anymore. Things are far too serious.

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In my opinion it is enough to read the last interview with Vladislav Yurievich Surkov, to disipate any doubt anyone could still hold about the Putin regime, so called Putinism.

In fact, I am considering now, that it is highly likely that the WEF copied Surkov´s ideas about "managed democracy" for its Great Reset project.

Vladislav Surkov: ‘An overdose of freedom is lethal to a state’


This is is a guy who enjoys manipulating masses and watching the effects of his manipulations.

Do you think a guy who always managed to place himself at the servicve of those at the top, and has been there since the fall of the USSR, when his rising happens, and who likes all the elitist stuff like enjoying meals and restaurants the average Russian could never afford in their lifetime, worries a bit about the Russian people?

The thing is that he may even not enjoy those places and meals at all, since it is my experience that one always eats better at the table of a mama or babushka, as it happens in every country, especially when cooking made with love, no, his enjoyment, by his own words, passes through the fact that others, millions, can not afford doing it.

Sad goals for the future of Russia.

Btw, he is intimate of Margarita Simonyan.

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