Global Warming/climate change is right up there with the holohoax: Pure lies from the tribe that wants you dead. Reducing carbon is reducing life.

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Just yesterday I read the interview with Mr. Miroslav Trnka, Czech climatologist. He is a professor at Mendel University in Brno and a researcher at the Institute of Global Change Research of the Academy of Sciences. His main field is modeling the impacts of climate change on field crops in current and future conditions, he is main coordinator for Czech agriculture. In essence, he has so many awards and medals that it ruins his suit and he qualifies for a Climate Medal of Honor and a Climate Purple Heart.

The interview was your typical weeping about upcoming climate catastrophe. And then he was suddenly asked - What will be this winter like? His response - "This cannot be predicted well in our conditions. It will probably be warmer than the average. And it is still true that even the best forecast models cannot predict well enough how it will be in Central Europe in the coming months."

These jokers cannot even predict weather for upcoming 2-3months but tell you with conviction what will happen in 50 years...

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Why do I think Putin's arrival in Abu Dhabi, which happened to be dramatically marked by a military flypast streaming the colors of the Russian flag wasn't just about sustainability, but was also about the "instability" threatening the region resulting from the Palestinian slaughter.

The Global ruling elite are deploying sustainability schemes to maintain wealth and power while simultaneously shoring up a fresh batch of security systems guaranteeing greater controls as the avarice ghouls plan to introduce heightened scarcity as well as a succession of other worldwide crises designed to terrify the unwitting masses.

That being said, the "Israeli mess" is a big problem as these gangsters are concerned about the outraged masses who empathize with the Palestinians knowing they too can be thrown on the slaughterhouse table.

So the immediate dilemma for these Arab mobsters is how can they get away with idly sitting back allowing mass death to continue in Gaza without upsetting the proles they govern.

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How many 5d chess lovers started to believe in esg after Russia got into it? 😂

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"the conferencegoers are in unanimous agreement that renewable energy scams are very good and carbon is very, very bad."

Do these people really take themselves seriously?

Expect us to?

One scam after another ad infinitum ...

Have they abandoned all common sense, logic, reason?

Are they totally out of touch with reality?

Have overactive, short-circuited messianic complexes?

Are they insane?

Are they all entrained in some letter organisation psyop?

High on some reality altering drug?

Being forced to comply by some covert control mechanism?


Very strange.

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Thanks for reminding me that the nightmare continues after the 'joy' of Russia winning the war against NATO.

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Based on the title one might conclude you don't believe man controls the climate. Hmmmmm .......

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Dec 11, 2023·edited Dec 11, 2023

They don't wanna encourage responsible child births. Countries need to compete! A future of less and less wise and more and more dehumanized ppl killed by oligarchs, fantastico.

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There are those in the west that think Putin and Russia stand against the NWO. Looks like they are misleading themselves.

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They are all together in this - against us.

Global Temperature and CO2 levels over 600 million years: https://www.researchgate.net/figure/Global-Temperature-and-CO2-levels-over-600-million-years-Source-MacRae-2008_fig1_280548391

And yet they dare to talk about "indicators of a human finger print on climate change":


For me this whole article is lying with the truth.

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It's looking more and more like BRICS was created to get the third world and China to sign on to the climate agenda and anything else which they were given a break on concerning regulations. The fact is that we are dangerously LOW on CO2

The big question for me is - is Russia going to sign on to the coming food shortage hoax too?


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what I don't get is why are they playing good cop bad cop when they are all planning to implement the same scams...green energy to stop "global warming"...CBDC's and more plandemics and clot shots

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Our esteemed partners at the BRICS bank, or the New Development Bank, recently released a joint statement together with a number of other 'multilateral development banks', including the World Bank in connection with the COP28:

COP 28 Multilateral Development Banks (MDB) Joint Statement

"The climate crisis is rapidly worsening with increasingly severe and visible social, environmental, and economic impacts across the world. The window of opportunity to secure a liveable and sustainable future for all is rapidly closing. Recognizing the interlinkages between the triple planetary crises of climate, nature, and pollution, achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, the goals of the Paris Agreement and the Kunming–Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF) requires all of us to step up our efforts with urgency and scale."


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Honestly, I see the climate hoax fail. Here's an Wikipedia (Oligarch controlled) article criticizing the COP 23:


It points to widely increased rejection (yet politely) by non- West controlled world. I think as soon as the military threat of Western Oligarchies in no more (and this process currently happens with the lost war in Ukraine and the mobilization against the Zionist's holocaust in Gaza), the whole narrative will just collapse.


- President of COP23 was Al Jaber (the CEO of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC))

- Guy says: "‘no science’ behind demands for phase-out of fossil fuels". Source:


For me it seems there is a wise diplomatic rejection tactics of the climate hoax going on to avoid military intervention and regime change by the Western Oligarchies.

And see it how it is. The Arabs wanne sell oil and gas . They don't have anything else. The Russians wanne sell oil and gas. They don't have much else. The African dream can be summarized as "Development", which needs cheap energy as a necessary condition.

China needs cheap energy. India needs cheap energy.

The only party to benefit from the hoax is Western Oligarchy and their political puppets, because it keeps the rest of the world under their feet and enables their anti- human genocide agenda. And there is a lot of push back in the West too. People reject their medial reeducation program in troves (Disney looses billions in revenue because of their woke agenda).

I see hope.

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I know this is off topic and I apologize for posting this here...

But could someone give me a simple explanation why the "war" in Ukraine is not what the MSM says it is? Why it is that NATO adamantly denies ever saying they "promised" no Eastern expansion of NATO after WWII, and Russia swears this expansion is the reason for the "military operation" into Ukraine. And explain as well why the Ukrainian government as it is now is in desperate need of reconfiguring? I have gotten into an argument with a friend about all this and find it way too complicated to explain.

Please point me (link) to an article that basically covers these questions if explaining it here is too much trouble.

I do appreciate this. Thank you...

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