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Wonder if there is a prize to the country most successful in the commission of genocide.


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«experiments were being carried out on intramuscular, intravenous, nasal and intratracheal administration»

At least one mode of delivery is still missing but I'll refrain from giving them ideas.

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As much as I like to hear the powerful critiques of the totally psychopathic, corrupt, and degenerate West made by Putin and other Russian leaders, it is very concerning that Russia appears to be marching in lockstep with Big Pharm in America and Europe promoting these Satanic and evil mRNA "vaccines," i.e., gene therapies. WTF? Thanks for your coverage of this important issue.

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"I was just doing my job" - Dr. Mengele, pardon, Gintsburg.

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If Sputnik V works so well, then why a Russian MRNA injection? Inquiring minds want to know.

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Hello Riley :) Thank you for your courage and continued excellent research !

*SARS-CoV-2 mRNA Vaccine (BNT162, PF-07302048)

2.6.4 Summary of pharmacokinetic study PFIZER CONFIDENTIAL


In order to overcome the body’s own defense mechanism, the artificial mRNA code of experimental gene therapy (SARS-CoV-2 vaccination) is encased in so-called lipid nanoparticles. New research from Japan shows that these lipid nanoparticles, which carry the mRNA code, circulate in the body after vaccination and reach the brain, spleen, colon, heart, liver, lungs and other organs.

The study, called “Pfizer Confidential,” is known as a biological distribution study that uses luciferase enzymes and radioisotope markers to accurately monitor pfizer’s distribution of lipid nano-particles in the body.

It is claimed by vaccine manufacturers that the vaccine remains in cells in the shoulder, and that SARS-CoV-2 Spike produced and expressed by these cells from the vaccine's genetic material is harmless and inert, thanks to the insertion of prolines in the Spike sequence to stabilize it in the prefusion conformation, preventing the Spike from becoming active and fusing with other cells. However, a pharmacokinetic study from Japan showed that the lipid nanoparticles and mRNA from the Pfizer vaccine did not stay in the shoulder, and in fact bioaccumulated in many different organs.

The study reveals how mRNA LNPs are distributed across the body, even affecting ovaries and testes, raising huge questions about fertility in those receiving mRNA vaccine shots. This is including the reproductive organs and adrenal glands, meaning that modified Spike is being expressed quite literally all over the place. These lipid nanoparticles may trigger anaphylaxis in an unlucky few, but far more concerning is the unregulated expression of Spike in various somatic cell lines far from the injection site and the unknown consequences of that.

One of the groundbreaking research report from Infection Medicine, Department of Clinical Sciences, Lund University, Sweden.

*Intracellular Reverse Transcription of Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 In Vitro in Human Liver Cell Line


SARS-Cov-2 vaccines will do more harm than good. The antigen that these vaccines are based on, SARS-CoV-2 Spike, is a highly pathogenic protein (protein with cytotoxicity) on its own. It is impossible to overstate the danger presented by introducing this protein into the human body.

Do you know that for 50 years they were calling things a "virus" before they ever claimed to have actually saw one ???

They had no idea what caused illnesses in the 1300's. They didn't even claim things were a "virus" (just Latin for poison) until the late 1800's. And then they blamed a "virus" on illness even though they had no test that proved it existed for 50 years until the EM was invented and even then what they saw were exosomes, not a virus. To this day they have no test that proves a virus exists !

The founder of the PCR test, the now deceased, Kary Mullis, who got the Nobel Prize in chemistry for his pioneering work discovering this test, said categorically that the PCR test should NOT be used to evaluate disease, mainly because high levels of cycles made the so called "cases" found meaningless, because the “test” would yield a high number of false positives, especially at high levels of amplification (number of cycles) and the test on its own is unable to determine live or dead virus. He was adamant that in no way should the PCR test be used to “diagnose” cases.

*BTW, at the end of 2021, even US's CDC recommended not using it.

*PCR Inventor Kary Mullis Talks About Anthony Fauci — “he doesn’t know anything really about anything” (video)


Keep learning... They are dangerous and completely ineffective and should have been done away with in the late 1800's after it had been proven how dangerous and deadly they were.

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Birth rate is a good marker for "effectiveness" of mRNA (or with adenovirus vector) inoculum. Political actors in west and east are in the same mood who try to kill their own citizen very fast. Maybe because they are evil, ignorant (is the same thing) or just stupid. The tragic thing is that in Russia, because of soviet period and postcommunist period the people who know how bad the inoculum is are in greater peril than in west and their voice is difficult to be heard.

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Tovarich, the real advantage of mRNA DEATHVAX™ is that it can be taken daily, and if the formulation is correctly prepared you will die if you miss a single dose.

And of course tavorich, if you misbehave such that your social credit score dips below the good malcheek and devotchka AI algo threshold the slurry serving shall be denied you.

Welcome to the 4th Industrial Revolution!

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Through the miracle of 5D chess, the slurries will be extra scientificky and therefore effective. The definition of "effective" is left as an exercise for the reader.

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Yesterday a friend visited me. She was weeping. Her mother took 4th dose in August. She has been dead for 3 weeks now (we are still in September). My neighbor also took the fourth dose. He's been very sick since. My other friend took her 3rd dose, she is going blind. My other friend took her 3rd dose. She had a pre-stroke condition.... She just had Covid and many severe health issues.... It would be difficult to call it strong immunity after 4th dose.

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this is just another reason why the "virus" hoax needs to be exposed...https://www.bitchute.com/video/rHmg8EY3cXPD/

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Why do they want to follow everyone else down the road to Hell? They have lost their minds!

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How big is it in Russia? In the West we are also told about the new medical scam in trend on a regular basis, but it is not the center of the media circus, far from it at that point.

How does the Russian population react to these news? I mean both, the new Ginsburg new poison and the death and fertility data.

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Very discouraging news. Sad. Russia’s Vector State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology is developing a mRNA coronavirus vaccine, Yelena Nechayeva, the center’s deputy director general, said on Wednesday, Sept 28.

"There are no mRNA vaccines in Russia, but now several organizations, including "Vector", are working on that," she told TASS on the sidelines of the Openbio forum.

According to Nechayeva, the "Vector" center is currently working on technologies and control methods for the vaccine development. Pre-clinical tests have NOT yet kicked off.

Russians in general are skeptical about injections. Hence NO announcement of the success of the Sputnik V booster campaign. Why? Because the Sputnik V booster campaign is a flop. In my opinion, Russians for the most part, will NOT buy (or take for free) what the "Openbio MRNA forum" is selling" (or pushing).

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Thanks for the update my friend.

Meanwhile in Canada... https://jessica5b3.substack.com/p/another-good-canadian-woman-dies a woman went into a Saskatoon Shoppers Drug Mart to get dosed with some more genetic slurry contaminants on September 14 and then dropped dead within minutes of being injected. The Saskatchewan Ministry of Health is denying that the injection was responsible for her untimely death, instead, the health authority insists she died of “natural causes.” The pharmacists at the shoppers drug mart have now been ‘instructed’ not to talk about it and refuse to warn people inquiring about potential side effects. The family of the deceased woman insists that she was perfectly healthy and had no underlying conditions.

For the so called "health authorities" to unilaterally declare she died of "natural causes" (without any investigation) when she died in close temporal proximity to the injection would be like if a relatively healthy person drank a beverage and began having seizures minutes after and internally bleeding, but then the purveyors of the beverage tried to tell the family that just lost their loved one that it was due to "natural causes" (oh and by the way in this hypothetical scenario with the person dying immediately after drinking the newly marketed beverage containing unprecedented ingredients it would be manufactured by a corporation that has been charged with felony level crimes multiple times).

I think the fact that the pharmacy is refusing to inform others going into their facility about this occurrence when they ask about potential side effects to be not only criminal, but morally repugnant. Those involved in remaining silent, explaining away and covering up that woman's death are accomplices to murder.

This kind of thing is not an isolated incident. I have heard from first responders here in Ontario that have been called to pick up many unresponsive people from pharmacies and injection sites and they say they are also being called out to high numbers of car accidents (where after they pronounce the victim dead on the scene) they find out that an inordinate amount of people found dead in these situations were attempting to drive home after being injected.

Make no mistake, what is taking place globally right now is Democide, and in a very similar fashion to how it went down in Nazi Germany, the medical establishment is playing a key role in ensuring that the body count keeps rising. It is a new kind of war that is being waged now, people are not being dragged off to the death camps, they are being lured and coerced to line up and be slaughtered of their own volition. Many have trouble seeing through the thick suffocating fog of the propaganda to being able to realize that we are living in the killing fields of a war, well it is rather one sided, so perhaps mass murder is a more appropriate term, but what ever you want to call it, it is a gruesome and highly effective operation (which is making billions in profit for a select few via their big pharma/government racketeering operations) and that is leaving a trail of needless death, despair and suffering in it's wake.

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