The first speaker touches on a point that has long bothered me: Why did it take 8 full years before the Russians went in to help the ethnic Russians of Donbass? To set up a cull of young underclass males on both sides? Why did 20,000K have to die before "Putin" went in? Why did they initiate hostilities when the COVID narrative was collapsing?

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Good questions. Liberation of Donbass is not a reason for this war.

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Thanks for the guests, Riley and for venturing into a new podcast format for your blog! The guests you had in this conversation certainly bring a much deeper level of understanding of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict than can normally be found in English language media. Choosing between the two I definitely side more with Rolo, except for his unconditional support for Putin, as myself I can be described as a cautious anti-Putinist, I'll explain later why. Rolo seems to have a much broader and more balanced view leaving space for optimism as well as for justified concern.

Marco, on the other hand expresses the view of a disappointed anti-globalist where Russia as a whole didn't meet his expectations in being this unified power for normalcy and anti-imperialism. His final rant about how uncool it is to be Russian nowdays, and how cool it is to be Ukrainian has totally given me this whiff of "smalleuropeanness" that smaller Slavic nations in their eternal distrust and perhaps envy of Russia have expressed historically. His statement about how Ukrainians have now forever turned away from Russians tells me how his is not familiar with history, where Ukrainian population have always swayed with the changing powers. This is a well known trait of people that got the name "Ukrainians" at the turn of the twentieth century, go with those who are stronger at the moment. This quality is reflection of history which for 431 years (1223 - 1654) differed significantly between them and the people who live in Russia today. He doesn't seem to be aware of how the firm pro-Ukrainian position of absolute majority of people in Ukraine controlled territories is achieved today through the sheer terror against those who express the slightest doubt. Just recently a woman from the town of Irpen' near Kiev, briefly occupied by Russian forces, was given a heafty jail sentence for saying in her phone conversations with friends and relatives how Russian troops there didn't shoot every man and didn't rape every woman. Good thing she only got a jail term, since she could have been killed by vigilantes for such an unpatriotic position. What the nationalist vigilantes do with people like that in Ukraine? They pull their pants down, leaving butt and genitals exposed (men or women), then take the food plastic wrap film and bind them to a post or a tree. After this they cut out opening around butt cheeks and invite bypassers to whip the offenders with birch. I have seen several videos of such executions. Cool to be Ukrainian indeed! In what other society could you reproduce middle ages in the twenty first century? Well, to be fair, I could think of a few societies like that beside Ukrainian...

One part where I agree with Marco is where he says that Putin has played an overall detrimental role in Russian development. I call the two decades of Putin's rule (in one role or another) a lost time for Russia. As Russian philosopher, playwright and the leader of the movement "The Essence of Time" Sergey Kurginyan explains, under Yeltsin until 1999 Russia was on a steep decline trajectory. With Putin coming to power trajectory changed and decline wasn't so steep anymore, but it was still a gradual decline. Now the moment of truth is near, Russia needs to either get back on the path of progress or to dissipate into oblivion. I think they have about a year to two years in the best case scenario to make that choice.

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Thanks, Riley, interesting to hear these perspectives. Rolo is really off in his own "reality." That's where a complete fixation with "It's all about the US empire fighting to keep control of the world" will take you, every time, especially with a right wing perspective thrown in. Totally fails to account for why Putin keeps re-appointing people who are allegedly (per the perspective of those like Rolo) anti-Russia pro-western oligarchs, in fact he doesn't even mention any of that, any of the vax-pushing steps, cooperation with world "health" interests such as Big Pharma. Marko seems far more in touch with reality. Here's a good article on how global capital is actually quite happy to see the emergence of a multi polar world, it's the second part of a so-far mini series, linked to part 1.


Myths of Exceptionalism, Perception Management & the Alchemy of Darkness [Pt.2]. Sebs Solomon, 8/7/22.

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Blindness to the Hegelian Lucha libre raises the question of whether it's a failure of perception or of ethics. It could, of course, be both.

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Thank you very much for the link Jeffrey, it is indeed very interesting read, like the part one and I added the site as a ressource.

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Just to put the current conflict in Ukraine into perspective:

In 1991 Iraq, USA fired 60,000 rounds for the entire gulf war.

Russia fires this in one day.

The NATO industrial base is not capable of such production numbers.

Russia is bleeding the West dry in every possible way and only so far using a fraction of its might. There has never been a war with such a disparity in the numbers of injured an killed, 15k Russians to 150k Ukrainian. Most Ukrainian soldiers die without even seeing the enemy, but Marco thinks Putin should have needlessly sacrificed the lives of thousands of conscripts in head to head fighting ....Why? Russia is in no hurry and slowly demolishing NATOs best trained and resourced army.

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Aug 23, 2022·edited Aug 23, 2022

Looking at this war, Julian Assange's words about the Afghan war ring in my mind: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_IGU_7alJ80

"The goal is to have an endless war to wash Taxpayers money into the hands of a transnational Security Apparatus". So, again, corporatism.

The Western War Mafia needs an endless war to consume and grow. The geopolitical struggle is of importance, yes, but in my eyes this is the overriding purpose for pushing Russia into this war.

My only question is, is there some analog apparatus on the Russian side? Will we see Afghanistan 2.0?

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Russia can't sustain the escalating and more effective attacks on its logistics, with longer range weapons being used. I can't see them being willing to eat humble pie and withdraw either. It seems to me at some point they are going to have to entrench their gains and annex the entire region. And then key point, declare any attack on that region to be an attack against Russia and that will result in a nuclear response. Likely they will use one tactical nuclear weapon, destroy a Ukrainian military command center or a battalion, and say "don't attack us and we won't attack you". And a very dangerous game of "Nuclear Chicken" will begin.

I'm not sure the Davos gang of Psychos who now control the West wouldn't welcome that, maybe they will detonate one of their own nukes in Manhattan and blame it on Russia, just like they did 9/11 and blamed it on Al Qaeda. They sure have been dropping hints of that, warnings to New York residents to prepare. Probably just before the mid-terms or the 2024 election. Then declare martial law. A real shitstorm is brewing, believe it.

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Glazyev for thinking people: from his Telegram channel (google translate).

It would seem there are many Trojan horses to tame inside Russia

1. A subcommittee of the government commission for the control of foreign investments (PC) unanimously decided “to allow resident individuals to transfer funds related to the receipt of dividends on shares from Russian joint-stock companies or the distribution of profits of Russian LLCs ... to accounts (deposits) opened outside the Russian Federation … in subsidiaries of (Russian) authorized banks within the limits ($1 million monthly) of the Bank of Russia.

2. At the end of July, the Central Bank estimated the scale of capital withdrawals from Russia in 2022 at $243 billion, without supporting the validity of such prospects with statistical data or analytical calculations. Taking into account the decision of the PC, it becomes clear that we are talking about a systemic solution, which the Central Bank had in mind, unveiling such an unprecedented outflow of capital, causing a severe blow to the domestic financial system and draining the investment potential of the real sector of the economy.

3. They also received an explanation of the absurd decision by the criteria of economic logic of the majority of joint-stock companies not to pay dividends at the end of the year (estimated at 1.5-2 trillion rubles). They mainly deposited these resources, waiting for the success of the lobbyists who are preparing the mentioned decision of the PC. In the near future, a wave of decisions on the payment of interim dividends will follow, which will include deferred amounts. Taking into account the practice, when the owners, including non-residents, of the largest companies (for example, Lisin, as Nezygar wrote about) have tens and hundreds of denominations of shares holding them in controlled depositories, the scale of the withdrawal of resources abroad can reach up to 10 billion dollars per month, which in terms of the year will be in line with the forecast of the Central Bank. At the same time, delisting on the London Stock Exchange, which Russian oligarchs actively resisted, will be bypassed.

4. Simultaneously with the lifting of restrictions on the withdrawal of dividends, the US Department of the Treasury withdrew from the sanctions the transactions necessary to close individual accounts in sanctioned financial institutions - that is, in order to close an account with a Russian foreign subsidiary, to which millions of dollars of dividends are transferred, it is necessary to transfer them to other banks In practice, this means that the funds withdrawn to the account of foreign subsidiaries of Russian banks can be used completely freely, including in the interests of foreign corporations holding Russian shares through resident individuals.

5. The situation around the lifting of the ban on the withdrawal of dividends can be viewed as a classic example of how, in coordination with the US Treasury, the liberal-monetarist bloc sabotages and undermines the systemic decisions of the authorities, in the interests of oligarchic corporations and globalist speculative financial capital. In this case, the subcommittee, a division of the primary administrative level, grossly violated the decree of the highest level of administrative power - the President of the Russian Federation of July 05, 2022 No. 430. In accordance with clause 3, subparagraph "b" of Decree No. 79 of February 28, 2022 residents of dividends to their accounts opened with banks and other financial organizations (without exception!) outside the Russian Federation. And the Government Commission for the Control of Foreign Investments has been given the authority to impose restrictions on the crediting of foreign currency by residents to their accounts. Restrictions, but not permissions! A little more than a month has passed and the middle-class clerks from the government, headed by Moiseev, Siluanov's trusted deputy, carried out the Decree of the President exactly the opposite. There are no criminal penalties for such a large-scale financial sabotage in Russian legislation.

With the above judgments of experts, one can only agree with a helpless gesture. Our monetary authorities continue to follow the spirit of the Washington Consensus and the letter of the recommendations of the Washington financial institutions, pursuing a policy in the interest of international capital from unfriendly countries. One of these days we will explain why this happens.

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chaotic nuetral. LOL

love the DND reference.

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Did I miss the conclusion of your time in Georgia?

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nope. I'm still here. unfortunately.

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I like this guy Rolo. Not too sure about Marko's take on this though. I do think that they are both slightly wrong about what Putin's initial intentions were. I think Putin was misled to believe that it would be easier to accomplish, as I have heard others say. i.e. ....why would Putin go straight to Kiev like that?

I don't think that Putin had any plans whatsoever to ever annex the whole of Ukraine but he is now forced to take quite a swath of it as well as a buffer zone so to be able to protect the people from what will be continual attacks from what will be angry Ukrainian terrorist sore losers.

This something that Putin should have done 8 years ago and to not do it then was a miscalculation.

So I repeat: There was no plan to invade Ukraine. If there was it was...it was a plan set for Putin by the Western Oligarchs.

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Kiev was a feint...at that time

Russia will get there for keeps soon

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Winter is coming. Who's going to be colder - Russian troops in the field or Germans in their homes?


😂 https://n.actionsack.com/WallStreetSilv/status/1563676697832337408#m

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Edward, even the comments discouraged me to listen to this podcast :

you've interviewed russian "patriot" who supports putin unconditionally ?!? WTF...

How come you got this idea ?

I guessed you are objective so far, not pro russian neither Ukr.

But this is ...disgusting !

Everybody who follows putin ( And zelensky ) must be desperate sheeple, follow your leader,

baa baa, and then into abyss...

there are ukr sheeple and russians as well.


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This Serb is often on TNT radio

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Edward, Никола Миковић / Nikola Mikovic (@nikola_mikovic) · Твиттер-

you should definitely interview this Serb, he is awesome!

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I finaly could listen to that show when the children were aslept. Informative, thank you.

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