What would be the motivation for doing this? Is the Sputnik V not killing or disabling enough of the population? Perhaps we should add Astra Zeneca as a catalyst to speed up the process. If anyone is foolish enough to do this at least check on the batch numbers before driving yourself off a cliff. http://howbad.info/. This database has no information regarding Sputnik V.

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Feb 18, 2022·edited Feb 18, 2022

I love it how when actual doctors question the efficacy of vaccines and germ theory they are "conspiracy theorists". But when a banker like Kirill Dmitriev talks about vaccination against the coronavirus, it's all fine and dandy!

Not to mention Kirill Dmitriev's wife Natalia Popova is the first deputy CEO of "Innopraktika", headed by Putin's daugther. They went to university together apparently, and recently all information about their organization and other (including RT's parent company) have disappeared from the main register for companies.

And Innopraktika were the ones "testing the vaccine". So much for the theory of "Putin surrounded by globalists trying to 5D chess his way out of it, just you wait and he will save humanity!"

Basically someone is making a lot of money hand over fist while killing the population a little bit and making a shit show of everything. PT Barnum would be amazed.

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Why has there always been this plan when both shots aren't particularly effective?


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