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As the Prigozhin drama has developed over the last few months, it has been clear to me that the Russian defense realm was seriously messed up *regardless of the underlying facts* (which I do not claim to understand).

EITHER Prigozhin/Wagner is a patriotic bulwark against a Ministry of Defense rife with … what number column are we up to? eight? let’s go with eight … rife with eighth columnists,

OR the Russian military has assigned an important part of the not-war effort to a disloyal lunatic.

Either way, messed up. So it’s no surprise if it’s coming to a head.

I wouldn’t mind at some point actually coming to understand what’s been going on, but that’s an increasingly tall order in today’s world.

Gamarjoba dreams, Edward.

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I always keep this flyer in mind with each day of this theater: https://gtvflyers.com/2023/02/21/every-single-aspect-of-the-russia-ukraine-war-is-jewish/

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Hal Turner's been posting updates on this for about an hour. Pretty much the same as you. Crazy times. Thank you and God bless.

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This is only extreme weirdness and a mystery if one pretends that Russia hasn't been an occupied nation since 1917, and pretends that the same group who rules Russia doesn't also rule Ukraine, and the rest of the world.

This is a game of "let's pretend that Russia isn't ruled by the Ashkenazi/Khazars, who also rule Ukraine, the Anglo-American empire, and everywhere else".

Let's pretend that they haven't promised to cleanse the Slavs from the face of the Earth and restore the Jewish state of Khazaria.

Let's not notice that Slavs by the thousands are being murdered on both sides, and huge territories are being gradually cleansed of Slavs, while the Jews in power in all participating states make sure it doesn't stop. No, that's just a coincidence; couldn't be the explanation...

The Wagner CEO is a minor problem, and he will be disciplined somehow. If he's got so much support in the military that it takes a joint FSB/NATO operation to deal with him, that will happen. And then we'll all pretend it didn't happen that way.

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The Wagner forces were moved to the north recently to help protect against the cross-border incursions by Ukrainian guerilla units (rogue?) into the Belgorod region, as I understand it. Put this together with some reports that these guerillas have been blustering that they are kitted out with Russian Army uniforms, and you COULD conclude that these forces pulled off some kind of an attack on a Wagner base. Prigozhin may believe that they were attacked by actual Russian Army.

Just a possible explanation?

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Seems fake, there's no way Wagner can attack Moscow and survive unless there is a broader coup in the works. But if that were the case and the military was on Prighozin's side already why aren't they just solving the military problems that he's always complaining about. It's not like he's trying to do a political change of power (which is by definition what a coup is anyway). No idea what to make of this

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Just one additional item not mentioned here - earlier in the day the Telegraph (UK) was reporting that Prigozhin was saying Russian troops were "retreating amid heavy casualties in southern UKR" - The guy is either a suicidal madman or .. I don't know what. Surely he can't seriously think he can prevail in a grand march to Moscow .... unless he has reason to believe other forces will support him - or refuse orders to resist him?

Sleep well all - thanks for the urgent update, Riley.

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How fortunate that I've recently begun following Rolo and have a bare understanding into this matter.

Just my opinion only.

This is, of course, the Oligarchs playing their next card. The Wagner forces, a fighting force with the goal of winning the Ukraine conflict in Russia's favor, proves a stark contrast to the Russian military. The Russian military is present to obfuscate matters and lengthen the war into the types we see in the Middle East with the U.S.A.

The U.S., the HQ for Global Oligarchs (with London City thrown into the mix as close brethren), has mastered the useless, unending war whereby local citizens are traumatized and liquidated. See Gaia's interview with the former Navy seal who spoke of the The Looking Glass, which was an obfuscation because the real lesson was his history in learning our true objectives in Iraq as we bombed with no remorse friendly Iraqi villages killing women and children for absolutely no reason except to instill hatred, division, and fear among the people.

Are the Khazars (Oligarchs) this cruel? Yes.

That's all they want from the Ukraine situation. War's chaos allows them to launder huge sums of money. Remember the Dutch banker's, Ronald Bernard, story of counting truckloads of cash at a German bank coming from Iran (or Iraq?) to launder that money. They found "safe" accounts into which they "relocated" the money. Wars move huge quantities of money.

Wars are never fought and finished these days. As the BlackRock big mouth said for O'Keefe's OMG this last week in his undercover interview, wars are BIG BUSINESS. Moreover, oligarchs are not omniscient. They must play the cards they're dealt. The do wield enormous power through finances and power intrigues, but they are still physical human beings (albeit bred intergenerationally) who must deal on a physical plane.

They are doing to Russia what they have long done to the U.S. but using Russia's unique characteristics as a nation. Putin's "brave" words about preserving Russian national culture, history, and heritage are to obfuscate further. I believe they call it gelding the young stallion.

Xi has recently pulled back with his "China First" policy, but they are very clever men, and Xi, too, will feel the knife at his crotch.

If I were a young Russian male, I would join Prigozhin. Unfortunately, Prigozhin gave into his feelings and will bear the responsibility for this episode and join the geldings. He will be neutralized. Did the Russian military fire on his men? Yes, they did.

There are no honorable wars, nor wars worth a single life on the planet these days. As Butler said, all wars are bankers' wars.

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This is something that has been going on for a while. There are factions who believe Putin is too soft on Ukraine; They wanted a shock-and-awe attack instead of a surgical attack. This is more of a coup to remove Putin. Many in the know, and I am lucky to know one of them, say Putin is a moderate and hard-liners are looking for a way to finish Ukraine, no matter the destruction. Putin wanted to preserve the country.

The top enemy is not in Moscow. It is here in the US, named Lindsey Graham from South Carolina, a Senator (one of many). May 26 appears to be the date Moscow decided that the West wants to destroy Russia, everyone there now knows this is the case. This is the day Graham declared that the money sent to Ukraine was the best money spent and simply said with glee to kill all Russians. This woke up the fence sitters in Moscow; they now want to finish the job quickly and prepare for the inevitable NATO attack.

The Neocons are pushing us to WW3. They need to be stopped. Ukraine has lost, and this will spur the West to attack. Look for a false flag to set up the attack by NATO SOON. FUCK these US Neocons! Remember WMD? The same playbook is coming.

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Metadata shows that Prigozhin’s audio messages were pre-recorded all at once, even though he’s releasing them one at a time. https://t.me/Slavyangrad/51898

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Why not Deep Fake? Logic suggests no reason to say you are going to have a P-Funk party in the Kremlin.

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Jun 23, 2023·edited Jun 24, 2023

Ditto about Hal.

Also recommended: Amir Tsarfati’s telegram


Tim Pool is now on-topic too.

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If only you could fly a drone over Moscow, but alas that's still forbidden.😁

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Special Report from Simplicius: Emergency Situation as Prigozhin Goes Nuclear Option


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Rolo was rolled over. Call Marko instead.

Hope this is not a flashback to August 1991 again.

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Regardless of whether or not Prigozhin is right in his constant claims and complaints, this seems to me like the worst moment for a sort of rebellion. One might think, that questionable patriot (do oligarchs have a patria?) is doing a great service to the West, helping weakening Russian morale at the front in the best case, or creating total chaos in the worst, while risking more inter-slavs slaughtering. No matter how super-efficient private armies might be in comparison with regular ones, they are a very dangerous source of instability for a nation.

I don't think Rolo is asleep. He's probably thinking how to seize this chance for going full paywall... ;-)

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