Aug 22 • 58M

Six months later: Musings on Russia's SMO in Ukraine

A conversation with Rolo Slavskiy & Marko Marjanović

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What’s going on in Ukraine?

In an attempt to (briefly) answer this question, I asked Marko Marjanović and Rolo Slavskiy to Zoom-chat with me for an hour.

Marko is the editor of (now available on Substack) and has written about the Ukraine conflict for this blog.

Rolo is a writer, commentator and Russian patriot who writes in English and podcasts in Russian. You can follow his work at his Substack, The Slavland Chronicles.

They both provide perspectives on the situation in Ukraine that go largely ignored in much of English-language “independent media,” and I am very grateful they took the time to share their views with me. Maybe a Part II is coming?

NOTE: I absolutely butchered the intro (which I cut out to avoid extreme shame and embarrassment), so to avoid any confusion: Rolo is the first to speak after my very brief opening remarks.

In the coming weeks I intend to reach out to other writers and pundits in hopes of assembling a wide range of opinions on the conflict. (After I finish the Q&A series that I barely started.) So stay tuned.

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