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What a beautiful Bach Cantata. I loved especially the soprano aria... ´´How the thoughts of sinners tremble and stagger´´

Thanks Riley.

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Bach is good for anything, any time.

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If the Russian Sputnik vaccine does not kill you, then Putin will, with you involved directly, on the firing line, in his war with Ukraine!! I wonder what it feels like to kill people who look like you, speak the same language as you and might have families of Ukraine origin in the Russian families from which you were conceived, almost like shooting copies of you, on the other side of the road?

I personally think it is time for Putin to be sent to the front line with an AK-47 and sent in, ahead of all of the other troops, in the next Russian battle against the Ukraine and following Russian practices, if he runs from his own battle, shoot him in the back - which is what they do, I believe.

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Few random, seemingly unrelated thoughts as reflection on the pretty tectonic events happening right before our eyes...

- We are witnessing the second phase of the division of the legacy of Soviet Ukraine, once very developed economically and very large geographically formation that back at the end of USSR would have been part of G20, if it existed back then. Part one was annexation of Crimea, part two we are observing right now, part three will be after European neighbors - Poland is going to go after Western Ukraine, their "Wschodnie Kresy", Romania - after Bukovyna, Hungary - after Transcarpathia. Most likely in not so distant future we'll see Odessa and Kharkov falling without much fight into the Russian hands. That should complete a four phase division of the unnatural state formation that Bolsheviks have gradually built after 1917. Completion of the four phases I describe would signify a return of Ukraine to its natural state that existed when in 1654 the cossack council in Pereyaslav decided to seek protectorate from the tsar of Muskovy, Alexey Mikhailovich, the second monarch in the line of Romanoffs.

- This destiny wasn't really a predicament for Ukraine if we look at the 31 year history of the independent Ukraine since 1991. They really had two choices - to be better Russians (we may say European Russians, if you like that more) or to become anti-Russians. Initially they went the way of "better Russia", Ukraine circa early 2004 was a state with growing economy, respect for their past under the Soviet Union that really gave a foundation to independent Ukraine, respect for the language rights of the Russian speakers (majority), free press and relatively democratic balance of powers when the outcome of the election wasn't so easy to predict. But unfortunately for Ukrainians they slowly, over a period of 15 years or so, have chosen to become anti-Russians and not just the government, but the people of the Central and Western Ukraine. So the Maidan of 2014 wasn't really a moment that started this process. Transformation happened after Maidan of 2004 and in 2008 and had its first reflection when Ukraine participated militarily on Georgian side against Russia in a 5 day war of 08/08/08. I know this too well as most of my relatives are from those areas. This put them on the path of the eventual military conflict we see today where even liberal to the core, super tolerant to abuse, pro-Western Russia could not tolerate this endlessly. I often cite my American friends a hypothetical example. Imagine if Russia via a coup d'etat installed a puppet government in Ottawa, started to oppress English language speakers prohibiting education and even basic government services in English. They were also constantly shelling province of Alberta that didn't recognize results of coup d'etat. Finally Russia started supplying advanced armaments to Ottawa regime with the purpose to inflict maximum military damage to US. How long do you think America would tolerate this situation on its border? If you think Mexico would be more appropriate for this example - go ahead and project the situation onto Mexico in a thought exercise. I'm sure US patience with Mexico would be even shorter than with Canada.

- Evgeniy Prigozhin (businessman, head of the Russian private military company Wagner) and Alexey Nagin (reported to be killed in combat yesterday, 09/20/22) have released trailer of the war movie "Best in Hell", apparently about the PMC Wagner taking over the town of Popasnaya in LPR that was completely destroyed during combat actions earlier this summer. Cinematic quality of this material is surprisingly high. Have a look to see how modern day combat looks like from up close https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSqXi2NpT8g

- Based on what we see, can we expect escalation of the conflict in Europe potentially with the use of the tactical nuclear weapons? Unfortunately I have to admit that we are very close to this scenario. So I would check just in case where is the closest shelter and if it does provide some protection against nuclear fallout

- Just got news out of Canada that Federal government there plans to cancel all COVID measures including requirement to be vaccinated to enter Canada on September 30th. Looks like the longest standing COVID fortress is beginning to crumble. Did our globalist overlords decided to raise their bets on war instead of another wave of COVID? It certainly looks like it.

Pop culture can weirdly predict upcoming events. This was the most popular music video in Russia in 2020: https://youtu.be/xSgT4ZtT5M0

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Without Western money and training, the war would never even have started eight years ago. But most of that money is probably debt, so when does Ukraine have to pay back all those US dollars? Did they really receive cash as well (dollar bills) or was that just a joke by someone? If they did, will someone have to physically bring dollar bills back to the US or will the world still trust the "swift" clearing system for international payments?

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I am surprised the vaccinal status is not mentioned and that you could go to fight without being safely and efficiently protected by Sputnik V to fight against the team Pfizer/AstraZeneca.

I micron's France we should be required to be protected by the Pfizer gri-gri.

"Never ever deal with such an entity since their protection can backfire wispered and old Bush Doctor who had heard about that sorcerer Bourla claiming he had the best gri-gri directly coming from his tribe's knowledge..."

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I definitely wouldn't like to live in this country (even if I like russian people).

With many many collusions between the West and the East, in this orchestrated WWIII, the only opposition that does exist is between the opponents to the war and the sino-russo-western block. A war between international globalist elites and populations of all countries.

Russia won't leave the choice to its citizens: you have to choose your camp, you have to play the game of the NWO globalists.

Henry Makov was ahead of this time.

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It looks to me that Putin is setting up for the nuclear deterrent. Use enough troops to capture the 4 Ukrainian provinces, hold referendums, then annex them as part of Russia. Then issue the ultimatum, any attack on Russia soil will be met with a nuclear response, likely tactical but possibly even strategic, or at least the threat of a strategic attack, which has already been hinted at.

I'm struck by the recent peculiar promotion of nuclear explosion preparation for New Yorkers and telling them to all have a Go-bag or Get-out-of-Town-Really-Fast bag. Nuclear False Flag in New York city, blamed on Russia? Just like they blamed the 9/11 False Flag on Afghanistan & Iraq. Declare martial law? Suspension of Elections? Makes me suspicious that there are devious plots going on here behind the scenes. And Putin may be just a character in a stage play.


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This ALL could have been avoided.

>Feb 2014 > Germany, France, Poland and Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych AGREED to hold EARLY elections in order to PEACEFULLY settle down the protest happening ONLY in Kiev.

>Western puppet master's response was to have snipers on the rooftops shoot at BOTH protesters and police to cause havoc that led to overthrow of an elected Ukrainian government.

> Result was regions with STRONG Russian heritage REFUSED to recognize a coup d'etat putsch. Crimea immediately reunited with Russia in March 2014 after given away to Ukraine by Khrushchev "as a gift" in 1954.

>New NOT elected Ukraine government declared an immediate March 2014 "anti-terrorist operation" in all regions that REFUSED to recognize the NOT elected Ukrainian government and Ukraine government military started to fire weapons AT THEIR OWN Ukrainian citizens.

>Minsk peace deal was agreed on ALL sides in 2014 to give the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republic "special status" autonomy in order to peacefully keep these republics as part of Ukraine.

>Ukraine sabotaged the Minsk agreements for 8 LONG YEARS with constant shelling in order to NOT give autonomy to these regions. Former Ukrainian president Pyotr Poroshenko has since admitted that Kiev’s main goal was to use the ceasefire to buy time and “create powerful armed forces.”

>After 8 LONG YEARS of CONSTANT shelling, Russia recognized Donetsk and Lugansk Peoples Republics in Feb 2022 and a "special military operation" was launched.

> A peace deal in March 2022 was almost reached that ONLY recognized Donetsk and Lugansk Peoples Republics as independent territories like South Ossetia and Abkhazia however Western puppet masters refused and upped the ante.

> After upping the ante so many times and gambling since Feb 2014, Russia will win Donetsk, Lugansk Zaporozhye, Kherson regions. And Ukraine will lose. If Ukraine wants to up the ante more, then Ukraine will lose more.

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Russia's partial mobilization of only 300.000 Reservists is long overdue and should have been done at the beginning of Russia "special military operation". Once Donetsk, Lugansk Zaporozhye, Kherson regions are REUNITED with Russia via the people's referendum vote , then Ukraine will have lost these territories for good.

"After holding [the referendums] and incorporating new territories into Russia, the geopolitical transformation in the world will become irreversible," Russian Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev said. Medvedev also said that "encroachment on the territory of Russia is a crime, the commission of which allows the use of all the forces of self-defense."

"After amending the constitution of our country, not a single future leader of Russia, not a single official will be able to reverse these referendum decisions. "That’s why these referendums are so feared in Kiev and in the West. That’s why these [democratic referendums] need to be held," Medvedev said.

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Having heard this, I immediately thought about the mass burial protocol that Riley wrote about https://edwardslavsquat.substack.com/p/russia-adopts-compulsory-evacuation. Do any of you guys think there's any connection here?

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Swinging by to give my 2 cents. I'm presently busy on a big project, so excuse the bluntness.

Putin retracted his speech from last night claiming full national mobilisation. Swapped to partial. Foreign citizens can now join Russia. 1 year's service = citizenship. Supposedly. Can't confirm.

This actually reinforces what I said about Russian government being too embarrassed to admit Ukraine managed to win a fight properly for once (https://thedailybeagle.substack.com/p/i-analyse-the-ukraine-war), Funnily enough my criticism was Putin seemed too laid back. Now suddenly he seems to have sat up (not a reader of TDB is he?).

Coupled with speed-referendums in Donetsk/Luhansk, Russia will likely declare the portions of Ukraine under their control 'Russia' and then use it to justify using the Russian troops. The West keeps screaming how they 'won't recognise the referendums' but they're dumb, because it isn't for the West. It is for the Russian public.

Get your nuclear bunkers ready. : )

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Russia is at war with the West, best I can tell. At a time when events seem poised to escalate. SUch times are what military reserves, human and materiel, are for.

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UK reservists were mobilised for Iraq and Afghanistan without much media attention https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-23082303

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Back in the early days of Operation COVID, Kissinger penned an op-ed wherein he essentially said: Accept the reset or die in a nasty world war. Norman Dodd recorded a telling video before he died wherein he revealed that the world's wealthy rely upon war to reduce population.

Their concerns about population are different from ours. They are concerned always about their security from rebellion and with their ability to command every greater power and assets. The reproductively-minded male is everywhere the worst enemy of the despot and gluttonous plutocracies in general. These men require sufficient assets to mate and to have children or they will become nobody's ancestors.

The rich have no interest in permitting populations of these men to proliferate or to organize to compete for resources. The only fit males they need are those in their security services and armies. The men in the armies are mostly sent out to die in organized wars so they do not become threats at home. In many cases, they have been permitted to rape and pillage the victims of their imperial adventures. That is, if they are successful, they are permitted to spread empire and establish outposts where they profit the plutocracy. Otherwise, it is better for the ruling classes if these young men perish on both sides.

Though the final tally of the COVID Cull has yet to be calculated, suffice to say it did not go as well as hoped. Indeed, it seems to have gone quite poorly, triggering not civil wars as hoped, but revolts that further exposed the ugly realities of global plutocracy and eugenics for profit (i.e., "Rockefeller") medicine, even as our plutocrats and their best puppets are treated to extended lifespans courtesy of medicine that is perhaps three or more decades advanced, and otherwise significantly more beneficial than those relegated to the underclass receive. As with all research, the costs and labor are socialized, the benefits privatized and sequestered.

Here we are at the war phase. It seems Dodd's claim that war is the best tool of depopulation and threat reduction for the gluttonous, sociopathic ruling class remains true more than a century after Carnegie and Rockefeller sponsored their study on the subject. It will be touted as a war about this and a war about that, a war for "multi-polarity", a war "to kick Putin's homosexual-hating, election fixin' ass", but it will be class war as always, members of the global ruling class killing off those who are most motivated to jettison their decadent, humanity-enslaving arses from power so they can live even more opulently and with even less fear than before. As always, the plutocrats and their hired politicians will escape unscathed. Somehow. How do the Windsors, Hirohitos, Rockerchilds and other royalty, overt and cryptic alike, always survive to rise stronger than ever, if erecting fraudulent, theatrical "democracies" to provide the underclass vassals with the illusion of self-determination (so much easier than blatant tyranny).

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Always and everywhere war is the health of the state! Are 300,000 more Russian soldiers intended to bring the conflict in Ukraine to an end, meaning a Russian win whatever that entails? I am still of the opinion that both sides want tp keep this going with no end in sight. To me it looks like WWI style trench warfare. The recent Russian retreat in the North can be compared to the German withdrawal to the Siegfried Linie (Hindenburg line) in February/March 2017.

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