We, definitely not the Controlled Opposition party, would like to offer you freedom from evil western imperialist central digital currency by offering our, uh... freedom central digital currency with a freedom sticker label slapped on it.

That giant database tracking tool over there with financial payment blocks? That's to, uhh... enhance freedom.

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Thank you for highlighting the fearless and selfless efforts of well-intended political leadership of my homeland for the benefit of well-being and security of all workers and peasants!! Good job, Riley (and a "vympel").

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Most Russians seem unaware that the central bank in Russia is run like a private institution with access to the public's piggy bank.

They never had Ron Paul out there educating them on the topic.

It seems to go over their heads. They don't seem capable of figuring out this dastardly scheme.

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Same program at work on the other side of the iron curtain.

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"And so it goes, so it goes, so it goes, where it's heading no one knows." Thanks again, Riley, trying to keep our heads above the madness the musings of the Putin admiration society which dominates the West's blogosphere and "intellectual" milieu.

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"... securing Russia’s financial sovereignty".

Nikolay Starikov has shown the way to secure Russia's financial sovereignty and it has nothing to do with counting on the work of the Central Bank. In fact, Russia does not have a central bank, it is rather the Money Changers who have a central bank also in Russia:


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I'll ask what every serious economist is currently asking themselves: Will the new CBDC still be gold-backed?

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Hi Edward, thanks for the great articles, we don't get much information here in the west about what's going on in Russia.

If you are interested, come to Gab (https://gab.com/home), your articles would be useful to all Westerners who see Putin as the "savior" of the new multipolar world.

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Translated into Croatian:


Thank You Edward. Hello from Zagreb!

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When people would try to tell me how great and safe crypto is, I would simply ask "how much is it worth". Most would avoid the question. Because they knew that a truthful answer would show how worthless crypto was.

The owners of the US Fed, bank of Russia and all central banks control the gold market and crypto is just their trick to get us into a cashless society.

The government borrows the money (with interest) from the private central bank and they use the promise of our future labor as collateral and that future labor also includes war.

Having a form of government that supplies services to the populace that they voted for and paid for is not Communism and neither is it Progressive or Socialist. Their goal is to get the populace to the root of what Communism really is. "Communism, political and economic doctrine that aims to replace private property and a profit-based economy with public ownership and communal control of at least the major means of production (EG, mines, mills, and factories) and the natural resources of a society".

BTW, owners of the Federal Reserve is the Goldman Sachs, Rockefellers, Lehmans and Kuhn Loebs of New York; the Rothschilds of Paris and London; the Warburgs of Hamburg; the Lazards of Paris; and the Israel Moses Seifs of Rome.

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False heroes...

Sure, Putin has said honest things about the issues.

But he constantly plays dumb about the messed up stuff. Did he forget about the nwo infiltration?

Sure, Jordan Peterson talks about freedom and censorship.

But he said we shouldn't have online anonymity after his softball bibi interview. Did he forget free speech?

Sure, Elon Musk claims to be pro free speech.

But he's still censoring people.

Did he forget?

If your hero forgets the basics, it's time to realize that they're limited hangouts.


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Can a critical mass of Russian citizens be awakened before it's too late? Can they be brought to see that Putin is nothing more than a "black masked" villain of globalist Hegelian lucha libre, a role chosen for him by the unitary transnational plutocracy to capture their trust?

Meanwhile, he and his WEF partner Zelenskyy pour the young proles of each nation into the killing fields, ensuring there will be no great uprising of youthful have nots when the digital prison prepares to close the door of the cyber plantation.

Few understand that Putin and Zelenskyy waited 8 years to set up a war that would inflict maximum casualties on the underclass of both nations? Ruling class control of retail narratives have successfully concealed perhaps the greatest of all truths about the last two world wars: They were conducted to burn off the underclass fuel of the international labor movement. So too we will see the ruling class rattling the chains of the global underclass hoping they can trigger artificial factions of underclass to blame and to attack each other instead of making the next critical leap in human evolution: escape from slavery by transnational plutocracy.

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For 20 years, Putin was a light in the darkness for so many. Oh well, it's probably better that we become more self-reliant. If we want to beat global slavery our only ally is looking back at us in the mirror. Time to get off our arses and fight.

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Beware Digital Currency and the disappearance of hard CASH! It's all about control, manipulation and SLAVERY!

'Do NO Harm' and 'Informed Consent' were both removed from the Doctors Hippocratic Oath when Covid was invented. The medical profession nosedived into deceit and dishonesty by allowing Big Brother to dictate their medical actions and moral decisions.

A bit like altering the dictionary meaning of VACCINE twice in a decade to suit the DEADLY but USELESS Covid injection.

World Health Organisation is now redundant , CORRUPT and cannot be trusted since Bill Gates became their biggest benefactor (influencer). They are now being encouraged to take over the whole planets Health systems. Starting with obtaining the Authority to proclaim the next artificial Scamdemic, and then impose all the worst Controls and Disciplines that we experienced during the Covid Scamdemic.

With their Newly obtained powers they will be able to MANDATE INJECTIONS (called 'Vaccines') that will have little to do with human health - more like Total Control and Slavery!

What are we going to watch when all sportsmen & women have died from the Covid Injections? Apparently, there were 5 with heart issues in one University on the same day?

Some of us sceptics believed from the unbelievably speedy 'invention' of the DEADY COVID VAX they were at best 'SUSPECT'. ("Speed of Science" = My arse!) Now we all know they can be DEADLY!

The 'System' has allowed Flu to re-emerge and are trying to justify even more profit making injections (called vaccines).I suspect all injections might now be 'doctored' with unwanted dangerous additives!

More 'boosters that don't work? Just to sell more injectable crap into, our already devastated bodies.

If we continue to refuse the DEADLY COVID INJECTION, can Doctors still prescribe 'Sudden Early Death Syndrome (SADS) for us?

Do any Doctors still remember "Do no harm" as part of their oath to provide professional conduct?

Heart DAMAGE from Covid Vax is permanent!

What about 'Informed Consent'? That was formally terminated as a Patient courtesy or requirement the same Date Covid Vax cheated it's way into the market with an unjustified (EUA) Emergency Use Authorisation - because they got the FDA to agree that IVERMECTIN & several other proven pre-existing Safe & Effective anti-viral medicines did not exist, or, if they did, "They're only for animals."!

Big Pharma Covid injections (called "vaccines"???) = NO 'LIABILITY' = LICENCE TO KILL with impunity!

Why do the CDC refer to DEADLY VAX 'DANGER SIGNALS' as "Safety Signals"? This Poison is made with NO GUARANTEE of SAFETY or EFFICACY by unethical and massively profitable organisations that accept NO RESPONSIBILITY for any/all ADVERSE REACTIONS or/and DEATHS that follow their supposed DEPOPULATING 'cures'. The word 'MIOCARDITIS' is now part of our daily vocabulary!

The crap is so unreliable, that now NEW AILMENTS are being (invented) discovered like SUDDEN EARLY DEATH SYNDROME (SADS)! High functioning athletes are dropping like flies!

Why would anybody play RUSSIAN ROULETTE with their otherwise healthy bodies, and those of their innocent children! Apparently there are now 770 different adverse reactions recorded that relate to Covid injections (ridiculously referred to as "VACCINES").

LIABILITY MUST BE REINTRODUCED for these Bio-weapons designed for depopulation of the planet!

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed to live longer!

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